Why does the material comparison stipulate that the color board room is “not lower than the A -level standard”?

At present, most of my country’s color steel room filling has the following three categories:

Class A filling material, such filling belongs to

Non -burning material

, Mainly rock wool, glass cotton, etc.


That is, the material of Room 3 in the experiment.


B1 -level filling, such materials belong to

Hard -boring material

It is mainly materials such as flame -retardant benzene boards, but if the fire prevention technology is not handled well, it is not allowed to use.

Class B2 filling material, such materials belong to

Combustible material


It is mainly combustible benzene plates, polystyrene foam, etc. This kind of materials are completely prohibited.

That is, the material of No. 1 simple color board room and No. 2 polystyrene color steel plate room.

When the core of the color steel room uses B1 or B2 -type filling, there is a great hidden fire safety hazard in this color steel room.Once the color steel room encounters a fire, it will cause serious consequences.