Can’t you wear thick -bottomed high -top canvas shoes? Take a look at Shi Shi and Song Yanxuan, so that with age reduction and advanced

Canvas shoes can be said to be a shoe with a strong youth. The 20 -year -old girl is just in line with it. A 30 -year -old woman can wear the effect of age reduction and it looks younger. Choosing a pair of suitable thick -bottomed high -top canvas shoes can not only have an increased effect in virtual, but not even rigid. Today, let’s take a look at what the high -end canvas shoes should be selected and how to match it.


1. Do not choose

When we choose thick -sole high -top canvas shoes, do not choose this thick sole and the upper connection is straight up and down, so that the thick soles will look more bulky and rigid. In addition, the toe is particularly round, which is almost semi -shape, similar to the effect of loose cake shoes, which has reduced the whole person’s dress. And it won’t be particularly comfortable when walking, as if walking on stilts, running is easy to stir up. If you put it on, it will make others pay more attention to your shoes, which is embarrassing.


2. Suggestion selection:

The shape of the shoe connected to the upper and the upper is recommended to choose. This style can be said to be a thick -soled high -top canvas shoes designed by combining the soles of the sports shoe with the canvas upper above. The design with a radian can add a sense of lines to the whole. It seems that the whole shoes are more agile. Of course, the sneakers are also very comfortable to wear. No wonder Shi Shi and Song Yanxuan like to wear it. Let’s take a look at how to match it.

3. How to match thick -bottomed high -top canvas shoes?


Straight pants+thick bottom high -top canvas shoes

Straight pants have the effect of modifying the leg shape, even if girls who are not straight on their legs can look thin and straight, which is why women groups always like to wear straight pants. When wearing a long straight trousers with thick -bottomed high -top canvas shoes, the easiest way is to hide the high gangs of canvas shoes into the legs of the trousers. It will not affect the proportion of the legs and make the overall look more neat and generous.

If we don’t like girls who wear this way, we can also pull up the straight trousers with a few laps. It should be noted that we must choose a simple style canvas shoes. Not clear. Don’t think that canvas shoes can only be worn when you go out and go shopping, but in fact, you can wear it to go to work in another way. For example, Shi Shi wore a suit jacket with a formal sense. The canvas shoes can add a sense of leisure to the suit jacket. At the same time, the suit jacket also brings a little formal sense. You can live at work.


Riding pants+thick bottom high -top canvas shoes

Riding pants were originally a pants worn by athletes, and the design of non -marks was very comfortable to wear. Now it is a good choice for us to travel in summer. Riding pants are mainly black, and it may be a little old to wear in summer. At this time, as long as we have a pair of youthful canvas shoes, we can make your overall dress look young. And like shorts with high -grade canvas shoes, you can wear your legs to lined the slender and slender.

Sports pants+thick bottom high -top canvas shoes

Sports pants are loose and comfortable to wear, which is more suitable for girls who are usually pursuing comfort and love for sports. They use sports pants with sports shoes. I feel too sports. At this time, we can take these canvas and sports shoes. The combined designed canvas shoes are matched. The canvas bring a sense of leisure to the whole, and the sports sole is just in line with the style of sports pants to make the whole look more trendy and fashionable.

Choose a sports pants with a stacker with canvas shoes. The trousers can be stuck on the canvas upper to make it stacked together to make the whole look more layered. At the same time, we focus on our attention on canvas shoes The position of the pants shows our unique personality.


Split pants+thick bottom high -top canvas shoes

The split pants are fashionable and sexy. Choose a splitted pants with canvas shoes. It can expose the ankle skin and complete canvas shoes between walking, making the overall shape look particularly high -level. Song Yanyi uses split pants to match canvas shoes. The loose and open split pants feet are visually contrasting visually from the bottom to top to the top. Girls can also wear it with confidence.


Workpiries+thick -soled high -top canvas shoes

The loose trousers of the work pants can cover the lines and fat of our legs. It can be said that the lean effect of the legs is invincible. Girls with imperfect legs can choose boldly. The most representative of work pants is the big pockets on the pants, which looks exaggerated, personality and fashionable.

The workpieces are often matched with Martin boots. The strong motorcycle wind comes, and it can also show our neutral charm. It is too hot to wear Martin boots in the summer. We can use canvas shoes instead. The use of work pants and canvas shoes is full of street trends. This matching method is more easily accepted by most people.


I will introduce to you about the thick bottom and high -top canvas shoes. I wonder if you will choose? According to the above matching method, it can easily make your overall dressing and age.

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