There is no curtain of the balcony, raising this “4 kinds of” plants, can sunshade and moisturize, and raise 1 pot.

In daily life, you can see a lot of floral potted plants, these potted plants are unable to bloom very beautiful plants, put them on the balcony to add a lot of beautiful scenery, usually when they are idle People can also go to the time of flowering, there is a relaxation, get rid of the pressure.


On the balcony of some people, there is no placement of curtains. When the weather is hot and the sun is too strong, the temperature of the room will become better, the air is very dry, and it is sticky, in addition to this, in the living room When watching TV, it is still very reflective, can’t see the picture. Then when you don’t have a curtain, you may want to raise this “4” plants, they are not only beautiful, but also be able to shake and humidify, only need to raise a 1 basin!

The names of these four plants are called a ball, peony hangers, green, triangle, these plants have a good climbing ability, and there is no curtains on the balcony, but they must contain iron fences, and these plants can follow these iron fences along these iron fences Take the edge of the branches, which is hanging on the balcony, just like a curtain. Then, let you introduce you to the growth characteristics of these four plants, and their value!


The lantern has a stretched branches and can open a strange and beautiful flowers on the branches, and its strange, that is, the flowers of the ball are combined with a lot of five-sided small flowers. The like is still like a ball, and the color of the color of the ball is more, so it can also adapt to many people’s maintenance. Not only that, but the bridge has a strong shade, it also has strong shading, as well as the ability to increase air humidity, and nourish the pots in the home of improvement.

Peony hanging blue

Peony hanging blue is a relatively rare in the hanging blue, because it can not only bloom beautiful flowers, but also have medicinal value and edible value, can be used in cold food, but also with clear fire, cough and phlegm. I have a great advantage to people’s body in some words. In addition, the leaves of the peony hanging blue are growing rapidly, and they are still very good. They can grow very well, which is very suitable to hang it as a curtain.

Green light

In the family, the green light is the most common plant, but the green plants of the average person are very small, and in fact, the green bar can spread, and its climbing ability is not more than the above plant, but many people don’t know, then use green radicals This feature, everyone puts the branches of the green radish on the balcony shelf, soon spreading the entire balcony, just like a waterfall, the curtains, can sunshade, clean and wet air, and there are many benefits to people. Usually maintain this green light, just spraying water every day, you can easily raise the green light.



Triangle is a plants in the southern region, first of all because of its abnormalities, and there are many species of color, and then because the triangles contain a hard, tenacious spirit, there is also people love. And the triangle is also suitable for raising on the balcony. It is very loved, the stronger the light, the more flowers, so everyone does not need to worry about death because of the sun, and the triangle plum is very large, and the leaves can play very A good sunshade effect is a natural curtain.


Therefore, when the balcony in everyone does not install the curtains, everyone needs it, it is better to raise these 4 plants, they can sunshade and moisturize, and raise a lot of terrace.