Zhou Shengsheng also has a series of ancient laws. Let’s take a look at the difference between the inheritance series of Zhou Dafu

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Although some friends said that the ancient gold series, especially the bracelets, were a bit bombarded and aesthetic fatigue, but I have to say that it is indeed more and more friends attracted by the craftsmanship and design of ancient gold gold. And now it is the Goddess Festival, Keke, although it should be Women’s Day. But now the girl is really on the top half of the sky. The festival is also a good goddess.

The point is, Goddess Day, I said, what gifts to give to my goddess to be sincere? At present, the hot ancient method series is indeed a good choice. In particular, Zhou Shengsheng, which many friends like, also issued ancient laws. Let’s take a closer look at what it is different from the current popular Chow Tai Fook’s inheritance series.


Because the most classic of the ancient French series is the bracelet and the bracelet, so I chose these two to compare. Let’s talk about bracelets first, Zhou Shengsheng’s craftsmanship has to say a good thing, it is also quite delicate. On the surface, it is not very different from Zhou Dafu’s light bracelets.


In terms of details, although Zhou Shengsheng’s bracelet is not solid, the thick wall is slightly hollow. Under normal circumstances, it is impossible to pinch me hard. Of course, because this personal strength is different, if a friend is more powerful, it does not have to be too real to this point.

Anyway, in general, I asked the friends who bought this bracelet. Her true feelings were worn for a whole month, almost every day to do housework. Friends say that scratches are definitely there. To say a word of scratches, there must be no scratches that they are not pure in gold. On the contrary, because of the high purity, it is easy to make traces, because the higher the gold, the softer. My friend said that although there were scratches, there were no recessed or no deformation. As a gold bracelet, I really think this quality is already very good.

Therefore, in terms of ancient methods, Zhou Shengsheng’s bracelet compared with Zhou Dafu, it really does not give up. Moreover, here are more information about Zhou Shengsheng. Zhou Shengsheng originated in the Golden Bank of the same name in Guangzhou, China in 1934. Parents’ founders named “Everbright, endlessly, and endlessly contain his surname, but also his blessing to the enterprise. Under the premise of improving the development and management brands, Zhou Shengsheng does not adopt a model of franchise or authorized operations. All branches in various places are owned and operated by the group.

In other words, it is completely controlled by its own operations and craftsmanship. It is said that the only gold jewelry in the Chinese gold jewelry market is now produced by the Zhou Shengsheng family, and it is sold in its own general factory. Most of the remaining domestic well -known brand gold shops are engaged in franchise stores. Like friends, many shops in Lao Fengxiang in relatively small counties are franchise forms.

Well, we continue to look at Zhou Shengsheng’s ancient bracelet. Its beads are smaller than Zhou Dafu’s same models, so it is more delicate and more suitable for the goddess girl. Compared with this, friends have also discovered that in fact, everyone is really not much different. And the craftsmanship, to be sincere, when you start to see, the gap at first glance is not very large. Only after we wear it for a while can you feel that their craftsmanship can withstand the verification of time.

After speaking of the crafts, the price must be mentioned in the end. Zhou Shengsheng’s gold price is 340 per gram. Take a bracelet with 12.46 grams I know as an example. Its working consumption is 450, and the total price is about 4700. The price may be good in terms of price. Of course, its gram is relatively small, but the labor consumption is not expensive. However, I have to emphasize the price here, because there may be differences in different places, and there is a member of Zhou Shengsheng, and the price may be different because the discounts of the membership level are different, so friends should not take too much about the price Bite to death, just reference.


Okay, it’s almost here. In general, compared with Zhou Dafu’s inheritance series, Zhou Shengsheng’s ancient law series can be said to have its own advantages and strengths. But in the end, it is still the most important thing. In the end, I made up. The above is some of my personal comparisons. It does not involve the derogation of any brand. Please look at me carefully. Where there is omissions, everyone is welcome to commented on the comment area to correct me, and by the way, it is even more beautiful.