In winter, you can wear stripes, you can look fat or thin, and the high -level atmosphere is versatile and versatile

Many people think that the pattern of clothing only plays a decorative role. In fact, the pattern can make the clothing more fashionable and more different.

The pattern of clothing can not only increase fashion, but also affect the clothing

Self -cultivation

For example, striped clothing patterns are a typical example. Choose different stripe patterns to present

Effect and slimming

They are all different.

The wardrobe of the woman who can wear is indispensable, not only versatile but also high, but also the effect of self -cultivation. Although striped clothing pictures have a large area of ​​patterns, the shape of the pattern is very different


So unlike the fancy pattern, it is still very very very very very good


And can accommodate a variety of different styles.

Whether it is relatively stable or cute and playful, it can be matched with striped clothing.

In winter, you can wear stripes, which can be thin and fat. High -level atmosphere is versatile. The stripe pattern can be good

If you want your body to look more


,can choose

Vertical stripes

of. If you want the temperament to look more


If you are more full, you can choose

Horizontal stripe


One, horizontal stripe

The horizontal stripes are generally used in the upper body clothes, which can make the figure look more


, Able to widen the lines of the shoulders horizontally, showing

Leisure and advanced

A gas field.

1) Simple black and white striped bottom shirt

Choose a striped bottom shirt with thin lines to show more

Free and easy

The gas field, especially black and white, even more

Advanced stability.

Black striped bottom shirt gas field is more compared


, White is relatively comparable to

More elegant

Essence If you are not tall enough, you can choose


Yes, it can make the proportion around you look closer

Three -seven points.

2) Coffee color striped bottom shirt

Like black and white, it is comparison


The color of the coffee color striped bottom shirt will appear more



Elegant and atmospheric

When matching a coffee bottoming shirt, it is best to choose to compare

Stable or a little handsome

clothing. Can better highlight the color of coffee, striped clothes

Advanced gas field.

3) Wide stripes

The wide stripes and fine stripes are different, and the aura presented by a relatively large stripe is even more

Leisure and vitality

, Age reduction effect also


Essence It is best to choose more loose clothing when wearing wide stripes, which can better highlight the wide stripes


4) Irregular stripes

Striped pattern is comparison

It is high -level

One of the clothing patterns

Essence Choose a pattern a little bit

Irregular stripes

For example, similar

Zebra pattern,

Or clothing with uniform stripe width can make the temperament even more


Irregular stripes and ordinary striped clothing are even more

, Even if the clothing style is compared


You can also match it

Personality and fashion temperament.

5) Color stripes

The color of the stripes is different, and the temperament is also very different. The color stripes are more than the two colors.

Gorgeous and cute.

Fresh colors can greatly improve clothing

Eye -catching effect

, The temperament shown is even more

Leisure and fashion.

Second, vertical stripe

The vertical stripes and the horizontal stripes are only different in the direction, but

totally different. The vertical stripe can be pulled vertically, which can make the figure look more


And even more


1) Black and white striped suit

If you want to make the clothing thinner better, it is best to choose

Black and white stripe suit

, Suit line


, The lines are very obvious. After the vertical stripes are matched, it can make the figure appear

Obvious edges and corners

It has a thin effect, and it can also make the gas field look more cool.

But the suit of the striped pattern can only have a thin effect, there is no way to make the figure look more

Full and curvy.

2) Stitching striped skirt

Made by unique splicing methods

Striped clothing

, The skinny effect is more than simple striped clothing


For example, the dark width stripes on both sides of the fine stripes can be separated visually, making the shoulders look narrower, and the waist and hips are even more

3) Color vertical striped clothing

If you want the temperament to look more

Fresh and vibrant

If you can choose color comparison

Gorgeous background

, Match with white stripes to show more

Lively and playful

At the same time, it will not look naive.

Colorful clothing age reduction effect ratio ratio

Black and white gray

Better, but the higher the saturation color

The more exaggerated, it is difficult to control

It is also troublesome to match. It can be increased after stitching white stripes

High -level sense

It can also retain the age reduction effect of colorful clothing.

Choosing a two -color vertical striped clothing is thin and thin, but the colorful vertical striped clothing

Age -reducing effect

Better, especially the colorful clothing of the linen color system, not only can make the temperament become

Fresh and sweet


Elegant and mature

, Will not look naive at all.

If you want to reduce the age of clothing, it is better to choose a colorful vertical striped dress,

Cute and playful with girly feel

Essence And choosing a colorful vertical stripe jacket is easier to protrude

Retro elegant temperament

, Advanced stability is not too gorgeous.

Striped clothing is also very versatile, and the temperament is more advanced. Don’t wear solid clothes in winter, try stripes, you can also look fat.

#What to wear today#

Self -cultivation

Self -cultivation