Middle school student schoolbag brand recommendation: How to choose a student schoolbag suitable for male/female classmates?

How to choose a middle school student schoolbag?


First, choose


There are shoulder pads

You need to choose a broadband, a bag with a shoulder. There is a heavy belt on the schoolbag, so that the pressure can be evenly dispersed, and it will not cause much damage to the back and shoulders


2. There are more schoolbags partitions

This can not only play the role of different categories, but also play a role in different stationery and textbooks, but also make the schoolbag weight evenly.

3. It is best to have a cushion on the back of the back sac that


Choose a schoolbag with a cushion on the back, because there is a dental on the cushion to help heat dissipation, so that the child will not sweat on the back.


Fourth, small schoolbag


Select the smallest schoolbag that can install books and stationery. Generally speaking, the backpack should not be wider than the body, and the bottom of the backpack should not be lower than the waist 10 cm.

Based on the above purchase conditions, some middle school student schoolbags are recommended for everyone:

Carla sheep large capacity reduction backpack

Brand: Kara Sheep was founded in 1997. It is well -known luggage brand. It is a series of products in the design, research and development, production, and sales of collecting bags, covering a series of product series such as trolley cases, student schoolbags, children’s bags, shoulder bags and other products. This Kara Sheep’s large capacity reduction backpack has been favored by consumers.

This kara sheep has a large capacity reduction capacity of 42L, and has a sandwich back pad on the back. It is nearly 20 per square centimeters per square centimeter. It always keeps the back of the back smoothly, and the back is not hot for a long time. The S -shaped shoulder strap design is in line with the back of the human body, shoulder and neck, and the back of the backpack is very comfortable and comfortable, fit the back, breathable and comfortable. The lightweight bag design is also adopted, and the entire backpack is only 0.86kg.

National Geographic Plears

Brand: National Geographic is derived from the United States. It is a well -known camera camera bag brand. It focuses on backpack bags, shoulder bags, camera strap products, and is designed for photography, film and television, living entertainment and video market design and manufacturing various cameras and lighting equipment. This national geographical backpack adopts a simple shape design to adapt to various occasions.

This backpack has a scientific back burden design with a comfortable and light beam. The backpack is divided into the main warehouse and laptop bag. At the same time, there is also a storage classification in the main warehouse, which is convenient for storage. It also has an RFID shielding material to obtain an RFID shielding bag to effectively defense information theft and credit card and bank card stolen. The fabric uses a smooth printed constellation polyester, which can effectively avoid the friction of the items.

Edison Junior High School student schoolbag


Brand: Edison is committed to HVAC intelligent control, air -conditioning intelligent control, system integration, the development and production of IoT technology products, products cover heating heating control, air -conditioning energy -saving control, building self -control, smart home, etc., focusing on the integration of comfortable home system integration And HVAC air -conditioning energy -saving field. This Edison’s junior high school student schoolbag received the love of consumers.

This Edison’s junior high school student schoolbag adopted a lightweight design, rejecting the child too much, making the child lighter on school. High -density -proof water -proof fabric has high density and strong hydrophobicability. It can effectively block the water immersion in the backpack. The shoulder strap is widened and thickened, and the permeability of the breathability of the shoulder straps is to relieve decompression, do not bite the shoulder, and the chest design to prevent the schoolbags from falling off. Reduce the burden on the back. The schoolbag is close to the back with a 3D sponge honeycomb breathable mesh design, as well as grooved air -to -air heat dissipation.


Oxford University men and women middle school student schoolbags


This schoolbag of men’s and women’s middle school students in Oxford University uses six layers of constructing internal cores to easily reduce burden. The shoulder strap uses an S -shaped wide breathable design, soft and comfortable, and is not afraid of sweltering in summer. The schoolbag also added a reflective strip design. Under dark conditions, the reflector will glow when encountering the light source to protect the safety of children. Large -capacity main bags also have a layered design, which can be put in books and commonly used items. The mesh bag on the inside of the main bag can be placed on the artificial box and other items, which is easy to get.


Wei Leopard Primary and Middle School Students Leisure Sports Package

Brand: Weibao was founded in 1988. It is a group of high -quality luggage and related product providers. It is a group of groups that specialize in luggage research and development, design, production, and marketing. Boxes, PP boxes, EVA suitcases, etc. The leisure sports bag of this Panther Primary and Middle School has a good guarantee in quality.


This primary and middle school students’ leisure sports packs are made of strong cotton and polyester cloth, which is abrasion -resistant and anti -scratch. The schoolbag has a spacious main bag with a book separate bag in the inside, which can be placed in a large number of books and stationery. It is also equipped with convenient magic stickers and adjustable backbone buckles for children to use. The shoulder strap is designed with a honeycomb, and the shoulder is comfortable. In summer, it is not stuffy and breathable.

Disney wear -resistant and breathable casual backpack

Brand:: Disney founded in 1926, Fortune 500 companies, and world -renowned diversified international family entertainment companies. It is mainly engaged in entertainment programs production, theme parks, toys, books, video games, media networks and other businesses. This Disney’s wear -resistant and breathable casual backpack is loved by children.

The full -back honeypot mesh of this wear -resistant and breathable casual package uses a three -dimensional breathable mesh with a soft and gentle sponge. It promotes the air derivation cycle while supporting the force. sense. The shoulder strap adopts an S -shaped design and a hive -type shoulder pad. On the basis of widening and thickening, it is scientifically and effectively dispersed with pressure, and it is easier to carry the shoulder. The backpack also has reflective strips. The visually high brightness reflector is particularly eye -catching in the visual distance. While reminding the vehicles to avoid the avoidance of the vehicle, the security at night is escorted.