Do you still expect to bring your girlfriend home in the New Year’s New Year’s cold hat without a friend?

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“It feels light when he is cold, and the whole person is not complete without wearing anything.”

I believe that many people will have such experience like me.

The categories of hats are all over the same, and the most common on the street tide counts the cold hat.

No matter what dress style you like, street style, work style, or adult style, the trendy people will choose a wool hat to complete the shape, and the chances of being captured by photographers on the street are greatly improved.

Skateboarding teenagers and fashion essences even wear wool caps regardless of season, all kinds of cold hats have already become a must -have item for the concave shapes of the tide.

The most famous and classic brand in the brand counts Supreme and Carhartt’s wool caps. As a trend, you must have bought it.

Regarding the method of wearing, most of them will learn to sing and sing. If you ca n’t get it off or crooked, you feel cool.

The editor discovered,

It seems that it is not the kind of style that has been increasing ten centimeters immediately in the past two years.

And everyone is willing to wear the hat one by one.

If you haven’t got it yet, you might as well learn to learn with me today.

And the just -wool hat like this seems to be popular, at least in most magazine shapes.

Like the Miki Hat sailor hat, what is the scientific name of this rogue hat and melon hat of the deck hat and melon hat? Even my colleagues expressed their opinions, and for the time being, it is called “Guaipi Hat”.

This knitted hat is more troublesome to wear. You don’t need to think about the angle of wearing a hat, and do not need to grab the top of the hat up, let alone whether it is one -third of the forehead, so troublesome.

Just like the waterman hat of the canvas, this knitted curl hat and short hair are more tune. There is a kind of tough guy.

In other words, orange has been popular for a whole year since spring and summer ~

guess who is this?

Looking at the interpretation of the tide, although the caps are different, they also wear the same effect. In short, wearing a knitted hat with a scalp, one more choice.

Of course, in addition to the street style, the American retro and work style actually worn like this.

No matter what style you like, it is suitable

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