“Touring hand artists” Puyang 80 -year -old Han Qiao hand -made bamboo baskets

The 81 -year -old Li Quanyou is an old artist of the bamboo editor of Nanzhuyuan Village, Cui Temple Town, Puyang City. He has studied bamboo baskets and bamboo baskets with his elders since he was a child. Although he is old, he still insists on making a few every day and got a collection in the town. Sale and earning a few pocket money are one of the few old artists in the village.


Li Quanyou told reporters that there were many bamboo in Zhuyuan Village in the past mountains and mountains. People use bamboo to weave some bamboo baskets and bamboo baskets. Almost every family has this technique. Without, many people slowly gave up, and Zhiyuan Village also had only three or four elderly people.


Bamboo skills are the unique traditional handicraft skills of Nanzhuyuan Village, Cui Temple in Cui Temple in Cui Temple. It is said that it has a history of more than 100 years. Bamboo edits are pure handmade technology, with a piece of bamboo basket. From round bamboo to bamboo baskets, you must go through four or five processes such as the broken skin, lie (Lie) bottom, weaving, and twisting edges. Each must be carefully prepared. It takes five hours to compile a bamboo basket and the basket, and only 2 can be compiled in one day, which is time -consuming. Therefore, the young people would rather go out to work, and they were unwilling to stay at home to work.

Li Jingxiang, who is in his 60s, has been compiling bamboo baskets for 50 years. When he came to his house, he saw that he was writing the basket. It was the basket of the steamed buns. Putting the steamed buns with this bamboo basket would not deteriorate and would not make a cricket. So far, many rural areas have used bamboo baskets. A long bamboo was split into a thin bamboo strip in Li Jingxiang’s hands, and then completed a piece of work through his coarse hand weaving.

In addition to weaving bamboo baskets, bamboo baskets, bun baskets, bamboo rakes, broom and broom. This craftsmanship is not easy to this day. It is also a special craft of Nanzhuyuan Village. It is also a rare intangible cultural heritage in Puyang. It should be well protected and inherited, carried forward, and the craftsmanship is more refined and beautiful. Life partner on the kitchen table.