“Gucci belt” fakes are endless. How can ordinary people distinguish between authenticity? Learn these 4 tricks

The belt is not only a decoration, but also a symbol of status and fashion taste.

In wearing, the belt can also increase the waistline, divide the proportion of upper and lower body, to achieve the effect of significant and thin, which is very helpful for shaping.

The Gucci belt is simple, generous and classic, which can be called a artifact, which can be finned in the shape.

In recent years, with the popularity of the Gucci belt, many “fakes” have also appeared on the market. It costs thousands of prices to buy “fake Gucci belts”. It is not worth thinking about it.

Today, Gucci belt fakes are endless, and even formal platforms have openly sold fakes to deceive consumers, which is really speechless.


Then the question is:

For us ordinary people, how do you still distinguish between true and false Gucci belts?

01. Look at the leather

Luxury brands such as Gucci are all leather, not that kind of inferior artificial leather.

From the appearance point of view, the color of the Gucci belt is well -proportioned, dark and soft, and the surface rules are fibrous.

Compared with the rough fake skin, the dermis feels comfortable, soft, elastic, and has a thick fur flavor, retaining the most primitive attributes of natural leather.

02. Look at metal


The biggest iconic element of GUCCI belt is the metal logo in the middle, which is also the easiest place to distinguish between true and false.


There is a big gap between the details and workmanship in terms of details and workmanship. The genuine GUCCI belt is all reflected in the details of the technical polishing and smooth and round, without any flaws, while the fake goods show a spiral water wave -shaped, which can be distinguished at a glance.

03. Looking at the wiring


Generally speaking, the workmanship of big names is very particular. It is either handmade or professional mechanization to ensure perfect details.

From the perspective of the line, the angle of the genuine GUCCI belt leather edges of the leather is 45 °, and the size of the needle foot and the thickness of the line segments are ingenious. It looks like it is in one go without any intermittent places.


The wiring of imitation is like an arc, with uneven pins, and it looks very careless.

04. Looking at the pressure pattern


The pressure lines on the Gucci belt leather are also critical. The brand logo of the genuine product is clean and delicate, and the fake pressure pattern will occur incomplete or vague.

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