Columbia Colombia’s new Facet series mountaineering shoes is to adventure

Every day, I take the same trajectory to get off work, eat the same breakfast, and buy coffee in the same supermarket. Real life is like solidifying, restricting people’s imagination of more possible. People, you absolutely need to leave the daily life trapped by trivial matters in a timely manner. Traveling is just a action, and adventure is an attitude. The most important thing is whether you have the courage and ability to face challenges.


What is the adventure for you? Let’s look at the users wearing Columbia Colombia Facet climbing shoes series, what answers they choose.

The process of considering self -adventure, working hard to work hard, has accumulated the ability and courage to solve problems.

Wearing Columbia Colombia Facet walked on the slippery ladder 30 degrees and stabilized. It is recommended to tie up when going down the mountain. It is recommended to wear thick socks, which will be better.


Putting on Columbia Colombia Facet 30 degrees like stepping on a slightly hard and thick cushion, it will not feel rugged road conditions, and it is very comfortable to walk mountain roads.

Wearing Columbia Colombia Facet hiking shoes series walking 30 degrees on the stagnant water, some slippery trails. When I went down the mountain, I made the shoelace tighter. A very thick cushion will not feel any rugged or protruding objects on the ground at all. It is comfortable to walk the mountain road. The upper is breathable and comfortable. The waterproof power is really strong, and the socks are completely wet.

There will be several T-Shirts when hiking hiking, because I can sweat very well, and the vest of the big pocket is necessary, and I can pretend to be used at any time.

When you go outdoors, you will definitely encounter various situations. Every time you learn new things, you will also remember a happy memory.

Columbia Colombia Facet hiking shoes are very light and stable. You do n’t have to worry about falling when it rains.


After staying in the city for a long time, I want to go out. Every week, I go to camping to climb the mountain. The vest with a big pocket with a big pocket is necessary.


The Columbia Colombia Facet climbing shoes are 30 degrees light and waterproof. They are not afraid of dirty, leaflet -shaped outsole, relatively wide, standing and walking very stable. Don’t worry about turning on the feet when you listen to music swing.


Black and military green are very good, pattern socks have the finishing touch.

Running adventure is a change in mood. It is like a restaurant that has not been eaten at noon to find a restaurant that has not been eaten at noon, and the forests that have never been visited. It is adventure for me.


No matter what kind of departure, the ideal out of the same way is to walk together with people who can share it together, so that the foot of this trip naturally specially specializes in the arrangement of the route itself, but also the time spent on it.


No matter which direction, you can realize what kind of scenery you encounter.

Columbia Colombia Facet’s 15 -degree foot feels light and soft, and the special three -way cutting midsole has both buffer and support. The calculated jagged -shaped soles are strong enough to cope with various mountains and terrain.

Columbia Colombia Facet is very light and soft at 15 degrees, and unexpectedly has a good experience in comfort. When entering the mountain forest, it will actually have a certain intensity for the midsole and the outsole. The path may be a bit of a choice in comfort, but Columbia Colombia Facet 15 degrees special midsole diamond shape, allowing the midsole to expand naturally, and use more ground area to make the midsole and support the needs of the forest road; The effect of anti -waterproof still maintains a good breathability, which can meet the needs of nearly suburban routes and urban leisure at the same time.


The styling and color matching echo the pair of Columbia Colombia Facet 15 degrees on the feet, and can also cope with the needs of near the suburbs and cities at the same time.