If you are not diet and effortless, you can make your face lose 5 pounds in just 12 minutes?

If you are not diet and effortless, you can make your face lose 5 pounds in just 12 minutes?

It’s here again

Beauty -changing project grass & grass -pulling time

Intersection The latest and hottest and most useful and most powerful beauty change projects, sheep will give you a clear first! The science science project today sounds like HIN. Who doesn’t want to have a sense of vision of 5 pounds without diet or effortlessness in just 12 minutes, without diet or effortlessly?

And can this project contain too much effect? Intersection

Setting wrinkles, anti -acne, eliminating toxins, eliminating facial swelling, shrinking pores, reducing skin pigmentation, reducing acne scars, and stimulating collagen regeneration … Balabala.

Did you hear Zheng Shuang! Don’t use acne anymore! This project can remove acne without trace!

If it is not a comparison chart, there are so many effects of 哐 比, sheep think it is IQ tax …

Not much nonsense, this magical project is——

Ultra -low temperature face cold therapy


It is actually covered in ultra -low temperature cold therapy, and there are three types of ultra -low temperature and cold therapy: ultra -low temperature and cold therapy (commonly mentioned net red frozen warehouse), super low temperature cold therapy on the face, and local ultra -low temperature cold therapy.

Because the principles are the same, we mainly talk about this face’s ultra -low temperature cold treatment, only talk about beauty effects! After all, sheep is professional to look at the face ~

This beauty project is relatively small in our country, but it is really hot in North America! The repo is basically their side. In addition to Kardashian who dare to try everything, Victoria’s Supermodels are also using.

Today the sheep will give you a good popular science:


What exactly is ultra -low warm face cold therapy? Is it easy to use? Is there any side effects? Is cost -effective?

(I really understand you so much!)


The method of ultra -low warm face cold therapy is quite beautiful salon. The basic operation is to sit down or lying. The operator uses the Cryo instrument to spray the liquid nitrogen steam with a degree of 162 degrees Celsius below minus 162 degrees Celsius. It is often done in about 12 minutes. The proper lunch break.

According to the reco of the experiencer, the skin can feel cold. Like the air conditioner in the summer to the maximum face, it feels frozen, but it is not uncomfortable.

Its principle is actually very simple: let our face be in a very low temperature environment of minus 162 ° C, which makes the skin fully cool down, starts the human body’s own self -healing mechanism, promotes metabolism, and has a beauty effect.

Speaking: In extremely low temperature environments, our physical defense mechanism is turned on, the blood vessels will shrink strongly, the normal temperature will be restored after cold therapy, the blood vessels will expand rapidly, and the metabolism will become faster.

It’s like a very fine water pipe suddenly thicken, will the speed of water become faster? Understand the faster water flow as our metabolism!


After the cold therapy, the blood that becomes faster in metabolism can return to the face with more oxygen and nutrients to reach

Improve skin tone


The role.


In winter, we returned to the room after outdoor activities. Is it red on our faces?

Cold therapy is equivalent to deceiving our brain and let the brain think that we have reached a super cold place.

In order to protect the constant temperature of the core organs, the blood will mainly flow to the core organs, so that the blood around the core organs can obtain oxygen.

The sharp leave of blood from the face means swelling.

At the same time, ultra -low temperature will weaken the nerves that cause muscle contraction (equivalent to being frozen),

As a result, the expressions of the front forehead and crow’s feet are improved.

The liquid nitrogen steam sprayed by the instrument has the effect of killing good oxygen (nitrogen itself has a disinfection effect).

Can kill bacteria that cause large areas and reduce acne.

PS: Those who have learned about it should know that nitrogen is non -toxic! It was originally the main ingredient in the air, colorless, odorless, non -toxic gases. Liquid nitrogen is a cooling form of nitrogen, which becomes nitrogen after evaporation.


So everyone may ask, in such a very low temperature environment, does the face do not frostbite?

The answer is not. Here is a physical phenomenon:


Leiden Floros

(Leidenfrost Phenomenon).


Exhale into liquid nitrogen in your hand and quickly take it out without frostbite

The body temperature of our face is a liquid nitrogen gas at minus 162 ° C. It is a great fireball. Liquid nitrogen will instantly vaporize the skin’s temperature and will not come into contact with human skin.

And in contact, between the skin and liquid nitrogen, an insulating gaseous protective layer will be formed on the surface of the skin. Although the dry face can feel the temperature of the extremely cold, it will not be frostbite because of this.

Although the principle is simple, this instrument has no home! In the choice of institutions, don’t believe small workshops! After all, it is a new instrument. How can they buy such expensive and so new (whisper BB) …

Moreover, the liquid nitrogen gas sprayed by cold therapy instruments is minus 162 ° C.

Then enter the next part, so is ultra -low temperature cold therapy?


What is the cost -effectiveness of ultra -low warm face cold treatment?

After talking about the advantages of ultra -low temperature and cold therapy, but sheep actually positioned it as

Lady beauty


of. It is effective, but the effect is not long. When the ladies are bored, they can do it and take care of them.


There are already many experience stores in China. The sheep checked its price range a little, about 300-1000 yuan.

Doesn’t it sound high? But we need to consider a question of time -effectiveness. Although ultra -low temperature cold therapy has the effect of standing poles on some facial skin problems, it is not maintained for a long time.

In the short term, freeze our skin surface, speed up blood circulation, and stimulate metabolism. It seems that we step on the throttle gently, but if you reach the end, we must continue to drive instead of stepping on the throttle.

Therefore, ultra -low temperature face cold therapy should not have a long effect on improving skin tone, dilute expression pattern, swelling, and promoting collagen new life. After all, it is a brief relief, not targeted solution.

It is the best effect of acne, because it can directly kill bacteria that cause large area of ​​acne.

To rely on it to achieve the effect of long -term beauty, it is almost the same as the “daily maintenance” of the ladies. Do it 2 to 3 times a week, and insist on doing it for a long time,

The effect of improvement is also generalized, not targeted

(You can see it as the previous red and blue light).


It is not that sheep hit everyone, because the ultra -low temperature facial cold therapy has not yet been promoted in China, the feedback is not much, and the sheep has not figured out which aspect of the improvement.

I had to say: the future is available.

If you turn to actual utility, for example, we want to improve wrinkles, improve the skin’s firming, do ultrasonic knife or hot Maggie. One to two years of projects can be maintained by one to two years, and the effect will be much better than it.


Or we want to treat acne like acne. It only takes about 100 yuan to rejuvenate at a time. Basically three times can get a great improvement, but if you do it, you need to stick to it for a long time. In this way, is it much bigger to rely on it to treat facial problems targeted?

But ultra -low warm face cold therapy also has its advantages,

First of all, it is non -invasive and painless, and it is non -invasive therapy. It can be treated with makeup, that is, go away, and there is no follow -up maintenance problem of photoelectric class.

Secondly, sensitive muscles are also applicable, after all, liquid nitrogen does not hurt our skin.


In general, if you just say the beauty effect, it is recommended that the lady who is not bad money!


First of all, it is a lunch break beauty. The course of treatment is very short. It is about 10 minutes. It can be done with makeup, which is suitable for urban beauty who is in a hurry.

It has a good instant effect for swelling!


Second, it can

Improve acne (the most function)


, Emoticons and sinking, activating collagen, belong to the beauty of beauty, the price is not high, but you need to persist. You can experience it according to the needs.

In the end, although the price is not high, the price -performance ratio is average, and the lady can be used to do daily maintenance. For babies with key needs, it is recommended to do more photoelectric or other items on demand.

Alright, today’s popular science time is here, everyone has learned?


Ultra -low temperature face cold therapy


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