The best -selling and easy -to -use domestic toner? China’s top ten strengths are easy to use tonic water rankings

Domestic toner brands are gradually increasing. There are many toner’s mild and non -irritating, and cost -effective, which everyone likes. Do you want to start with domestic toner? Can you look at the article of Xiaobian: The best -selling and easy -to -use domestic toner? China’s Top Ten Toner Water Rankings

1. Nature Hall

Efficacy: hydration, moisturizing, soft skin


Recommended reason: the taste is good, the skin is more sensitive, and there is no allergies to use this. The moisturizing effect of this toner is particularly good, mild and not irritating, especially skin -friendly, improve skin dryness, and use the series of milk. The skin is really super moisturized and tender. It is worth starting!

2. Huayu Jixu water toner tonic water


Huayu collects water supplement beauty muscle water as toner water


It contains multiple hydration+skin care ingredients, integrating moisturizing, hydrating, soothing, and whitening.


The toner containing more than 90%of rice fermentation ingredients, long -term insistence can make the skin smooth and delicate. The yeast is also the rice bran fermented. It has a smooth skin, brightening skin tone, firming pores, anti -wrinkle and making the skin fair. It is the price of civilians and the enjoyment of nobles.

The taste is a good rice fragrance. It is very convenient to press the pump head. I like it for the first time. It is absorbed by the face of the face twice. I also did a moisture test. Compared with the state after use, it was obvious that the skin should be moisturized after using Huayu’s toner. The most important thing is that the face is still refreshing and zero burden.

Each use can replenish the skin well, and achieve the effect of moisturizing water, making the skin look more crystal clear. I insist that the skin has become super white and delicate for almost a month. And it is easy to get stuck in makeup. After mixing it with the liquid foundation 1: 2, you will never have a mask again.

4, Yuze

Efficacy: hydration, moisturizing, oil control, softening, fine pores

Recommended reason: The use of toner is better. It has no irritation on the face, delicate texture, and not greasy after use. There is a certain repair function. It is really a conscience domestic product. It is suitable for red blood, and the skin is thin. There is no irritating odor. The moisturizing effect is OK. There is no allergies.

5. Herborist

Efficacy: hydration, moisturizing, whitening, freckle removal

Recommended reason: The color of the bottle is very fresh, and it seems to have a grade. A faint fragrance, after using it, is moisturized, the absorption effect is very good. I have oily skin. I have no sense of burden on this water. It feels particularly easy to use, mild and non -exciting, good hydration effect, and worthy of repurchase!