“Infringement” wall -mounted arrow design necklace/key hook

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Fan sellers in the public account avoid the problem of infringement when choosing products. They specifically collect the infringing products I usually collect. I hope that everyone can step on the pits and earn more money in the new year!

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The text is as follows:


The product shared today is a “wall -mounted arrow design necklace/key link” in the MyGift brand store. It can be nailed to the wall of the dressing table to hang the necklace head jewelry. Come to nail in kitchen supplies such as spatula in the kitchen, and use a lot of use.

Although the product is simple, the foreigner is too concerned about the protection of intellectual property.

Patent patent number: D941,128

Patent product name: Arrow Necklace Hanging Rack

Patent effective time: JAN.18, 2022

Patent company: MyGift Enterprise, LLC

The patented design picture is as follows:

Home products are large categories and there are a large number of products. If everyone finds that the store is exactly the American seller, it must be cautious. It is best to investigate whether it is infringement.

In addition, if you have a good product you design, it is best to apply for patents to protect!