Dongguan, red! The city hangs the national flag to welcome the National Day, and the national flag hot -selling festival atmosphere is strong

The National Day is approaching, and the atmosphere of the streets of Dongguan is getting stronger. The picture shows the light pillars along the street with a bright five -star red flag reporter Pan Chang

The National Day is coming. The reporter visited Dongguan yesterday and found that the national feminine on the eve of the National Day this year is hot. The reporter learned in Xinhua Bookstore that the national flag sales have doubled this year than in previous years. The owner of the wholesale store in the stationery market in Wancheng told reporters that some sizes of national flags even sold out of stock.

Ms. Qi, a clerk in Xinhua Bookstore, located next to Xinfen Road, Guancheng, told reporters that not only the enterprise unit came to buy the national flag, but the citizens also bought more. Many parents brought their children to buy the flag, which could not only be at home at home. Create a strong festive atmosphere and can do patriotism education for children.


Wan Tai Road and the wholesale market for the new format, the national flag sales are hot. This version of the picture is taken by a reporter Pan Chang

Merchant business is hot

At 13 o’clock yesterday, although it had reached the lunch break, a stationery market next to Guan Tai Road was busy.

In Ms. Lu’s shop, the reporter saw that she was answering the customer’s call, while the clerk was receiving the customer and packing the national flag. Ms. Lu told reporters that in the past ten days, the national flag is selling, especially in the past few days, some of the flags of the size are even sold out.

At the same time as Ms. Lu and the reporter chatted, they also followed the customer’s phone call. They only heard Ms. Lu said to the phone, “The flag of this size is out of stock. My father can’t get the goods in the factory. If you only need 50 national flags, , I can find a way to help you. “

“It can be said that the national flag really increased greatly this year.” Ms. Lu said, especially the factory companies buying a lot of national flags, and many individuals came to the store to buy the flag. They did not buy much. Dress up with the national flag to create a strong festival atmosphere.

In Ms. Lu’s shop, Mr. Zhao, an employee of an advertising company, came here to pick up the goods. He told reporters that it was particularly busy on the eve of the National Day this year, and the venue was arranged everywhere to welcome the arrival of National Day.

Ms. Gao, the owner of another wholesale store in the stationery market, told reporters that the national flag sales of the National Day this year increased at least 20%over the previous years. It is also very hot. As a merchant, it has felt the atmosphere of National Day in advance. It is really stronger and more popular in the country.

Xinhua Bookstore, Xinfen Road, Guancheng, Xiaoguo Flag is very popular with citizens

Citizens buy national flags to dress home to welcome National Day

At 14 o’clock yesterday, the reporter saw on the second floor of Xinhua Bookstore, Xinfen Road, Guancheng, and there was a national flag for sale here. Ms. Qi, the clerk in charge of the national flag, told reporters that this year’s national flag is well sold, and the national flag sales are more than doubled than in previous years.

The larger national flag is mainly to buy by units, enterprises and schools. The national flag of the 2, 3, and 4 size is hot. It is best to sell the national flag No. 3.


“Compared with previous years, the number of individuals who came to Xinhua Bookstore to buy the national flag this year have increased.” Ms. Qi said that many parents took their children to buy a small flag, and many parents would buy them at one time. Several faces.

When selling the national flag, we can often hear parents say to the children: Our motherland is becoming more and more powerful. This year, it happens to be the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. To buy a national flag and lantern back home to dress up to create a strong festival atmosphere.

Ms. Fang, who was working in Guanguan, told reporters that this year, she bought the national flag and lantern to dress up to celebrate the National Day. Thanks to the National Day, I thanked the motherland to be stronger and better.

West West Road, Guancheng, a national flag hanging in front of a shop door

All kinds of gatherings love the national flag to create an atmosphere

At 15 o’clock yesterday, the reporter saw several shops near the Dongguan Cinema on the West Second Road in the Guancheng Canal, and saw various national flags, lanterns and other items in the store.

Ms. Tan, the owner of Hengxing Banner Store, told reporters that she has opened a shop on this street for more than 10 years. This year’s national flag and lantern are the best selling. In addition to the fixed unit of the national flag every year, many corporate customers have more corporate customers this year. There are also some individuals who will also come to buy a small flag, or place them in the living room at home, or on the balcony to create a strong festive atmosphere.

Mr. Chen, who opened a store on this street in 2005, told reporters that this year’s flag was sold particularly well, and sales increased by about 50 %. Mainly, there are also individuals who buy national flags. For example, some classmates meet, and they will book small flags to dress up. The atmosphere will be better. These changes reflect that our country is becoming stronger and the patriotism of the people is getting higher and higher. (Reporter Liu Zhibin)

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WeChat friends circle national flag avatar swipe screen, but@微 微 方 is useless

“Please give me a national flag@WeChat official!” Today, have your circle of friends be swiped by such an information?


On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, how to celebrate? Everyone has a new trick. Tencent News launched this avatar to change the national flag. People only need to click on the link and operate according to the steps to generate avatars with a five -star red flag, attracting many people to participate. However, many netizens joked in the circle of friends, saying that “@WeChat official” can automatically generate avatars with national flags, and many netizens have tried it. What exactly is this matter about?

@WeChat official national flag swipe screen

Early in the morning yesterday, the reporter found that his circle of friends was “please give me a national flag@WeChat official”.

The reporter saw that many friends were in the circle of friends@WeChat officials, and some people sent a circle of friends to show off saying that “the flag has arrived, thank you for the official WeChat.” A small five -star red flag appeared in the lower right corner of these friends. However, the reporter observed that@WeChat official friends did not all have national flags. What’s going on? @WeChat official can really get a red flag?

The reporter also sent a circle of friends in the red flag in the circle of friends, but the reporter’s WeChat avatar did not change.

Change the avatar to celebrate the New China

It turns out that it is not “@原 原 原” to get the national flag. The reporter’s experience found that this is an online interaction launched by Tencent News. Open the relevant links, upload your avatars yourself, the applet helps you add the national flag logo, and save the avatar with the flag logo again. Avatar with a national flag.


WeChat users who generated the heads of the national flag all joked in the circle of friends. The news that “@生 生 生” was released in the circle of friends that they could get the small flag. Many people “recruited” and were in the circle of friends@生.

Ms. Xu, who is engaged in media work in the circle of friends, also sent a circle of friends of “@微 记 记”. Ms. Xu said that she saw someone sending this news in the circle of friends, and the head of the news really had a national flag, and she quickly “@微”. After Ms. Xu released her circle of friends, she found that her avatar did not appear in the national flag. I asked friends to know that it was necessary to enter Tencent News “Change the avatar together to celebrate the birth of New China.”

Ms. Xu praised Ms. Xu very much about this interaction launched by Tencent News. “WeChat’s national flag event, the high degree of participation of the citizens, allowing the public to feel the atmosphere of the festival in advance. It is a way to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. It is also a manifestation of patriotism.”