Scientific mini -game that can be played at home (5): Balloon Rocket

Children’s science experiment

▲ Artificial intelligence learning

Together we will

“Play” with the baby,

Stimulate children’s curiosity

In the past two days, the relevant information of the space station on the mobile phone collectively brushed the screen of our country’s cosmic space station just passed through China. It has to lament that China has really risen and the development of science and technology is really fast!

So for the development of Chinese aerospace technology and stimulate children’s interest in aerospace technology, can we do those things?

You can watch the video of the Shenzhou spacecraft with your children. We can talk about the development of Chinese aerospace with the children. You can tell the child’s great story of Qian Xuesen, the father of Chinese “Aerospace”. Take a look and learn more about Qian Xuesen’s growth experience. I also hope to inspire and inspire their children to educate their children.

Among them, the most impressive thing is that the biographies mention

Qian Father (Qian Jiazhi) has never been hardly instilled in his son’s mind. On the contrary, he likes to stimulate his son’s curiosity and encourage Qian Xuesen to pursue his hobbies.

This is very worthy of each of our parents. We want to cultivate children. We can find clues, learn, and practice in these great scientists’ growth experience.

Not to mention that we can cultivate their own baby into scientists, because this has the influence of genes after all, but we can find more correct family education methods, whether it can reduce some wrong education methods and increase the probability of children’s talents.

Therefore, I also set up a small flag to practice seriously, and do a good job of playing the public account of the artificial intelligence with the baby to the artificial intelligence.

I hope that through “playing” with a baby, playing scientific experiments with the baby, playing artificial intelligence, creating opportunities for children, so that they can play happily and help children find their passion in playing.

Learn from Qianfu, do not rigidly interfere with the baby, play with the child, stimulate the child’s curiosity, and play the child’s personality and innovation.

If you are also a treasure father, you are also interested in this, welcome us to learn and communicate together, and practice together.

This is far away, back to the topic, the recent Shenzhou 13 spacecraft launched, our space station transit, aerospace technology has made progress, how to do aerospace technology enlightenment with baby, play scientific mini -games and experiments related to “aerospace” Intersection

Yes, what I think of is the “balloon rocket” that I want to share with you today!

Game preparation:

1. Several long ball balloons are purchased online, and there will be a ball tube.


Use the pilot to guess the long balloon, and keep it full, but don’t explode. I have exploded several in the process of playing with the baby in the autumn. The balloon burst without stopping the car.

△ Balloon Rocket

After the balloon was played, we squeezed the ball of the balloon with our hands and placed the balloon vertically. After the earth was vertically stable, let the child learn the countdown rocket launch. Rocket launch, countdown, 5,4,3,2,1, launch!

This baby is full of participation, and I am happy! You have to try to cheer and launch.

And after the launch of this balloon rocket, the process of flying on the Internet is also accompanied by screaming. It will turn around when hitting the ceiling in the room, which attracts the children and play very happy.

The joy of playing with the baby, I asked the baby, do you know why this balloon rocket will fly by himself?

The baby said, I don’t know.


At this time, it was time for the old father to make a scientific enlightenment. I asked the baby. The balloon was originally flat and could not fly. What can we fly up after we do?

Baby said, cheer up.

Yes, the balloon flies because of what is there?


Awesome! you are right!

So why can air fly balloons?

That’s because when we let go, the air in the balloon rushed out of the balloon, and the balloon would rise up by a backbone force, so we rushed up, that is, the balloon we saw flying up.

Baby, think about it, oh oh oh, it turned out to be like this.

I don’t know if the baby can understand it, but I think it is normal to not understand at this stage.

As long as you can play with the baby, let the baby observe the phenomenon first, and you will always be impressed and think about it.

After going to school in the future, I will learn these abstract theories. I can think of the phenomenon of balloons rocket games that my father brought her to play, so as to better understand those abstract physical knowledge, it is easier to learn, it is enough.

If you are also a child’s father, mother, I hope you can also read some biography of scientists, find clues about the growth of scientists’ family, play with the children, encourage the children’s curiosity, and think about stimulating the child’s child. Ask for knowledge and strive to practice through our practice, we can all change “children to learn” as “children I want to learn”.

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Let’s take the baby to “play” together to help the baby find out their passion in playing!

It is a fate to meet in the vast sea of ​​people. I am Qi Dad. I hope to use scientific games, artificial intelligence learning and parent -child reading to accompany children to grow, and cultivate children’s interest and way of thinking about science.

Parenting to cultivate ourselves first, and on the way to our parents, we work together and grow together.

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