Free shipping goods return buyers also have to pay delivery fees? Unsuccessful

This year’s “Double Eleven” is the first online shopping carnival after the promulgation of the “Consumer Rights Protection Law”. A “regret pill” provides strong legal support for consumers’ online shopping rights.

At present, the wave of return after the “Double Eleven” and “Double Eleven” has begun, but reporters from Shenyang Evening News and found that not all consumers returned smoothly.

Cotton trousers are unsatisfactory

Returned but was asked to ship

“I often buy online, and I have returned the goods for various reasons, but I have never heard of this.” Ms. Zhang bought one in a shop selling “Saipan Sheep brand cotton pants” on Taobao on November 16 The model “thickened and large -size middle -aged and elderly high waist -keeping knee warm pants”, the free shipping price is 89 yuan. After the cotton pants were mailing to her hand recently, she found that she was not very intentional because she was not expected. So she contacted the seller of the cotton pants to return, but the seller had to return to return, and he had to return the shipping cost of the shipment. After all, the goods were not sold, the money did not make, and it was impossible for them to be in vain.

“Before buying, we talked for a long time and talked about related matters such as returns, but the other party did not tell me that I asked me to return the freight. Now I want this money, it is difficult for me to accept it.” The other party expressed his meaning, but the other party responded, “Then I won’t retreat to you, then you can just (complaint).”

Taobao support buyer

Delivery and freight don’t need to be repaid

Subsequently, Ms. Zhang and the reporter consulted the question of whether the buyer pays the seller’s delivery when the shipping goods return when the shipping goods return. After learning about Ms. Zhang’s order number, the customer service staff gave a reply to “no need to pay the freight sent by the seller”.

The reporter opened a column of consumer security service on Taobao’s official website. In the return commitment, there was “the seller promised the product return service to the buyer: from the date of the product signing to the seller’s promise to guarantee the time, the product meets the agreed state, such as Buyers are not satisfied with the purchased goods, but the postage of the postage of returns, returns and the first delivery of the goods will be borne by the undertaking party in accordance with the commitment. “

According to this content, the reporter opened the product page purchased by Ms. Zhang, and the courier free shipping was written on it. At the Taobao Service Center’s freight problem on the “seven -day return”, if it is a return of the buyer’s personal reasons, the merchant shipping goods, the shipping freight must be borne by the seller, and the return of the return of the return. In short, free shipping goods are returned. Buyers only need to pay for the postage without paying the freight.

Many buyers do not care

Card out for returns

Although Taobao has such regulations, the reporter found that there are actually many buyers who do not know. A consumer said that he had encountered such a problem and stalemate with the seller for a long time, but in order to return the goods smoothly, he had to return the 6 yuan freight at the time of delivery to the seller.

Liaoning Boming Law Firm Lawyer Ji Bin stated that it was definitely reluctant to Taobao sellers when returning the goods by free shipping products, especially if they were worried that in case of bad buyers and malicious critics, the losses were even worse. However, since Taobao has such regulations, consumers can also protect their rights accordingly. Once the seller is unwilling, it can provide vouchers such as chat records to the e -commerce platform to allow customer service to solve it.

Fan Zhibin also said, “As for consumers who have returned to the postage, they can also protect their rights through this method and ask the seller to return the postage of the previously returned from the consumer.”