How red is TOT ME from Northern Europe? Very red, very red

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Quiet is a kind of ability, a kind of cultivation. Quiet people, things, things, self -containing strength


I don’t know where to start, this society began to admire “outward” and “group”. Of course, seeking harmony with everyone is a good thing. However, this does not mean that there must be a sense of integrity for groups, even the comfort of sacrifice principles and self -consciousness.

If a person cannot do “harmonious with yourself” first, then the “harmony with others” that is ranging is a kind of twisting from the inside out.

The diverse of human nature is precisely the wonderful place. It is necessary to change the personality to change the personality according to his own mind. It is a selfish and mentally retarded behavior in itself.


, This clothing brand from Nordic, lives quiet and cold. It combines a kind of

Low -key and high -profile

The contradiction temperament.

If the brand has personality, it must be “introverted”. There is no jumping color, and the design language of the clothing is “stingy” to the extreme. The so -called “stuffy sound does not sound a big fortune”, Totême exists like this.

Maybe in China, its fame is not as great as thunderous. But as long as you open a certain treasure platform and search carefully, you will find a lot of cold and light clothing, which is clearly “Totême”! But the price is one third of its? (Thousands of words are omitted here)

Totême was born in 2014 and is only 5 years old. Hometown is in Stockholm in Sweden.


Elin kling

Originally a fashion blogger and stylist. Her husband Karl Lindman was the design director of “Interview” magazine. Since his wife starts his business, he has become the brand director of Totême. I just want to say that this couple’s fashion Taste is so good.

Rely on

Nordic; simple; structural sense

These labels, TOT 个Me scrapes the entire Europe as a whole like a strong cold air, and then string red on the mainstream social networking site Instagram in Europe and the United States, it is not surprising at all.

If the building is a solidified music, then the clothes of TOTêME are probably probably

Soft architecture

Essence In addition to some exquisite silhouettes and asymmetric design,

The texture supports the high -level sense of clothing

Solid color

, A lot of solid color. Only pure colors. Black and white are that simple. The design of the neckline echoed the design of the pants tube. Without the favor, he still caught people’s attention in a low -key manner.

Totême’s design lines are very decisive, which may have nothing to do with the cold factors in the Nordic personality.

However, such a “straight and straight” design did not make people feel particularly “ruthless.” For example, with a little slim, or a little fold, you can cleverly justify the characteristics of the female characteristics.

There are long “leggings” under the long silhouette skirt. It can be seen how strong the “safety” consciousness of the Nordic people is. No matter how long the skirt is, it can only be used as a top to wear OH LA LA ~

This is probably one of the reasons I like Nordic fashion design, right?

Don’t be frivolous, not exaggerated, it’s not superficial

Essence It is actually very connected with French fashion in many ways. only

One is cold, the other is partial

If the texture of the clothes looks too tough, adding a small silk scarf can have the effect of “mother Man balance”.

The stand -up collar design will make people look more capable, but this is also very consider the texture of the clothing itself.

The simple T -shirts are the same, but the texture T -shirt is one hundred miles.

The apricot skirt is not only gentle, but also a bit of the stitches hidden in the cotton. Pearl -colored nail polish is also my standby.

With a little high waist design, there is a sense of vision with a leg length of 2 meters in an instant.

The feeling of “quilt” is beautiful and warm.

TOTêMe’s shoes design is also very edge and attitude.

Their swimsuit is also a simple basic model. Sometimes attractiveness and “sexy” at a glance, have little relationship.

Totême’s silk scarf is a accessories worth starting. Simple and versatile. The silk scarf pattern of geometric lines is “TOTêME” at first glance. With such uniqueness, you can’t blame the popular bloggers of all fashion.

There are several series in their silk scarves:

San Remo

(Fine stripes),


(Coarse stripes), and a large scarf style


The small holes on the silk scarf are both chic and practical design highlights, which can be rejected by various shapes at will.

In addition to pattern silk scarves,

Solid color silk scarf

It is not monotonous at all, it can create the overall layering of clothing, and it is very elegant!

Why is TOTêMe popular in Europe, and even makes many net red bloggers willing to “free publicity” on ins?

The core factor is nothing more than these:

The founder’s fashion design taste “catering” the mainstream aesthetics of European developed countries -cold wind and Monochrome.

If there is no texture of the texture, the clothing will not be able to withstand. Totême is in place in fabrics and details. In short, it meets the two -way “control point” of “overall control” and “detail control”.

It caught up with “Wind” … Celine’s former brand director Phoebe Philo left after leaving. After the taste, Celine disappointed many C fans, so they began to look for the former “Celine” substitute, and Totême was fortunate to be selected.

Totême can be described as the gospel of “cold wind” enthusiasts. But at the same time, I also look forward to low -key Phoebe Philo, which can have a better place to return.

“Cold wind” is not just a design style, it is more like an ideological form. Apply a half sentence of Yamamoto Yamamoto to explain:


I don’t bother you, you don’t want to bother me

Essence “