Keep beneficial minerals, Yikou’s new all-in-chefs enjoy love series EUF502-2 water purifier

Keep beneficial minerals, Yikou’s new all-in-chefs enjoy love series EUF502-2 water purifier

Now when it comes to water purifiers, I believe that most people will not be unfamiliar, because as people’s quality of life continues to improve, such products have long been “flying into ordinary people’s homes”. Take me for many years. In the past, the water purifier was used at home, and two or three models were replaced before and after, but they were all reverse osmosis water purifiers. Although the purified water could be drunk directly, the minerals in the water were also filtered out. And I have to share with you the new whole kitchen love series EUF502-2 water purifier, but the water purifier can retain those minerals that are beneficial to the human body and improve the taste. Do you feel amazing? How did it do it? Let’s find the answer together.

Among the many water purifier brands, Yikou can be described as famous. I believe everyone will not be unfamiliar. It is a professional brand focusing on the field of water treatment in the past century. It was born in the United States in 1925. The patent has registered the world’s first household soft water machine, and now it has grown into one of the world’s largest household water treatment equipment manufacturers. In 2007, Yikou set up the sixth production base in the world in mainland China. It is the preferred brand of many Chinese families. In 2008, it also became a company of stock god Buffett.

The packaging design of Yikou EUF502-2 water purifier is beautiful and generous, and it also highlights the main selling points of the product, including

Professional removal of residual chlorine

As well as

Original imported filter element

Meet the design of water purification and self -rushing function design

Wait. But the most attractive to me should be its dual water purification technology, because the quality of a water purifier is often the most critical link.

When I took out the water purifier from the box, I found that its body was much smaller than expected, but the size of the two filter elements was larger than the size of any filter element used before.

The two filter elements are the UF-12 ultrafiltrate filter element (blue) and the second-stage filter CTO-51 compressed activated carbon filter element (pink), respectively. They are all packaged and protected when they leave the factory. In addition to the filter element, other main accessories include faucet, hose, expansion screws and product manuals.

The white body of Yikou EUF502-2 water purifier gives me a simple and elegant first impression. Although it is a kitchen installation design, it is usually indispensable and invisible. Essence Its body size is only 288mm x, 160mm x height 401mm, so even if the filter element is installed, it will not take up too much space.

The entire body of Yikou EUF502-2 water purifier has three water interfaces throughout the body, namely the front flushing port (red), the water inlet (yellow) on the left, and the outlet (blue) on the right. The hose connected to these three interfaces also uses the corresponding color. One is to facilitate the identification of the master when installing, and the other can also avoid mixing hose.

There is a battery slot on the back of the fuselage, and one hanging hole on each side is reserved, so that users can also choose to install the water purifier for wall -mounted installation.

At present, most water purifiers need to use sockets to work for 24 hours, while Yikou EUF502-2 Water purifiers do not only need sockets, let alone supercharged pumps. The water pressure of tap water can be filtered. The two batteries installed in the battery slot are powered by the front filter element life indicator. Even if there is no battery, the filtration will not be affected.

After receiving the machine, I called Yikou National Customer Service 400-8870190 telephone appointment for installation. In addition, I can also follow WeChat to pay attention to the “Yikou Water purification” public account for self-service to make an online appointment and Query after -sales service. The installation master arrived as scheduled and drove a “special car”. It is indeed a big brand. It feels more professional in all aspects of after -sales service.

Two packaged filter elements, when I was installed by the installation master, he was dismantled. From the perspective of the appearance size, the two filter elements are basically the same. Among them, the official reference opinion is the service life of the UF-12 ultra-filter element of the first-level filtration for 2-3 years, and the CTO of the second-level filtration is -51 The service life of compressed activated carbon filter elements is about 6 months to 1 year, but the actual service life of the filter element has a lot to do with the local water quality.

In addition to the different color of the fuselage, the interface on the top is also different, but it will not be installed, because the two filter element installation ports below the water purifier are corresponding, and the filter element cannot be inserted.

I watched the master installation of the filter element. In fact, I can do this. Just hold the blue button on the water purification machine body, the filter element can be inserted smoothly into the interface, and then loose the button. Of course, installing the filter element is within the scope of the after -sales service. It is better to give it to the master. In the future, you can change the new filter element. You can do it by yourself, or call the customer’s service card to send the manufacturer to send the filter element and replace it.

Both filter elements have corresponding physical buttons and three blue indicators. When the filter element is installed, you can click any button on the panel to view the life of the filter element and the remaining battery power. If you are reminded by indicator lights. If you press and press the button, you can reset the filter element, and this operation is needed only when replacing the filter element.

Because the kitchen at home is newly renovated, the space under the cabinet is relatively large, and the Yikou EUF502-2 water purifier does not require sockets, so it is more time-saving and effort than ordinary water purifiers. The installation master’s work is still very serious and rigorous. When I meet, I will show me the health code, and the installation is also brought with a mask. First, the faucet is installed, then the hose is connected, and finally the debugging. It is worth mentioning that the installation master also explained the working principle of this water purifier, as well as how the filter life view and reset, etc. These details have doubled the favor of Yikou’s brand.

Finally, fill in the customer service service card. In the future, repair or replace the filter element as long as the service call above. I understand that the end of Yikou’s end water purifier can enjoy three -year warranty services (except for consumables) from the date of installation.

The small body is easier to place, and the two filter elements are thick enough, just like two pillars, making the water purifier stand more stable when standing. I also found that when the water purifier that can be used to work, the water purifier will always produce more or less noise, and it cannot be used when it encounters power outages. I really can’t hear a trace of noise.

The food grade 304 stainless steel faucet quality and workmanship of the food grade 304 stainless steel faucet of Yikou EUF502-2 Water. It uses matte surface design, and it will not be easy to leave scratches as if it is used for a long time. The tube of the faucet is not large, but this does not affect its speed of water.

Yikou EUF502-2 Water purifier has used a larger area of ​​ultrafiltration filter element, and high-precision hollow hyperfrip membrane combined with unique self-rhining technology to achieve long-acting filtration without waste water. Not only does it have no waste water, but the amount of water is much larger than the pure water water purifier. The official reference data is about 4L of water flow per minute. After my own test, it takes about 700ml of large cups, which only takes about 6 seconds. Such fast water output is really convenient in the daily use process. For example, every time I use tap water to wash dishes, I will use water water to rinse. Waiting time.

The original imported filter element of Yikou EUF502-2 water purifiers brings professional purification effects. Among them, the ultra-filter membrane filter element uses an external pressure hollow fiber ultrafiltration technology. The filtering accuracy is as high as 0.01 micron levels. All kinds of organic pollution such as impurities such as the human body can be filtered through, and the various trace elements required by the human body can be preserved; while compressed active carbon filter elements are mainly responsible for removing residual chlorine, odor, and different color, and comprehensively enhance the taste. I was also curious why the water purification could improve the taste? At this time, the installation master told me that this was because the rear CTO filter element used the imported American KX high -quality coconut shell compressed activated carbon stick. KX is its own unique technology created in the production and squeezing process of compressed charcoal sticks. The stacks of the particles can be called composite particles from small to most levels of stacks. This is a major breakthrough in KX technology. Integrating mixed complex complexes and particles, forming a stable adsorption force, creating new filtering elements with completely different technologies, and creating high -performance water and air filter products for the development of high -performance water and air filtration products Infinite potential.

Regarding the purification effect of Yikou EUF502-2 water purifiers, I originally wanted to use water quality test pens to test it, but the installer said that this common water quality measurement pen can only test the TDS value, instead of testing the COD value. It is suitable for pure water. Water purifiers; while Yikou EUF502-2, a water purifier that can retain the beneficial minerals of the human body, requires more professional testes, so this link is forced. I want to tell you the taste. As a Fujian native, I usually have the habit of drinking Tieguanyin tea. For those who love tea here, in order to drink a good tea, we even go to the deep mountains Family. I use Yikou EUF502-2 water purifiers to soak tea after purifying the water. The water quality is more pure and the taste is a bit sweet, because compared with home tap water, Yikou EUF502-2 water purifiers have less water after purifying the water purification of water purifiers. Many impurities, and the difference between the two can also be seen through the color of the tea soup. The color of the water tea soup is lighter, and the color of the essence water tea soup is darker. This is because the minerals can make the tea more fast.

After a period of use, I was also satisfied with Yikou EUF502-2 water purifiers. In the past, when the power outage, the water purifier could not be used, and it was not stopped by the movie. Minerals that are good for health in water. I also understand that the subsequent maintenance costs of Yikou EUF502-2 water purifiers are not high, and after-sales service is also more professional and repaired. Large flow, high water purification, low maintenance cost in the later period, this Yikou EUF502-2 water purifier is worth having.

As well as

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