Teachers come together with the children to do things together

Teachers come together with the children to do things together

Collection design sharing: Did you buy shoes, shoe boxes always throw away as waste products?

So, can shoe boxes be used?


Take a look at this article and do something with Vic …

Shoe box garage

This shoe box garage is built for your toy car. The design is cleverly used in the design. This is really a good idea. Make a garage for your little car!

Shoe Box Banjo (Ban Zhuoqin)

Do you want to create a musical instrument yourself? It is unique to make it!

Shoe Box Puppet House

Your toy means that it also wants a small nest, a place for it to rest, and a small house that belongs to it. Otherwise, it will be very unhappy. Go and help your doll to build a good house!

Shoe box dessert shop

Dessert is so delicious, just open a dessert shop at home. There is a dessert shop at home, don’t be greedy!

Shoe Box Highland

This is a good home decoration. Not only can the room be decorated, but also the ability to exercise. Why not? You don’t have to play your own creativity like a picture.

Shoe box school bus

When you take the school bus every day, have you ever thought about controlling the school bus? The body is a shoe box, the wheel is a paper tube, and feel the fun of driving!

Shoe box garden

The fragrant flowers, fresh and natural air, everything in the garden is always very comfortable. Try to make a shoe box garden. In this garden, you can create plants and animals yourself, you can arrange layout and arrangement by yourself, you are a creator!

Light theater

Have you thought about designing a scene for your story? Do you want to interpret the plane story with a three -dimensional animation effect?

Let’s make a small theater together!

Let’s prepare the required materials first ~

-On a shoe box

-In a hard cardboard, A3 size

-1 piece of white copy paper

-2 pieces of A4 size pale blue paper

-5 or 6 wooden sticks

-1 LED small string lamp

-Puels of colorful wooden beads

Then there are tools to be used.

– ruler

-The craft knife

-Cutting pad

-Che children’s scissors

– colour pencil

– pencil

– Scotch tape

-Solithic glue

-Chide stick

Make a box at the bottom of the shoe box and cut it down. This is a stand for the theater. Draw 3-4 lines on the outside of a long side of the shoe box, cut out the slot with a craft knife, and the size of the groove should ensure that the wooden stick can be passed through.

2. Like the first step, draw a line on a small cardboard and cut out the groove. The size of the cardboard is based on the carton. Then cut two small pieces and bond with the cardboard to play a supporting role. The interior design of the kindergarten makes the cardboard and the bottom have a certain space.

Refer to the following effects after the specific completion:

3. Blind cardboard and shoe box. In addition, the wooden stick passes through the two paper layers. The bottom is sealed with ballpoints to facilitate the fixed effect at the bottom when sliding.

4. Let’s arrange a small stage! I use blue and white paper to create a theme about the Arctic. White paper is the snow part, dark blue is seawater.

You can divide the cardboard a few pieces and place it from a distance. You can tear different shapes on the cardboard, and some ice layers.

5. Now you can make your protagonist appear, draw a few penguins and whales, and of course you can print it. Draw the color and cut it, then stick to the wooden stick.

6. Use a wooden stick to get a few holes on the back of the scene to fix the LED light and leave the line of the lights on the back.

Teachers come together with their children to do things. This article link: http://www.gacedesign.com/newsmore-9-1747.html

Teachers come together with the children to do things together

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