Super practical 800 × 800mm Specification Tile Space Application Match, make your home beautiful

Super practical 800 × 800mm Specification Tile Space Application Match, make your home beautiful

“With the rapid conversion of popular elements, people pay more and more attention to the creation of fashion and personality. In life, dressing and dressing strives to be different, enjoying food and exquisite and unique atmosphere.”

In terms of living, people even want to integrate “fashion” and “personality” into the home and build a popular aesthetic space. If you want to create a aesthetic home, you have to mention tiles.

The application of different spaces in the home can bring a different visual enjoyment.

HDBF80801S Karakata-living room application effect

Just like

50 ° ideal Baihui Ya ecological ion brick product series

In the same way, in various space applications in the home, TA can perfectly interpret fashion and personality, and every place is excellent.

About Products

Huiya tiles 50 ° Ideal White Ecological ion Brick Series

In convergence of modern design elements, cater to the younger generation of personality fashion and pursuit of texture, to create an elegant but not distinctive home space.

The TA uses Huiya’s independent exclusive R & D raw material formula, with a 50 ° ultra -white blank bottom, which improves the net white to achieve natural texture background. At the same time, the negative ions released by the tile long -term can purify home air and protect home health.

It should not be late, let’s take a look at the application of Huiya tiles 50 ° ideal white product home space application ~

living room

The living room, as a space for receiving guests, has a transcendent status in the home space. A good living room space design can show the taste of the master’s home.

HDBF80808S Silver Silk White-Living room application effect

Apply 50 ° ideal white products to the living room space, with fabric soft furnishings, full of fashion. The tile pattern is slender, white and gray, naturally smooth, creating a comfortable atmosphere.

Hdbf80809s Starbai-living room application effect

In addition, 50 ° ideal white products and metal decoration match, let alone a light and elegant beauty. The two complement each other. Is it not exactly the artistic sense we pursue?

Dining room

Enjoying food at the moment must be exquisite and atmosphere. As a “eating” place in the family, the restaurant can best show the sense of life rituals of the master’s home. In the hazy morning, the dining table was busy on the dining table; after the Yue Xing and the moon returned home, they sat around the dining table and talked about the day when they heard it.

HDBF80805S fish belly white-restaurant application effect

The 50 ° ideal white series of fish belly white products are applied to the background wall and embellished with artistic paintings. In the light, the texture and color of the tiles set off the warmth and leisure of the home. How can the happiness home you want lack TA?


The younger generation yearn for personalization. For example, in the creation of kitchen space, they are more enthusiastic about open construction, casual, free, and restrained to enjoy the fun of cooking.

HDBF80807S Hanyu Bai-Kitchen application effect

At that time, 50 ° ideal white products encountered a modern simple luxury style, and they were destined to collide with different sparks. Regardless of whether it is on the wall or the dining table board customization, TA can hold HOLD to create a broad kitchen space vision, giving the most beautiful beauty in the space.

HDBF80809S Starbai-Kitchen application effect

For you who pursue a minimalist style, 50 ° ideal white products are a good choice. The kitchen space created with TA does not require complicated decoration. Its color and texture can make people’s eyes shine, and the kitchen space’s face value immediately improves.


A perfect home, of course, the exquisite and comfortable bedroom is indispensable, allowing people to enjoy it in the exclusive space.

HDBF80802S Karara-Bedroom application effect

Combining 50 ° ideal white products with the bedroom space to create a healthy and comfortable bedroom. At first, the light -colored tone can well show the natural sense of the bedroom, making the bedroom vision more spacious and clean. Secondly, the negative ions generated by TA can efficiently remove home pollutants such as formaldehyde, purify the air, and improve the quality of sleep.


The space that can release the mood and self the most is the bathroom. After finishing the hard work, he dragged his tired body into the home, and he couldn’t wait to walk into the bathroom immediately, washed away all the fatigue, and enjoyed pure relaxation.

HDBF80802S Karara-Sanitary Ware Effect

The light -colored wall surface made of 50 ° ideal white products, solid color space, everything is so harmonious and interesting. With a little decoration, you can maximize the charm of the bathroom room, simple and vibrant life. Fashionable and individual bathrooms were built.

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After reading the space application of 800 × 800mm specifications, have you been excited?

Do you want your home to be “beautiful”? Then this summer, let’s “change makeup” once!

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