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What is the cup in your impression?

Is such that?

Still like this?

Ancient people said


Their cup is like this ~


In 400 years, Sashan silver gilt antelope came to pass

Washington Saiker Art Museum Collection


Qingguangxu · Pink Credit Pomegranate Cup

Summer Palace Cultural Relics Management Office

Photography / Yongqi Water

Yuan · Blue and White Dragon Turtle Cup

Collection of Institute of Cultural Relics and Archeology, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Photography / Su Lihuan

Where does the cup come from?

I have to start with a story




The earliest cups are likely to be made of wood. But the earliest cup we can see and recognize now is made of pottery. So, who is the inventor of Tao Cup? A person’s name was left in the history book -Ning Fengzi.

Legend has it that once Ning Fengzi grilled fish, like eating a flower chicken, sealed the fish with mud, put it in the fire, and then went out due to urgency. After returning home, I found that the fish had disappeared. Only the mud of the sealing fish was burned hard. This is the earliest pottery. Since then, Ning Fengzi produced a pottery jar based on the various utensils needed in life, and there should be cups.

# What are the names of cups?

The history of back to the cup is endless. In “A Dream of Red Mansions”, Jia mother brought the rural person Liu Ye to Miao Yu’s Cui Cuiyu, and Miao Yu took out different cups to entertain everyone.


Give Mother Jia with “Cheng Kiln Colorful Bell”, and everyone is a colorful “Guanyao reborn with a white cover bowl”. , Pour your daily use of the “Green Jade Dou” and Baoyu.

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The materials used in different styles are also different

Ivory, jade, and crystal can be used to make cups

Han Yu Cup Xi’an Museum Tibetan


Photography / I am a green stone

#0 2

Push the cup to change the cup

# It is said that there is a fake cup #

The wine glass in the Shang and Zhou dynasties mainly includes five kinds of utensils: Jue, 觚, 觯 (zhì), horns, 斝 (jiǎ, or loan), which is called a five -liquor, or “Five Jue”. What kind of “cup” is needed to drink a wine? These five kinds of utensils are really not used for drinking, but more as a ceremony to worship their ancestors.

American Philadelphia Art Museum Collection

Shang Dai Beast Facial Pattern (zhì)

Photography / arterial shadow

The secrets of co -drinking together

The Western Jin Dynasty literary artists include “Poetry of the Poems”: “Steamed the same heart, the twilight is fresh.

Chinese weddings pay attention to drinking sympathy, which is the “Heya” cup. It is speculated that one of the melon is divided into two, connected by the red line, and the wedding couple will complete the ceremony by half of them at the wedding. Another form of the Heye Cup is the double coupling cup.

Warring States · Painted Phoenix Bird Double Cup


Hubei Provincial Museum Collection

Photo Supply / Hubei Provincial Museum

“Holy Grail” from the Western Regions

The original intention of Lai Tong is flowing, not only on the top of the part, but also a flowing hole at the bottom. Different from the traditional Chinese cups drinking, the drinks in the cup pass through the hole and pour in the mouth.

The Cup Cup is widely popular in Eurasia, mostly beasts or horn. It is speculated that Laitong Cup was originally designed for sacrifice activities. It was designed by a beast to describe it and used it as a drink to the gods. In addition, these gold and silver beasts are sometimes used as diplomatic gifts between kings.

Tang Dynasty Beast Shounao Cup

That is, it is made from the West to the Cup to make

Photo Conferry / FOTOE

The cup’s fairy wind road bone

In the shape of ancient and modern wine glasses, there is a very special cup. The cup was originally used as a daily wine, and later was promoted to play treasures because of its exquisite shape. In particular, the silver cup made by Zhu Bishan, in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, is particularly favored by literati, elegant, and even emperors.


Wuzhong Museum Collection Silver 物

Hundred years of life are drunk, counting 36,000 games

Since the Northern Wei Dynasty, although the Gaozu Cup has been among the ranks of wine, it has been limited to the circle of dignitaries. In the Yuan Dynasty, the Gaozu Cup completely broke the barriers of the class and flew into the home of ordinary people.

The spray growth of the Gaozu Cup in the Yuan Dynasty is closely related to the dietary customs of the Mongolians. The Yuan people love to drink, and the long -footed cup is a long footpad, which adapts to the nature of the Mongolians drinking on the horse.


The picture shows a Yuan Dynasty mural grave found in Hengshan District, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province. The rectangular of the ahead of the table is a high -foot cup on the table with red objects, which may be a fruit for the supply. The high -foot cup here is more like a “high -foot bowl”, highlighting its practical function.

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The magical power is the emperor’s affairs

Today people drink tea and often use a tea set called “fair cup”. Its function is that when many people drink tea together, they can balance the concentration and separation of tea soup to ensure that the quality of the tea soup that each person drinks is the same, so it is fair.

The Song Tao Gu valued in “The Clear Records” and recorded a wine utensil called “magic”. During Tang Wenzong’s eunuchs, the emperor became a furnishings. If nothing was done, he could only drink every day. The maid around was tireless and built a golden deacon.

This golden cup is hidden in the middle, and after the wine is filled, the liquor will quietly flow into the plate. The emperor who was drunk mistakenly thought that after drinking the wine, he would no longer bother the maid to serve. The design principles of “magical power” and “things” are consistent with fair cups. Therefore, the upper limit of the fair Cup can be pushed to Tang Wenzong during the years, that is, around 838.


Contemporary imitation celadon corner cup, porcelain pot

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Bionic cup

In addition to the relatively regular shapes of ancient cups, there are quite vivid bionic shapes. They usually imitate the shape and characteristics of certain animals and plants. The lotus leaf cups, flower fruit cups, and parrot cups are representatives of bionic cups.

Qing Eggplant Green Glazed Ruffy Cup

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Tea and wine compete

In ancient China, the wind of drinking tea was later than drinking, so tea was inevitably “ridiculed” by wine. Tea can be pushed to a heavy position with wine, and Lu Yu has contributed.


In Lu Yu’s “Tea Scripture”, “tea creation” is an important part of tea passing. Tea drinking creates a set of independent appliances, which is different from the drinking device. The equal status of tea and wine is becoming more prominent.

The picture shows the local part of the “Palace Museum” in Taipei

The palace people sitting in the picture are holding a tea bowl at hand and listening to music

The “literati standard” in the tea set

In the Song Dynasty, with the popularity of tea ordering, the buckets that could adapt to some special tea drinking requirements of the Song Dynasty became the explosion of the time. Its tall posture matches the popularity of high -type furniture in the Song Dynasty.

The overall style of Douyuzhan in the Song Dynasty was simple and elegant, which happened to be in line with the taste of the literati. It was indeed highly respected by the great literary man in the Song Dynasty.

Ding Yunpeng “Slim Wine Caption” in the Ming Dynasty

There is a bucket of buckets in the painting in the painting

Photography / Xun Yaoyang

The most beautiful home of cups


The ancients had exquisite shapes, and naturally could not fall. Tuto, also known as Cha Tou and Tea Boat, is the support and supporting component of tea cups. It evolved from the Eastern Han Dynasty’s ear cup and formed a combination of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Whenever the cooking method of tea changes, the shape, material, and decorative process of the cup of the cup also change.

Bowl lid: Cover good tea

Mr. Lu Xun wrote in the article “Drinking Tea”: Drinking good tea is to cover a bowl. The word “cover bowl” first appeared in the Tang Dynasty, but the Tang Dynasty stamped bowl is rare. Unlike today, it initially appeared as a tableware at the banquet occasion.

It was not until the Qing Kangxi reign that the bowls gradually became popular. One reason is that the change of tea drinking has promoted the update of the tea device. Covering bowls can be made of tea and tea, but the procedure of pouring tea in the teapot is saved.

In the Qing Dynasty, the “Emperor’s Concubine Minister’s Dictionary (Emperor Twenty -one Son Yunxi)”, the young waiter in the painting holds a small jade tray with a pair of bowls inside and ordered tea at any time.

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