Chinese old fan -shaped bells are durable, Chinese style decoration is more matched

In today’s clocks decorated in home, hanging clocks are more common. The shape and design of the hanging clock are also ever -changing and different styles. Today, I will introduce the Chinese old fan -shaped clocks that we are familiar with. Let ’s take a look at the display of Chinese old fan -shaped hanging clock styles. Friends with Chinese plots should not miss it!


This old -fashioned Chinese fan -shaped clock with a very creative shape is made of acrylic material. The overall shape is like a open fan. Black is the background, which better highlights the moment when the white refers to, and the red fonts on both sides are embellished with the Chinese style. The tassel below below is more beautiful and beautiful.

This is a Chinese -popular fan -shaped clock style. The hanging clock is made of metal. The dial is drawn with a drawing aluminum plate as the hanging clock base. The hollow flowers and birds are carved around, and the entire fan -shaped clock is exquisite and beautiful. The pendant at the fan hand brings a hint of pendant beauty, and the exquisite floral carving adds a romantic atmosphere.

This Chinese -style old fan -shaped clock is consistent with the overall home improvement style and has a strong Chinese style. The hanging clock uses a strong Chinese culture, and a “blessing” contains a beautiful meaning. The dark material is more calm and atmospheric. The entire bell is made of high -end material and hand -made. The pendulum design below is simple but unique.

This is a traditional style of creative fashion and Chinese old fan -shaped clock with a traditional style. The overall shape is different, bland and elegant, simple and noble. Crimson with red, the overall is full of mysterious oriental charm! The whole clock is like a delicate wooden fan, showing exquisite and beautiful beauty.


This old fan -shaped clock with classical Chinese charm, a white -word dial with black background, and the clockwise at the luminous, can clearly know the moment during the day or night. The hollow design on both sides and edges of the hanging clock shows the beauty of the reality and reality of Chinese design. The embellishment of Chinese blessings makes it more rich in classical characteristics.

A hanging clock not only lets us know the time, but also the appearance of its various appearances, but also adds a unique scenery to the home.