It is recommended that people prepare a pair of “woolen pants” in middle age, fashionable, warm and comfortable.

For most women, youth is particularly short. When he is young, he always pursues something external. The surface is bright and beautiful. Although it is satisfied, he always feels empty and not fulfilled.

After entering middle age, we will find out how important cultivation and temperament are. To improve our temperament, we must first change from the aspect of dressing. It is important to choose a texture. Pants, this kind of pants are not only fashionable and warm, but also particularly good.

1. Passion with a suit

• Brown suit+khaki color woolen pants


The pants of the woolen fabric are comfortable and soft, and the experience of the upper body is also better. It is used to match the loose version of the suit jacket. It belongs to the type that is not picky at all. Good tolerance, with a fresh and gentle camel scarf, has a sense of atmosphere.

• Dark gray suit+black woolen pants

In the stylish and capable workplace style style, you can choose a loose and tailored item to create it. For example, the dark suit jacket and dark woolen pants. It is in line with the personality of mature women, and it will not highlight the old spirit and dullness.


• Bean green suit+khaki color wool pants

Most middle -aged women have a mature and stable charm that has been precipitated in the years. The simple and simple light -colored matching can show this personality to the greatest extent.

Second, match coat

• khaki coat+light coffee color wool pants

Both khaki and light coffee colors belong to the earth color system. At the same time, this light -colored shape will give people a natural and comfortable gentleness, and it is also completely discerning for the figure.

• khaki coat+white woolen pants


For most mature women, most of the styling in autumn and winter pursues lazy and casual style, which will show a natural gentleness. Use a wide khaki coat with the same loose white hair trousers, leisure atmosphere At the same time, it also has the effect of showing long legs.

• Rice white coat+rice white woolen pants

Many older women are facing the troubles of getting fat. At this time, the loose style of woolen pants and woolen coats are the best partners. The two products internal and external products have formed a certain relaxation. The road came with aura.

• White coat+yellow wool pants

This simple white woolen coat with the same loose yellow woolen woolen wide -leg pants effectively modified the leg shape. At the same time, the method of high -waisted high waistline was not bloated and buried.


Third, match sweater

• khaki knitted vest+brown wool pants pants

In the collocation of autumn and winter, knitted vests have always been the basic style items that mature women often use. Khaki knitted vests with tight tight -necked sweaters, which are specially slender to modify their arms. Pants, capable and personalized.


• Khaki sweater+gray woolen pants


For middle -aged women, the warmth and comfort of wearing in winter is the most important. Choosing this simple and durable knitted sweater is casual and gentle. Effect, put on

It is particularly young.

In the matching of sweaters and wool pants, in order to make the shape more personalized, you can also choose a woolen trousers with a sense of design, such as this gray woolen pants with pants and splitting. Similar to wide -leg pants, they all cover some upper, thereby achieving the effect of showing long legs.


Fourth, match a short jacket


• Brown jacket+white woolen pants

Dark brown with refreshing and simple white, which is a more classic bright and dark color match. At the same time, the upper and lower body is two very textured items. It has a strong warmth effect, and at the same time has a sense of autumn and winter atmosphere.

Mao woolen pants and different styles of coats are relatively rich in style, which can meet the needs of most middle -aged women. If you also feel practical, try it.


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