How to be a fashionable and intimate bridesmaid during the wedding season

At the end of the year, the wedding season arrived again. The blogger had attended the wedding and became a bridesmaid and a bride. It is deeply felt that a good wedding can be done by a couple with its own power. For the woman, it is important to accompany a few good sisters.

The blogger has been a bridesmaid several times, each time in the cold wind. The owner’s house will be very busy that day. We take care of ourselves and help others. It is what a qualified bridesmaid needs to do. How to be a fashionable and intimate bridesmaid?

What does the bridesmaid need to bring?

The master usually brings a makeup artist. There are many things that makeup artists prepare, cosmetics, electrical rods, and so on. My makeup artist also prepared a mask and warm baby for me. It is recommended that the bridesmaids communicate with the makeup artist in time one day before the wedding. What she does not bring is something, it may need you to bring it to prepare from time to time.

A mask

If you are a dry skin, it is best to apply a mask the day before the wedding. The bride’s mask is likely to be equipped with makeup artists, and the bridesmaid’s masks need to bring themselves. It is recommended to bring a mask that morning, apply for 20 minutes before applying makeup, the makeup surface will be more convincing, and there will be no dander. The small partner with a good skin condition can also give the younger sisters who do not make up and skin care for thousands of years.

Warm baby

The bridesmaid will be cold in winter. You can stick a warm baby behind or on the waist, which is warm. You can also stick to your lower abdomen. Pay attention to separate clothes, do not burn, wear jackets, it is more appropriate to stick to the jacket. Some warm babies have poor viscosity and are easy to drop. You can also bring warm hands, bring a wire, and charge in the car.

Makeup supplement

The bride’s makeup products are a makeup artist, and most of the bridesmaids need to bring themselves. Too much trouble is not necessary. According to experience, what needs to be brought more is

Powder, concealer, lipstick, spare eyelashes (eyelashes gel)


One day, the face is inevitable, and the powder is pressed with a powder. When taking pictures, it will not look greasy. Some friends will bring powder, I personally don’t recommend pink. Because it is not necessary. It is necessary to replace outdoor and indoor diplomacy all day. When you first put on the base makeup, you should choose a foundation cream that is not easy to remove makeup. If you put on makeup directly on the way, many hand -residue friends make your face incomplete and uneven, and your face is dirty. It is better to press it directly with the powder. (Or please make up makeup artists to help)

Concealer is important, especially when the wedding occasionally impersonates a acne partner. Here we warn everyone not to break the acne and go to the wedding. After the acne was broken, it was very difficult to cover the concealer. If you can’t hold it, use acne stickers to stick it first. There are always some little friends’ faces, with concealer, prepared.

You don’t need to explain more lipsticks. It is easier to remove makeup.

Friends with fake eyelashes remember to bring your spare eyelashes and eyelashes glue. One day’s eyes blinked, it is likely that in the afternoon or evening, the eyelashes will fly away. If you don’t wear spare eyelashes, you might as well tear the eyelashes directly. (If you tear off your eyelashes directly, you need to bring a eyeliner!)


Stockings look at the situation belt. If you attend the wedding in summer and wear thin stockings, you need to bring a pair. In case the socks are broken and replaced in time, it will not be embarrassed. If it is winter, it usually wear thick pantyhose, which will basically not break.

Folding bag

This is an experience. On the day of the wedding, newcomers or bridesmaids generally change their clothes. The newcomer can bring a lever box, but if the sisters only take the handbag, it is not enough to put down the items required that day. Put a folding bag in a small bag. It is very convenient to use it when needed. You can put it away after use and put it back.

longchamp folding package

Previously, I introduced the folding package above, which can be folded into the size of a pocket book, which is very convenient. If you feel that longchamp is expensive, you can also bring a folding environmental protection bag. This is the most convenient and not afraid of losing.

In addition to bringing things you need, the bridesmaids need to pay attention to it. Because the bridesmaid is not the protagonist of the day, it cannot exceed the protagonist in dressing and makeup hairstyles, otherwise it is not polite.


The accessories should not be too gorgeous

Most bridesmaid skirts are uniformly equipped with brides, and the styles cannot be selected. But the accessories can be selected. The friends love beauty. Friends who like to wear accessories are noticed. Don’t wear too gorgeous. After all, today, we are not the protagonist. If we wear a large diamond necklace and shine, it will be too grabbing.


The shawl and coat should not be too bright

In winter weddings, bridesmaids usually bring their own shawls and jackets to wear outside the bridesmaid clothes. The color of the shawl and the jacket is best to match the color of the skirt. Most of the bridesmaid clothes are champagne, pale pink, light gray or purple. If they can be paired with shawls and jackets with similar colors or colors, it is good. If you can’t match the same color, the more colorful items such as pearl white will be more appropriate.

The matching coats and shawls should not choose big red. These colors are more grabbing when taking pictures. It is not polite. Some people may look at photos in the future to attract unnecessary GOSSIP. If you really want to wear, you can ask the bride first to see the other party not mind.

However, it is best not to choose dark blue and black shawl and coat. Elders with local taboos are taboo, which believes that it is used for funerals.


Please keep the group

Some friends are more introverted (note that it is introverted, not shy), which is normal, and everyone has different personalities. But if the other party invites us to be a bridesmaid, it is usually better. At this time, a little face should be given to the master’s house to keep the group as much as possible. If there is nothing, you can say nothing, but don’t throw your face throughout the process.

In the dress, try to keep it similar to everyone. Some girls are more unique. They do n’t like to wear skirts, so they wear other clothes and do n’t enter other sisters. The bride will be tired that day, and it is difficult to take care of everyone’s mind. We still make her better.

Finally, remind you of your friends that if your bridesmaid clothing is a short skirt, it will show your feet. It is more appropriate to wear flat -bottomed shoes or low heels that day. And the bridesmaid clothes are long skirts. If you cover your feet, you can wear it comfortably. Because you are likely to stand for a day, sometimes you have to get things, your feet will be tired. It was even worse to wear high heels by his long dresses. Except for high -heeled shoe stars.

What? Your girlfriend has a particularly tall one, one head taller than you? What does it matter? Even if you wear hate heights, you can’t get rid of her.

I hope everyone can receive flower balls every wedding this year!

In the movie “27 packages”, the heroine loves the wedding very much. She has been a bridesmaid 27 times before marriage

—— Following love toss, passers -by becomes a goddess-

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