What does cup -like ear mean? The best age of cup -shaped ear correction?

Cup -shaped ear is a congenital ear deformity of 1/3 of the auricle between the wind and the small ear deformity.

The cup -shaped ear accounts for about 10%of various congenital ear malformations. It can occur on unilateral or bilateral sides. It is more common in both sides, but the degree of deformity on both sides is not necessarily symmetrical.


Many parents find that their children have cup -like ears and they want to correct them by surgery. So, what age is the most suitable for cup -shaped ear correction?

As a relatively obvious congenital deformity, the cup -shaped ear needs to consider psychological and physiological aspects.

① psychological

Psychologically, the child has obvious self -awareness until the age of four or five. At the same time, the malformations of the child will also put pressure on the parents, which will affect the mental health of the parents and children. Therefore, most of the parents of the ear -like ear have early surgery demands.


② physiology

Physically, the auricle growth of children’s period is rapid, and the size of the auricle around 7 years old is close to adults. The cup -shaped ear generally does not hear the problem. The operation is mainly based on correction. At present, most scholars at home and abroad believe that children aged 6.7 can tolerate the risk of systemic anesthesia, which is a more appropriate surgical time.