Ling Night – a hundred and ninety-one chapter

The soul is the most sensitive to what is the most sensitive. Of course, it is a gang, if the two are mixed together, they will directly stimulate their sensitive and fragile nerves.

Luo Yang said: “How can there be a living in the wilderness of wild?”

Sun Tiandao’s eye is scraping Luo Yang, and the face is sinking. If you don’t believe in him, you will reach yourself, sniff with the distiller’s nose to the mountain bag.

I met him, my eyes narrowed a line, my heart was cold, killing him.

Rooping with Yushu with Yushu, I panicked.

They don’t know how my depth is, and Sun Tiandao is so clear.

In an instant, it is quiet.

Yin deep mountain bag, yin wind blowing, the strange blossoms before the blunt, a lonely lonely looks like a lonely soul.

Suddenly someone is called: “I, let me go.”

I am surprised to look, it is a wild ghost that looks for more than 20 years old.

The other is just said: “You are still young, or I will go.”

“No, still me.”

“Anyway, it is swallowed, a blink of an eye, or I am coming.”

I first slammed, then I wake up, they would like to protect me, use their life to protect me, one said that the sour is coming, the tears of the nasal acid come out, I deserve that they do so for death? ?

Sun Tiandao said very unhappy: “What to do, good luck! As you also match, your group is eligible.”

Even just a beggar, he also has dignity.

Only his people will practice others.

Looking at him this ugly face, the more uncomfortable, the heart is getting colder, killing him, but also a scourge.

Luo Yang said: “The big thing is also a great word, Sun Tian Dao has a few people who have this kind of person will be sincere to you, after you lose, there are several people will sympathize with you, help you.”

Sun Tiandao is angry, and I’m angry: “Don’t teach me, don’t use people to help me, you are a lonely wild ghost is embarrassing, burning king value me.”

Luo smiled.

I also want to laugh at him.

Luo Yang said: “The brothers on the ground come out, draw.”

He said this, the atmosphere is a condensed, this kind of death, no one wants, but there is no way.

Sun Tiandao said: “Slow, ancient ancient times, just told you to draw, push three-level fourth, now this is active, there is certainly hiding a life.” Said suddenly looking back to my hill.


My heart is coming, come on.

Luo Yang smiled: “How can I have a living here.”

Sun Tiandao did not pay attention to him, step by step, walking towards the mountain.

Just at this time, a dark cloud floating, just covering the Mingyue, and suddenly the time is dark.

The atmosphere is condensed.


That is, I suddenly read the ghosts: with my God, the burearct, the gods killed, not avoided, first kill the devil, then the night light, why, the ghost dare to be.

The spell is together, Sun Tiandao is frightened and smashed: Sure enough.

I have already rushed out, my foot is on the grass, I vacated forward, jumping from the mountain bag mountain, three consecutive jumped, have already rushed to his follow.

A slim, the soul of the soul of the ghosts fell to the ground.

I saw that I am in the same day, Sun Tiandao is shocked, and I waved my hand.

“Sun Tian Dao, today is your death.”

A violent punch smashed the past.

I don’t stay at all at all, so as not to sleep in the night, you have to kill him at the shortest time.


The two power strike together.

The power of the ghost is very terrible, almost across a realm, can die with my current road, killing the ghost level.

In an instant, he continued to resist me 70%, and finally he was broken by I.

“Give me”

He suddenly shocked out.

I suddenly felt wrong, because in the last moment of the box, his strength changed, his strength, and then seeing him, the more farther, I suddenly be shocked, bad, he is to escape.

I am called: “Block him.”


Luo Yang is a horses, horses, hit, and the horse leap forward, his long horse knife in his hand slashed into Sun Tian Dao.

Sun Tian Dao raised the folding fan in his hand.

叮 的.

The long horse knife in Luo Yang flew to the sky, he fell a level, now it is not the opponent of Sun Tian Dao.

Sun Tiandao is ghost to shoot far on the ground.

I am called: “I can’t let him escape.”

I don’t want to be tight, Luo Yang is afraid that the lonely wilderness of this piece is.

Luo Yang immediately broke, shouted me: “Shang Ma.”

Betting to him, I felt a giant force, and my whole person flew up, floating on horseback, he felts his legs and struggled to cross the horse, and the horse was hurt. Walk down forward.

Luo Yang’s battle horses are integrated with him, he fell a realm, and the horse was naturally lost.

Otherwise I have already chased it.

But at this moment, it can only be comparable to it, and Sun Tiandao can’t get a momentous escape.

Just in an instant, you can see the Ni, Sun Tian Dao’s strength is quite equivalent to me, winning, but I want to win him is not easy.

The distance between the two or three meters, looked at the horse gradually approached, I turned out of a yellow, and slowly control the balance of the body.

Luo Yang said: “Adults, it is too dangerous.”

At this time, the horse is full, it is equal to a car who opened the horse, this is to jump, the blood of the flesh is not necessarily to bear.

It has been unable to take much, don’t kill him, after the end of life.


Looking at the distance is almost, I shouted: “Luo will help me.”

Luo Yang’s long-horse knife crossing, my feet strength stepped above, he suddenly used to force me, I sent me a trip, my whole person just like the eagle of the emptied eagle fluttered to the sun Tiandao, while using chaos The fire is ignited.

Sun Tiandao saw that I lost from the sky, I wanted to hide, I was caught by me, and the situation was posted on him.

But the impact is too big.

I grabbed him a few laps, and fell out of more than ten meters away, and fell dark.

The scream of the ear, this impact is not hurt to Sun Tian Da, and he is desperately slamming the fire, and the fire with black chaos burns a hole in him.

He is painful to roll up on the ground.

The ghosts of the ghost spirit will burn more than twenty seconds will die, just try to create him, and burn him.

Struggling, I want to climb it up, you can rock the greatness, dizziness, blurred, feel that the five internal organs are confused, and the hand is supported in the ground, and there is a little power in the hand.

The horseshoe, the horse flying.

There is still Roop, relying on him.

A windy wind whizzed from me, whitening long horse knife, pressed against the ground, killing the sun towards the ground.

Sun Tiandao turned to see the battle horse flying, under the crisis, anti-traverse, cold and sparkling long-horse knife almost posted his clothes, leaving a deep cut in the ground.

He struggled to squat his feet and fight the horse-horsenoh, and the horse called the empty ride.

Luo Yang immediately was also flying out.

It is not painful to fell to ghosts, and it will not die.

But now we have fallen into an extremely passive situation, this almost wants my life, I can’t stand up at all, don’t say to Sun Tiandao.

I saw the far-end Sun Tianwa’s limbs and climbed on the ground. The whole body was shaking. The fire of chaos also burned him half of death. The smoke whose fire broke out will burn his body.

But damage is not enough.


If you give him another time, even if you don’t die, I am afraid that it is unable to resist.

The horse climbed from the ground, Luo Yang returned to the horse, holding a long horse knife, Sun Tiandao suddenly laughed: “Luo Yang, your yin yang teacher is no longer, you will be able to kill it at all, today I raise your hands, let you One horse, you escape. “

Luo Yang is angry: “Fart, only soldiers who die, there is no escape soldier, Sun Tian Dao, death.”

At this moment, I seem to see that Luo Yang led several Baoyue cavalry to rush to Yinlong.

Although I am still war.

Luo Yang lost a big fell, even Sun Tiandao was seriously injured, but a realm gap is like a Tianzhu gang.

No, don’t! I shouted in my heart.

But I can’t help him, I just fell too horrible, there is no short arm and legs, because the road is deep, the body is so strong, but it is impossible to recover over a short time. Now I don’t have some combat efforts at all.

No, you can’t make him sacrifice for me, never.

I thought in the moment I thought in this electro-optical stone.

Don’t do it, don’t.

Flatten on the ground, touch a soul, fetch, put your forehead, and immediately meditate on the silence: 11 pairs to the Yin Cao House.

All kinds of pain, dizziness feel all disappeared, feeling a bit cold, lightly fluttering.

The soul came out.

At this time, the cavalry leader rode the horse, and it has been rushing to Sun Tian Road to ten meters before.

Sun Tiandao’s appetite is deep like water, and the eyes flapful green light, and they are dead.

Five meters!

After the soul, I can’t touch yellow, and the yang and Yang will not be used.

Four meters!

The only thing is only in the hammer.

Three meters!

The sword refers to gently play in the forehead.

Two meters!

The flame in the finger is shot towards Sun Tian Road.

one meter!

The long horse knife in the hand of Luo went a knife.

However, a poke the fire, but it was just in the body of Sun Tian Dao. He jumped like a cat who was stepped on the tail.


The long horse knife cut a knife on his body to break a big mouth, how he can’t get up.

The long horse in the hands of Roop is a ghost.

Like the Skylla.

Sun Tiandao spin his punch in the origin, fell on the ground, and the eyes were unwillingly on the soul. He is not expected to have this trick.

The soul has a long time for the body.

I immediately ran into the flesh, returned to the flesh, the yellow finish fell after the end of the fisherman, and the kind of dizziness and pain have returned to the body, but the situation is not as serious as just fell, there is a bit Successful.

Roop riding in the war, fell to the horse, returned to Sun Tian Dao, and the long horse knife gave his neck.

My hard opening: “Luo will, don’t kill him forever.”

Since Sun Tian Dao is a ghost all the way may know some inside the corpse of Ye Xiaoxiang.

Adjusting breathing, the feeling is not too dizzy, but it is a full body.

Reach out from the pocket, throw it to the sky, the finger is hard, and the yellow is floating to Sun Tiandao, then fall in his forehead with a very strange track.

Luo Yang saw that Sun Tiandao was made by me, and there was a tone.

He turned over to my side and asked: “Adult, you are fine.”

Dizzy eliminates more comfortable.

This is really awkward.

Slowly climbed up and came to Sun Tian Dao. He said: “What is the answer, if you lie to conceal your answer. clear.

Sun Tiankao hurriedly said: “Don’t kill, don’t kill me, I must answer.”

Sun Tiandao is impossible to analyze the planned plan, but some small things should be known.

I asked: “You plan to burn the corpse saint?”

Sun Tian Dao: “I want to burn the corpse of the body, it is the Babu, the Bayu, who wants to sacrifice the sky, hitting the sea, cultivating a ban, I heard that it can break through the three-fragrant yin yang teacher became a day Jun. “

Tianjun! This is limited to the legend, and the live gods are in general.

The book of the blind man has also recorded the records of Sanxiang Tianjun.

But the current focus is not the three-scented monarch, but the Basu people believe that he is now burning Ye Xiaoxiang.

I asked: “When is he planning to burn the corpse?”

Sun Tiandao: “I heard that the corpse is like a sacrifice, you must first try to lift the sacrifice.”

I heard that my eyes suddenly lit, yes, Ye Xiaofei has given me a sacrifice, and the Pakistan people can’t take her to sacrifice.

I immediately understood it. It’s no wonder that the Bayo people will control the bizarre in the sky. The body appears in front of me. It is not only to deceive uncle uncle, but more importantly, I cheated me into Sichuan.

Because I kill me, I killed this sacrifice or there will be, I have to releave the sacrifice.

How to relieve it, this thing is too late, I don’t understand it.

I didn’t understand this question, I didn’t understand it.

I asked: “They intend to relieve the sacrifice.”

Sun Tiandao: “What is the specific thing I don’t know, but I heard that I am related.”

It turns out that their goals are not me, but a small coffin.

But they know that I don’t know that Ye Xiaoxilai gives me a sacrifice to me through a small coffin.

I asked: “What is the related thing?”

Sun Tiandao: “I heard that it is a small coffin.”

My heart is sinking, they actually know! I know that there are only a few people in the small coffin, Lin Dong, blind, white, Zhang Laohan, who reveals it, should be white.

Sun Tian Daowei looked at me: “I know, you will let me.”

My nose is cold and snoring, and I paid on this face full of Maizi’s face, really ugly, and dark, this kind of people live in the world is a scourge, and the finger goes to the yellow finger.

Sun Tiandao was scared to have eyes, and he said: “You promised to kill me.”

I have never promised, just say that he does not tell him immediately, but he didn’t say that he was letting him. From the beginning I got my idea, he said: “You have heard it, death.”

Luo Yang next to him suddenly held a long horse knife and said: “Adult, let him go.”

I can’t understand Yang Luo Yang, Sun Tiandao persecuted them, he actually gave birth to Sun Tiandao, it would really want.

Luo Yang said: “Although Sun Tiandao has been put on the ghost all the way, it is not a big evil, and the sin is not dead.”

I said: “But he has just given you a ghost to burn.”

Luo Yang sighed: “He is just a matter of replacement, even if he is not him, it will be replaced by others.”

I heard the words and sorrowful, half-rang: “Since Luo Hui will give you feelings, I will put you a horse today.”

Sun Tiandao listened to the Mongmian, hurriedly said: “Thank you, thank you very much.”

Stretch to tear off the yellow characters in his heaven.

Sun Tiandao is really hurt. It is already very serious. It will definitely be better for a while.

道: “Send you a sentence, for good, although the blessings are not until, the disaster is far away; if it is evil, the disaster is not until, the blessing is far away. You go.”

Sun Tian Dao gave me a hand and said: “Thank you.” Turned to the dark distal end.

I said: “You let him, he may not let you go.”

Luo Yang sighed: “I know.”

Really very admired, he is not only a warrior, but the broadness of your mind also makes me admire.

Absolutely acting a man.

But he is really too risky. The lonely soul of this piece is inseparable from the border. If Sun Tian Dao retaliates, they can be miserable.

我: “I think the way to move this lonely wild ghost.”

To be honest, this is a big project.

Luo Yang shakes his head: “Adults don’t worry, we already have place?”

Can the ghost solve this problem? It seems that you can’t.

Luo Yang pointed at the distal mountain bag: “Adults saw the mountain bag? We are now now a tomb, this tomb is very large, it is designed according to the royal specification, it may be a fake Huangling may also be the emperor Mausoleum, is full, so that this brother temporarily avoids. “

It turned out to be the case, the grave is originally the lonely soul of the ghost, which is also their luck.

Luo Yang said: “This grave is very strange, I am now awake, and even may be a living.”


I am shocked: “It’s impossible, you can understand it, but if you say something, it is too incredible.”

Luo Yang said: “Adults can have interest to explore the tomb.”

I shook my head, I was really curious in my heart, but it was a matter of just grabbing the bodies of Ye Xiaoxiang.

The mountains under the night, the lonely soul of the ghosts came over, and the body is flourishing, facing the vegetables, and the gods panic are fearful.

Luo Yang gave a lot of people, arrange them into the tomb.

Since the tomb is built according to the royal specification, the environment is inevitably not bad, and it will not be too hard to hide in it.

Luo Yang Qian Wan, let them absolutely can’t come out.

Once the grave is exposed, everyone will be dangerous.

Roop Yang took into me with me to enter the green city.

The book is recorded on the book, and the 阴 兵 is not going to take the ground, but the ground is three feet.


Don’t leave the ground because the 阴 兵 力 力, 把 风 风 风 把 把 风 风 风 把 风 风 风 风 风 因 因 因 因 因 度 度 度 火 因 度 因 度 度 度 因 度 度 度 度 度 度 度Elements.

This is the unique ability of the kettle.


But the large number of large quantities will cause an earthquake, and a few rides like Luo will certainly do not cause any trouble.

Luo Yang now stays too remote, there is a good road from the suburbs of Chengdu. He pulled me to the suburbs, and saw that the vehicle made me.

It took a few minutes on the roadside to stop the taxi.

Taxi is walking in front, and Roop is chasing in the underground.

After a while, I successfully returned to Shangri-La Hotel, and I went out and got a lot of night. It is estimated that Lin Dong and others will worry.

Seeing me back, the three have a long tone.

Lin Dongdao: “We also thought you had an accident.”

I am tired, the whole body scatter, I have fallen in the soft snow white bed, I just fell enough, put my face in the quilt: “Don’t mention it, I haven’t been there.”

Listening to me, they all ask me what happened.

I didn’t talk about Luo Yang, but I told them about the things about the sacrifice.

The blind man: “So, their purpose is to demonstrate.”

The sacrifice is not as good as a kind of yang, but this kind of ceremony is equivalent to the role of yin and Yang, which gives people a mysterious, very holy god, even a little evil taste inside. .

The blind man listened to a slight frown, and he didn’t understand him.

子 沉: “I think their goal may be that Ye Xiaoxilai will give yourself to the thing that is associated with you.” He said is very concealed, Lin Dong is to know small cake, but Lingfeng is just got, The blind man is guarding him.

Although I have a good time, I trusted him soon, I spel my life together, and I can see a person’s character in a dangerous moment.

But the blind man reserves him is normal.

The blind man said: “This thing is now the key, you must keep it.”


Since I know that the small coffin gives me the importance, I have been carrying it, I will receive it in the portable bag.

In addition to Lin Dong, this matter knows others. Including a blind.

Fortunately, I have been carrying the small coffin with you. If it is put it in Lin Dong’s home, I have been shackled.

Lingfeng listened to the blind man to prevent him, standing up and gotting it. He hurt is still not good.

This accommodation arrangement is a house with Lin Dong, and I am with a housing.

Lin Dongdao: “Ling Feng should not have problems, people are very decent.”

The blind man shook his head: “The heart of the anti-human is indispensable.”

Lin Dong also wants to say anything, but I have said that he don’t say it. How is Ling Feng as a person, you can not be credible, you can say it clearly.

At this time, it was suddenly screamnated from the over-wind in the room, and our three Hawran stood up and rushed to the towering room.


Lingfeng did not lock the door, I pushed the door, and the scene in front of my eyes were stunned, but I saw the big small green snake on the floor of the Lingfeng, dozens of green snakes, on the floor A trace of silver bright colors left.

Ling Feng shrilted in bed and has been scared.

There are also a few green snakes in the bed, and the wind does not dare to move, the face is pale, cold sweat is cold.

I saw that these snakes were all poisonous snakes, biting a bit absolutely fatal.

Lin Dongda shocked: “How can there be so many snakes.”

Lingfeng Lin Dong, these people, rarely see the snake, but I often have to deal with the snake, I know that the snake has a different point, the same afraid of fire.

Tongyun is a yellow-nunwife, and then I have passed it.

The aiming is a white quilt, and immediately burn it, I rushed over, and I grabbed the son of the burnt quilt to take the poisonous snake climbed to the upper bed, shout: “Ling Feng arrived behind. “

Lingfeng hurriedly jumped from the bed to my side, withdrawing out the room.

Several poisonous snakes didn’t care about it.

The cotton in my hands was smashed, and I took them all out, and Yu Guang took a little over the window. I was shied. “Who?”

Lin Dong said: “Bad, we are afraid to be in the middle of the tiger!”

When I heard everyone was shocked, I immediately quit the room to close the door.

Run back to my room, but I saw the baggage of the portable bags.

Things have been quite clear, the thieves use the group of snakes to trap the Lingfeng, and when we went to save people, put our luggage, the purpose should be small coffin.

Lin Dong’s angered: “The amount of money is actually used with such a despicable trick.”

It is said: “There is no important thing in your luggage.” I am equal to telling them that the small arms is not stolen.

The family is all in the bag, the bag is equal to my weapon, but if there is danger, my first action is to take the bag, so long, it has become a nerve reflection.

Lin Dong called the manager’s manager, very popular.

Reopen the door to open the wind, most of the poisonous snakes have been retired, but they have been burned a few, and the manager saw the body of the snake is also shocked, he keeps the apology, apologizing is also strange Over the past, there is no different things in them.

Shangri-La is a five-star hotel in Chengdu. This level of hotel will look higher than everything, and rearrange the room with Lingbao with Lingfeng.

But things have lost, and the hotel recommends alarm.

If the police involve the investigation, it can be troublesome, we can’t consume, will go in the morning.

The thief is rushing to us, and it is not possible to repay the hotel.

On the evening, I slept very shallow, very alert, but I’m going to have no things, but I was bright in the sky, I went to sleep.

I was awakened when I woke up, I went to the counter downstairs, and the grandparents of Zhong Jiazun have taken place.

It is interested to avoid us.

This is also in our expectations, immediately we will stop a taxi, saying that the chartered cars go to Qingcheng Mountain, the driver will hear the praise, big customers.

The blind man took out the blood of Zhong Xiaohui. I told Ling Feng as a look at it, Lin Dong pointed to his nose: “Is it me?”

It is also his last time.

Lin Dong helplessly extended his fingers, the scorpion smashed his fingers, Lin Dong was screaming, and the blind man put the blood of Zhong Xiaohui on his finger, and his blood is integrated, and there is a word. Then I took a small glass, turned back to a yellow meal, burned it inside, suddenly took the glass to his mouth, Lin Dong disgusting, the mouth has been sealed by the glass. The smoke was sucked in.

After sucking into the smoke, his whole person was awkward.

The blind is inserted into his mouth in the mouth.

Lin Dong seems to be in the mouth of the neck with the neck, thirty degrees to the right, and then go forward.

I will see the big happiness, and I’m afraid, explaining the ancestors of the clock in our ten miles.

The blind man said: “Hold him to get on the bus, catch it.”

The taxi driver saw this blunt, his mouth is unable to get a half-day, what is the feudal superstition, he feels that he does not encounter a nerve disease, but he doesn’t refuse to put it on the money of the money.

Hug Lin Dong took the bus and took a look at him, his fragrance was biased, I will let the driver turn there.

This is also the old driver, the road is very familiar, and it is also rushing.

I shook the window, and I took out the three fragrance to ignite, and I said softly, I worship three worship.

The sword refers to clamping the fragrant head, flip one, and the fragrant shaft of the three fragrances will be taken down, and the wrist is flying out, the precision card is in the roadside wall. The fragrant head is still rising Mars, floating out of the fragrance.

At this time, the infiction in Lin Dong’s mouth was pulled, and it was biased toward the left.

The driver opposite my opposite: “Turn the left.”

This time, the fragrance used is the fragrance, there is no other special role, which is the high density of the fragrance, slow burning, and can’t burn overnight.

This gives us enough time to catch up with the grandparents.

There are more than 60 miles to Qingcheng Mountain, not far. More than one hour from Xichuan to Baotou, more than two hours.

The driver in front of the front: “You, are you coming to travel?”

Sitting on the front row and replied: “Yes.”

When the driver’s big brother, I looked at Lin Dong through the post-viewing mirror. Lin Dong closed his eyes, it’s awkward, there was a fragrant in the mouth, it was very strange, he said: “There are very many people in Qingcheng Mountain in the past few days.”

He is talking about people.

The driver suddenly took a look: “It is some strange people.”

He said should be Yinyang.

The ghosts convened the group of people outside, and they must have a big move in the Ghost Festival. The nine-year yin and Yang division must send people to Qingcheng Mountain.

The big ghost festival on the three broken days is just a big day, and there is no more explanation.

Last night I asked the blind man, and the ghosts of the three days were difficult to meet.

He said that the last appearance was at 148 years ago, and the nine-day Yinyang Family pays a painful price in order to cope with the ghost Japan, countless deaths.

Not long after the peace of mind, the smoke in China has burst, and the smoke of China’s land is killed. It is a very fierce day.

I was so tongue it.

The blind man said that it is a great trip to human beings, the trillome of the fierce, but it is the day of the ghost. At that time, the yang is inadequate, the yin, Sheng, trapped in the dead, the soul of the soul, can wander around. It will be the same as the tiger, when you are a big magic.

It sounds like a chaotic world.

The blind man said, so the nine-year Yinyang Family wants to control his jurisdiction.

He said here, I think of a large blank jurisdiction because of the wake of Mao’s home, when the South does not know what will happen.

But I am worried that it is excessive, and this year will have a vacant site.

The blind man said that some small families have taken up some retailings, and they will take the corresponding responsibility.

When it comes to this, the voice of the blind is somewhat oxide, and the tone is tone.

And I also thought about it, if I really spend this kind of robbery, I am trying to restore the door of Maojia.

Most of my yin and yang people have learned from the books he gave me, and the blind man also passed Mao’s home to the gods, and also claimed to be Maojia. disciple.

Everyone is already very clear, just like a pair of lovers like each other, just waiting to smash the layer of paper.

The scorpion will not open this mouth first, then there is no face.

The reason is made by me. However, I am poisonous, see if I can spend this robbery.

The driver of the front row suddenly said: “Luxury cars, extended Rolls Royce.”

I can’t help but take a black, there is a black extended car, luxurious atmosphere outside the window. Persons on the side of the roadside have cast a stunning gaze.

Good draft! who is it?

Rolls Royce opened to the taxi, the other party shook the window, I saw the Qing people, I ate slightly, it was Ye Er.

His eyes are cold, full of hostility.

Ye Errien is coming!

According to the previous situation, Ye Ye is almost in the late stage, after borrowing ghost and baby, can go to the second fragrance, although I progress is fast but I am a realm.

What did he come to Qingcheng Mountain? Is it also for the bodies of Ye Xiaoxi! ?

Ye Errien recovered his eyes, and then rely on the sofa. I immediately saw someone sitting next to him. The heart suddenly jumped. It is him, it is no wonder that the original Ye’s family is in person. .

This old man is in the provincial city, there have been a leafy house owner, a real one.

Looking at the window slowly, I seem to return to the day, I, the blind man also has a situation outside the door of Yefeng, or is so high on a pair.

I have a blind man: “It’s the car of Ye’s home, and a leaf is also coming.”

The blind man is also a shock, and the right hand holds into a fist.

I am from the language: “It’s not a white leaf.”


The blind man is very sure, “It is impossible, Ye Wenqiang and Ye Xiaoxiang although the house is coming out of the house, you don’t forget, they are still surnamed, Ye Xiaoxiao from the blood said or burn her granddaughter. The bodies are sacrificial, how will you do? “

I loud at my eyes: “It’s hard, a leaf will find Baudao people as a normal person?”

The blind man: “This is just a saying, the corpse saint is so scarce, and a leaf is afraid not to do not want.”

My eyes have sprinkled: “You said, he will grab the small corpse, but the purpose, just let himself.”

The blind man didn’t answer me, but it was very clear that it had expressed.

This possibility is really big!

It’s true that this is still a person?

The blind man suddenly said: “Things are more complicated than the imagination, I feel strange in the passenger queen, I will be strange, this kind of recruiting eye is jealous, no one is secretly touched, but also from Have you heard of the big flag? Burning the body? “

The front of the Rolls Royce did not see the trace.

After a while, after a while, the smooth arrived in Qingcheng Mountain, and we took the car.

It is very busy at the foot of the mountain, all tourists.

Holding the Lin Dong got off the bus, the people around suddenly got a strange eyes, some are too small to avoid it.

Lin Dong, this situation is really very strange, mainly closed, I want to reach out his eyes, blindly stop, I want him to blink, may never wake up.

Nothing, I can only endure the weird eyes around the visitors.

Lin Dong was taken back by fragrance and entered the jungle of the mountain, and then climbed.

Although the government vigorously developed Qingchengshan tourist attractions, it is only a big way to Qingcheng Mountain. It is only a steward of the iceberg, climbing a mountain road, turning to a stone step.

Slowly enter the deep mountain, the quietness is changing.

The sound of the hustle and bustle is not passed.

Lin Dong was taken forward by fragrant, turned into a valley, and suddenly said: “Some people fight in front.”

Because of his eyes, the ear is more sensitive than the average person, never wrong.

We said: “We have seen it in the past.”

Quickly pass through the valley, when you rush out, the wind blows in the wind in the wind, the pungent bloody flavor, the front of the road is lying on the crude body.

In the past, there are two men fighting in a special fight.

These two people should be Yin Yang, holding a ghost, the trees on both sides, a large piece, a wolf borrowed.

I have someone to know, it is a monk, I have seen him in Xiaoshan Airport, he still wants to chase me, call Zhang Jiafo.

I saw his mouth, the Buddha, the beads in his hand, the six evil spirits came out from a black-shaped tennis, and he said: “The corpse saints are our Zhangjia. No one can grab. “

I listened to it, they actually gave a small corpse of the leaves.

His opponent said: “Fart, you will be a few old.”

Zhang Jiafo is angry: “Looking for death.”


The two rushed together, and the fluster and dim, rushed into the woods.

I have ran it over. When I came to the wood opening, I came out of the fierce wind and screaming. I almost stopped being blown away by the wind, and I had a second second, and the hard wind scattered.

We rushed into the woods, and only the person was dead, and Zhang Jiao climbed in the mother of the blood, and said: “The corpse saint said:” The corpse saint is my family. “

I can’t help but look at the woman, I can’t help but get big.

Seeing the instant of the female corpse, the whole person is excited, and Ye Xiaoxiao is really Ye Xiaoxiang, and the color of the Qingli is the same as her soul.

Just because the relationship between the body is pale as gray on the wall, she is undoubtedly.

But it is very strange, the exciting mood is just instantaneous, and suddenly it fade.

No, this feeling is wrong!

I remember that I saw Xiaoqing in Xichuan that day, my heartbeat is very fast, my emotions are almost out of control, and the first look is clear, there is a feeling of familiarity and strange.

But in the face of this female body, there is no feeling.

Complete unfamiliar!

Although she is a bright face with Ye Xiaoqing, I intuken tells me that this is not a small body of Ye Xiaoxi.

But I still can’t help but confirm that when I am preparing to have, Zhang Jiao shouted: “What do you do, the corpse is my Zhang family, no one wants to take it.”

His face is covered with blood, his eyes are red, and the fierce looks at me, and the whole person is magical.

Don’t you do so for the saint of the corpse?

At this time, the sound of intensive Sha sand sand came from outside the woods, and there were many people.

Since this is a fake body of Ye Ye, I still don’t boost this water.

The woods rushed in the woods, for a middle-aged person, the eyes passed in us, soon fell on the false body of Ye Xiaoxi, the fake body wearing a big red dress is too good, his eyes suddenly A bright.

I wanted to grab it when I rushed over.

Zhang Jiafu’s red eyes, it was angered, but he was flying out by the anger of the incident, and the heavy hit on the tree and fell. He said it was difficult to say: “The corpse saint is my Zhang family. No one can take it. “

The man smiled and said: “Zhang Jia Buddha? Shocked, uncomfortable.”

This is fair, or the Zhangjia Buddha is suffering from the human war, he may not win.

However, this is the world of Cheng Wang defeated.

Win what you can say.

Zhang Jiafo’s hand died grabbed the grass on the grass, and even climbed to the corpse, emitted a terrible fierce light.

The man pulled out a dagger, grabbed the neck of Zhangjia Buddha, and cut his throat.

Zhang Jiafo has no power, but I still have to hurt killer, too poisonous, I have a voice: “Friends, people are like this, let him take him, the corpse is taken away.”

The man turned and asked us, “” Who are you? “

I said: “Road passing.”

His eyes are sharp, just like an eagle’s eyeball, saying: “I am not killing him?”

I said: “I will save him.”

He watched me deeply, turned around: “Move the body.” Flying out of his accomplices and got out of the woods.

Lingfeng is very unfolbened: “How can you take away the corpse, this time, do you want to find the body of Ye Xiaoxi?”

The blind man said: “The corpse saints are so important, how can I fall into a few men?”

Although the blind eyes are ignorant, the heart is translucent.

I looked at Zhangjia Buddha and said: “Let’s go.”

Going out of the woods, the road is lying on the road, it seems to have a bit more familiar, and then ran the past, it is the seven or eight people who just grabbed the corpse in the woods, all died, and that officer But I don’t know it.

These people should be poisoned and die, no wonder they have not heard the fight.

At this time, the scorpion waited for it, and the wind wrinkled. “All died ?!”

I am sighed, and things are more complicated than I imagined. These people don’t want to live, crazy, simply.

The blind man said: “You may be true yesterday?”

我: “Mr. is a guide to Tianjun?” Sun Tiandao said that after the sacrifices of the corpse, he could travel to the sea and cultivation of navigation.

I nodded, he said: “You should have heard of a boxing of 10,000 punches. If the person is defeated, people have seen the depth, and the trouble must be followed. The family will definitely be People are light, they are squeezed, the days will not pass, so the words of the nine yin yin are never handed, but if there is a person who is far away, what do you say? “

It is said: “It must break this balance, a unique, slowly eaten other families.”

It is no wonder that these people are lifting to the corpse saints.

This is a message that is bad to be bad for me.

If it is just Ba Guao, I also expect that Luo Yang found Ye Shu, there is Ye Shu, and there is a bit of grasp, but now, even a leaf, the old monster of Zhong Laozu came out, how to deal? !


I said: “No matter what, I said to the old nest of Babao people.”

Follow Lin Dong’s guidelines, we re-step.

The more you go, the more and more reverse, this is coming out, we are prepared, bring your own friends and dry food, even if you stay in the mountains for three or four days.


A bird sounded in the sky, looking up, a black eagle flying.

Ling Feng said: “How can I have an eagle here, and it looks not small.”

I am also wondering in my heart. Now the ecological destruction is serious. It basically can’t see a big bird in the city. It is difficult to see it in the mountains, let alone a big black eagle.

The blind man asked: “It should be people who are raised, although the Northeast Chu family is not the nine big yin yang family, but this family is also doing this line, and is good at raising birds.”

! It is another sound.

The eagle low dish is around the valley, and the sun is all blocked, this is a giant eagle, the wings are probabulous to have three or four meters.

The blind man said: “I didn’t expect that Chu family came to join in the fun.”

I said: “Is this Chu family very powerful?”

The blind man said: “Chu’s family is called Chi Chi knife. It is a big figure. It is very good to eat black and white, and it is very good to be a business, it is a famous rich.”

The eagle called again, the voice is too long.

I said: “What do he want to express?”

The blind man said: “It is screaming, the Chu family may be with people.”

At this time, the eagle went forward.

I said: “It flew away.”

The blind man said: “Fast, look at it.”

The Eagle flew in Tianshan, we ran in the mountains, not long, heard the sound of the fight in front, a woman was besieged by two men, supported hard.

The three people are the bare-handed hands of the boy, and they see that there are no ghosts and blessings. I only know that there is no way to bother, at least, I can’t get it.

The reason why Zhong Xiaohui can bother ghosts in the early stage, because the ghost is a variety of ghosts, unusual.

These three should be just a perception.

I shouted: “Two men deal with a woman, but also don’t want to face.”

I have rushed over the past, and the hero saved this kind of thing. It is a man who loves to do it. Lingfeng a flying leg joined the war circle, intercepting one of them, and I booked another person. .

He angered: “Looking for death.” When a side leg kicked over.

I suddenly kicked a foot of his foot, stepped on his feet and splamed it out, and a half-rotating foot was in his face. His whole person flew out.


This person’s strength is also the level of Ye Bin.

We said: “We have seen it in the past.”

He took the ground before landing, he brought to rebound, did not let himself fell on the ground, see this, I don’t wait for him to land, a pre-rush, far more than him, his feet have not fallenOn the ground, the chest has been in my feet, people flew out, this time I fell on the ground, rolling the two or three circles.

A realm gap, nearly 20 years of road, the gap is not a little bit.

Lingfeng is still fighting with that person, Lingfeng should be a fragrance, sucking a lot of real spirit has risen a lot, but it fails to break through the middle stage, although there is no crushing opponent, but steadyIt is only a time problem that occupies the wind and defeat the opponent.

I can’t worry, turn around to the woman, I have been surprised, she is also in my opinion, the unfained pretty face revealed that the color is very surprised, and we have called almost at the same time: “is you!””