40 cm of cowhide high -ranking military boots: The “iron hoof” that the fighting nation has trembling the world!

Compared with high -end, advanced, leading the development of the army’s development, the US forces, which shows the image of “Gao Fushuai”, shows that the impression that the Russian Federal Army gives us often seems a bit “silly black and thick”, compared to “combat effectiveness five “The rustic rustic of my rabbit troops is almost better. From the simple and rude large horizontal winter cotton clothing, to the titanium alloy helmet worn by the real and durable Russian special forces, it all shows that the” combat nation “is different from the difference between the” fighting nation “. The sturdy and brave of the Western army with the advantages of high -tech equipment.

(Picture Note: The traditional sturdy image given by the Russian army)


In the countless conquests in their history, the boots that are located in the northern bitter cold kingdom used to wrap their feet seemed to adhere to the concept of “not going to ordinary ways”.

The sound of the “Afliel” announced the establishment of the world’s first socialist country, and at that time, it was still the old high -style high -style military boots that traveled through the Russian land. Throughout Europe, the boots can often be high as high as the calf or even higher, and have a certain etiquette function. It is said that the birth of this kind of military boots originated from Bismarck, Germany’s “Iron Blood Prime Minister” since the Prussian period. The Prime Minister of Prussia who once launched many wars on the European continent seems to know all the details of ordinary soldiers on the battlefield: ” Soldiers’ boots are one of their sharp weapons on the battlefield! “For decades, the Russians raised the White Army to consolidate the Soviet regime, and then pushed the German Nazis until they finally inserted the red flag into the Berlin Congress Building. Long military boots always accompany them.

(Photo Note: The Soviet Red Army soldiers wearing traditional high leather boots for review)

It can be said that without these 40 cm cowhide -made high -gangs, the great country of the Soviet Union and its great army would not exist.

Perhaps the faint smell wrapped in the leather boots has turned the bleach of the polar bears to a hundred years, and the Soviets during World War II finally began to gradually equip them with low -top combat boots. This kind of combat boots are basically equivalent to the low -top combat boots of mainstream equipment in the world today. The specific time of the first equipment was unable to verify, but in Russia’s reflection of the Soviet -war movie “Ninth Company”, the Soviets that fought in Afghanistan mostly wore low -top combat boots when fighting against Afghanistan.


(Picture Note: The movie “Ninth Company” stills can be clearly seen from the figure that the Soviet forces participating in the Afghan war have replaced the low -top combat boots)

In the following time, we can see that the Soviets have become more and more equipped with low -gangs. This is even reflected in many games. But at this time the Soviets did not eliminate traditional high -leather boots, but together with low combat boots formed a “high and low match”. Even in the hot Afghanistan battlefield, there are still many soldiers wearing high leather boots.

(Picture note: The Soviet forces who were reviewed in Kabul, Afghanistan, were still wearing high leather boots)

The time came to the end of the 1980s. At this time, this once strong socialist superpowers were already old. For various reasons, the Soviet national strength was already under the rivers and rivers, and many people had smelled the death atmosphere of this great league country. Eventually on Christmas Eve in 1991, the red flag fell from Moscow’s Red Square, and the Soviet Union finally exited the stage of history with the miserable evening scene of falling apart. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation became the main inheritance country of the Soviet Union. After the re -establishment, the Russian army was about to face a very harsh test immediately -in the following Chechen War, in North Gaoco, in Grannini, in Gronini In the flesh -and -blood mill like Zizi, it seems that the low -top combat boots have accounted for eighty -nine.

(Picture Note: The cruel first Chechen War, the majority of the Russian soldiers participating in the war are mostly wearing low -help boots and a small part of sports shoes)


With the development of modern military technology, the Russian army seems to have gradually abandoned the tradition of many years, taking off the relatively heavy leather boots. And when the Russian army gradually came from the quagmire of the Chechen battlefield, did they fall behind with the Americans in terms of single soldiers? At this time, the American soldiers were not satisfied with wearing leather combat boots to run across the world. They have repeatedly broke into the Middle East Desert area. They have been equipped with more comfortable and advanced desert combat boots. And due to the relationship between the United States and many NATO countries, many European countries have also replaced “rhubarb boots”.


Since then, European and American soldiers who armed desert boots to teeth and Russian soldiers who still wearing high -waisted combat boots were still distinguished from the image of the two. Black skin -making boots and desert combat boots have become important references for many military enthusiasts, military enthusiasts to distinguish between European and American soldiers and Russian soldiers. So why is the Russian army so “not in the flow” until now? Is it just to “draw the boundary” with Western countries?


The author believes that first of all, Russia’s cold weather is probably one of the most important reasons, and the Russian army, which has no task for a long time, is trained in a relatively cold natural environment in China. Under the change of high leather boots, it will still be equipped with leather high -waisted combat boots. It is not necessary to change desert boots like Western countries that often follow the United States. The prosperity makes the Russian army do not have the proportion of military expenditures for foreign military equipment.

(Picture Note: The Russian soldiers who participated in the parade can see that in addition to the etiquette soldiers on the roadside wearing high leather boots, the real Russian troops are all wearing low -end work.

Furthermore, it should be considered as the “heir” of the Soviet Red Army with glorious history. Therefore, it seems that it seems to be emotional with the same equipment as the US and NATO nationals.

With in recent years, Russia has continued to intervene in Middle East affairs, and the Russian army has frequently moved in Syria. People were surprised to find that in the related news reports, the Russian troops wearing Western countries or Western -style combat clothes were often seen in the newspaper. Perhaps the Russian military equipment may have “westernized waves” reform.

(Note: Russian special forces performing tasks in Syria)

And can the Russian Federal Armed Forces have their own desert combat boots, or more other styles, or more widely used combat boots? let us wait and see.

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