Ma Dezhong took his wife to go shopping. He was dressed in casual muscle blocks, and his wife selected a cheap money to Gu Jia

As a well -known male actor in Hong Kong, Made Jung also often appears in major dramas when he was young. Now he is 53 years old. He has not changed his figure and is perfect. It looks tough and healthy. Instead, the bronze skin color becomes the most manifestation, and hormones are full.

Dressed in casual muscles eye -catching

Ma Dezhong was encountered by his wife shopping. He was quite casual on the day. A blue hooded sweater and the cartoon pattern on the chest was particularly dull, but it was more noticeable that his super developed pectoral muscles, this figure, Some women really have tears when they look at it. The loose sweater is just supported as a tight model. It is indeed a super self -disciplined fitness expert, so she looks at such a young and energetic. He is superior, although wearing it like a walking hanger.


The blue hat -connected sweater with white casual pants, the color matching is still relatively vibrant, there is not much stereotype, giving people a comfortable and bright feeling, and the waist also has a special shoulder bag. The atmosphere is more old than his wife. At first glance, he is a good man at home. He usually does not go shopping to buy daily necessities.


Wife is more casual dress


My wife’s dress feels more casual than Zhong Ge. The direct black jacket zipper is paired with red sports pants. There is not much design flavor, but her figure is kept well. It is relatively healthy. The main thing is that the wife ’s chosen pajamas selected throughout the process. They also compared with each other.


Although I didn’t dress very much, this set of red and black sportswear has a unique flavor, full of sharpness, giving people a comfortable and generous feeling. After all, when going out on the streets, they pay attention to practicality and comfort, and they are quite real.

Suit glasses too gentleman

Ma Dezhong, who attended the event, seemed to be his standard. It is rare to see men wearing the suit so elegant gentlemen. I have to say that the blessing of fitness for people’s temperament is indeed relatively large. Of course The age of 50+ is not particularly fair -skinned, but he still boldly tried mint green suits, paired with black jeans, and did not expect accidental age reduction. It enlarge the sense of health and nature, and with a pair of black glasses, it is also very kind and elegant. It is really a gentleman. The skin of the skin feels that ordinary women can’t catch up.

Dressing gentle temperament


At first glance, her wife was a good wife who was a good wife and five officials. She had a clear facial features and her talents, but her eyebrows looked very gentle, but this appearance really had an inexplicable sense of maturity, although her temperament was so quiet and gentle, she But in front of the husband who stands in Guazi’s face, there is still a sense of vision of siblings, and the face shape is too heartbroken.

However, her clothes and makeup are highly coordinated. This time, she is also a dignified professional dress. A green sleeveless shirt has formed a good coordination with her husband. The black skirt is incorporated into the lace The design of the dignified profession highlights the femininity. This finely crushed curly hair feels very charm. The intellectual beauty on the body is very strong. It is particularly eye -catching.

The son’s facial features follow the dad, the temperament is slightly thick

I feel that Mr. Ma’s gene is still a bit strong. His son inherited his tough appearance, but at the same time, the facial features were not as good as the dad. In addition, this long hair gave a rough feeling. generally. The father and son were in the same frame. At the age of 23, he seemed to be older than his 53 -year -old father. On the side, he showed that Madezhong was really surgery, and the whole person’s state was very good.

I have to say that Hong Kong male stars don’t seem to be old, and they seem to be more active, looking at it.

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