What is the difference between fire grilled waterproof coils and self -viscous waterproof coils? You understand after reading it

In the construction of waterproof coils, there are two different construction methods, one is a fire grilled type and the other is self -sticky. So what is the difference between fire grilled waterproof coils and self -viscous waterproof coils?


The difference between fire grilled waterproof coils and self -viscous waterproof coils

1. Material composition is different

Fire grilled waterproof coil material is a modified asphalt SBS waterproof coil. It is a carrier of polyester felt, glass fiber felt or glass fiber enhancement polyester. Sexual agents, waterproof coils made of double -sided coverage of isolation materials.

Self -viscosity waterproof coils are self -stick rubber asphalts made of synthetic rubber, adhesives and high -quality road oil asphalt as base materials such as SBS, and strong high -density polyethylene membranes or aluminum foil as the top surface materials. The peeled silicon coating film or silicon coating paper is a waterproof coil made of anti -adhesive isolation material.

2. Different construction technology


The construction of fire grilled waterproof coils needs to be cleaned first and painted the grassroots coatings. Then the coils are paved with the appropriate size and then rolled up, and then the gas gas tank is lit. Start the hot -melt side to spread it.

The self -viscous waterproof coil does not need to be so complicated. Just tear off the isolation layer and then slowly lay it to make it firmly adhesive to the grassroots.


Different performance

Fire roasting waterproof coils have good corrosion resistance and durability, elasticity and low temperature waterproofing are also very good, and they also have excellent anti -fatigue and cracking resistance.

The self -viscosity waterproof coil has good low temperature and flexibility, self -healing and adhesive, and the construction speed is fast, which meets the green environmental protection requirements.

4. Different scope of application

Fire roasting waterproof coils are suitable for waterproof. Whether it is the top of the building or the underground parking lot, any roof, basement, reservoir, swimming pool, etc. can be used. Mostly used for waterproof or outer waterproof of the underground parking lot on the top of the building.


Self -viscous water -proof coil materials are suitable for roofs, basement, indoor, municipal engineering and reservoir, swimming pools and subway tunnels of industrial and civil buildings. It is also suitable for waterproof projects for wooden structures and metal structure roofs. It is particularly suitable for waterproof projects such as oil depot, chemical factory, textile factories, grain depot and other waterproof projects that should not be used.

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