Novel: Wife is ready to be surprised to look forward to her husband’s home. Who would like to go home in the first sentence is divorce?

Fang Xueer put down the phone that had been broken in his hand. It’s a melancholy, and it’s joy.

Fang Xueer, Fang’s Group Fang Luotian’s thousands of money.

She has long black hair, melon seeds, and beautiful eyebrows, such as the eyes of the star, the long eyelashes, the small nose, the red nose, and the red little mouth can’t help but want people to taste it. The skin is white, although not so charming, but also fresh and elegant. Any man can come into protective desire to see it.

In five years, she married Xu Feizuo for five years and had not given birth to a half daughter. Every time I go to the hospital for examination, the doctor will only say that it can’t be in a hurry.

On the phone, Xu Feituo said that she was going back, and Fang Xueer hurriedly kept the dishes on the table.

She used to be a thousand -finger -free gold, but now she is also willing to soup for the beloved.

The meal was just hot and a faint aroma, which was her pride.

Outside the door, the footsteps were accompanied by the fine broken sound of the key unlock, and Xu Feizuo returned.

Fang Xueer ran to the door and didn’t even wear slippers.

Open the door, a pink face, without any rouge gouache, fresh and refined.

Xu Feizuo’s lower abdomen was hot.

Fang Xueer quickly helped Xu Feituo to change his home slippers, and the two went to the living room one after the other.

Two candles, cakes, red wine, and delicious food were lit on the pink dining table. It seemed so delicious, but Xu Feituo had no mood at all.

“Let me take the key of the wine first, you eat …” Fang Xueer quickly prepared to walk towards the kitchen.

“No need.” Xu Feituo didn’t want to spend this fiveth anniversary with Fang Xueer at all.

Yan Qing couldn’t ignite such a sexy figure, and only looked at Xueer’s harmless cheeks above, and his desire was getting angry.

“I help you release the water …” Fang Xueer hurriedly said when Xu Feituo was going to the bathroom.

“No need.”

The cold water in the nozzle made Xu Feizuo’s confusing thoughts instantly sober.

Perhaps it is time to end.

“Feituo, are you … hungry, otherwise … or … I will get hot and hot, do you eat something?” Fang Xueer leaned against At the door.

“No need. I will tell you one thing today.” Xu Feituo was impatient.

“Oh? What … what …” Fang Xueer pulled his head.

At this time, Xu Feituo had wrapped a bath towel and walked out of the bathroom.

There are water droplets hanging on the strong body, and the bronze skin is full of male atmosphere, which is particularly attractive.

However, Xu Feituo’s eyes were particularly cold and deep.

Lit a cigarette, took a sip, spit out the white smoke rings, which was particularly charming.

“Let’s divorce.” Xu Feizuo spit out this sentence gently, and Wei An’s body faced Fang Xueer.