It is recognized that the five “100 yuan eye cream”: AHC is very cost -effective, and the effect of domestic goods is not bad

The skin around the eyes is very delicate. If you do not do well, various problems such as fine lines, dry lines, and bags under the eyes will appear one after another. According to relevant research, the eyes are the easiest places to grow fine lines. Once the eye lines are formed, it is very difficult to eliminate, so it is important to use eye cream when daily skin care.

However, most of the eye cream is very high, especially the big -name eye cream with a relatively high popularity of the brand. Most of the students and young people are not used. The trend Lady in this issue shares it with you

It is recognized that the five “100 yuan eye cream”: AHC is very cost -effective, and the effects of domestic products such as Nature Hall and Maru Mi are not bad!

Nature Hall Moisturizing Eye Cream

Applicable skin texture: dry, neutral, oily, mixed skin

Main effects: hydrating and moisturizing, fading fine lines, moisturizing, diluted dark circles

This eye cream is quite good from component analysis. It contains rose extract, combined with seaweed essence, which can make the skin around the eye moisturizing and moisturizing, which is also effective for lighting fine lines and dry lines. As a sensitive muscle, this one has no tingling sensation, no allergies, and it is very comfortable. Its texture is refreshing and not greasy, and it is well absorbed. After use, the skin around the eyes is tender and tender, and the repurchase is very easy to use.

AHC Multi -Effect Eye Cream

Applicable skin texture: any skin texture

Main effects: moisturizing and hydrating, improving expression lines, brightening skin tone

This is an eye cream of international brands and civilian prices, which is very cost -effective. The texture of the eye cream is very moist, but it will not be greasy, and fat particles will not grow after use. At the same time, in addition to being used as an eye cream, the entire face is available, and it has a certain effect to fight the head and neck lines. It is very practical. It smells a faint fragrance. The black appearance also looks very high -level, and it will never lose money.

Maru Mimi Eye Cream


Main effect: hydrating and moisturizing, dilute fine lines


It contains a variety of plant essence and composite antioxidant, which can relieve eye skin, effectively resist the old age, and is more suitable for young skin. It smells very well. After massage, it will feel very moisturizing. The eye skin will not dry the next day, but it does not feel greasy, and the skin skin can be used with confidence.


Shimumi Village avocado young eye cream

Main effects: Improve dark circles, dilute fine lines, moisturize, moisturize

The design of this eye cream is very user -friendly. There is a small electric massage head. After the bottle cap is opened, it can be maintained to maintain the skin of the eye. It is more conducive to absorbing and easy to use. Its main ingredient is avocado, which has a good moisturizing effect, and it smells well. I started with the mentality of trying it. As a result, I felt very good, moisturizing and not greasy. After use, the dark circles faded a lot. In addition, the price was affordable, and I could always repurchase!

Ou Shiman Pure Extract Essence


Main effects: hydrating and moisturizing, fading dry lines, firming the skin, diluing dark circles

The egg clear version is smooth texture. When used, it will feel cold, very comfortable, and absorb quickly. There is no greasy feeling after massaging. It is rich in plant extraction and hyaluronic acid. It has good hydration and moisturizing effects, and can effectively fight fine lines and dry lines. It is considered a Chinese goods cheap eye cream.

Generally speaking, the nursing of the eye skin must be paid attention to from the age of 20. It will definitely have unusual effects to insist on use. At least the eye aging will not be so serious. It can be said that the use of eye cream is very necessary. The above recommended eye creams are cheap and easy to use, and they are also very friendly to the student party. If necessary, hurry up!

Applicable skin texture: any skin texture

Applicable skin texture: any skin texture


Applicable skin texture: any skin texture