The Winter Olympics smart bed created by Jiaxing has been brushed. The chairman of the company is still the torchbearer

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After 2380 days of careful preparation, last night, the Olympic flames once again illuminated Beijing Night Sky. The 24th Winter Olympic Games officially opened. This is the first global comprehensive sports event held as scheduled since the new crown epidemic.


On February 2nd, on the second day of the New Year, Beijing was filled with the celebration of the Spring Festival. At the same time, in the Beijing Winter Olympics Park, the Torch relay in the 2022 Winter Olympics has been launched. Tang Guohai, 69 -year -old Qi Sheng Technology founder, participated in the torch relay of the Beijing Winter Olympics in the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022.


“Technology Winter Olympics” is one of the vision of this Winter Olympics. Among them, the Beijing Division, the Zhangjiakou Division and the Yanqing Division have three Winter Olympics villages. For the first time, the smart beds are provided. These “Winter Olympic Smart Bibles” used for Olympic players are provided by Jiaxing Enterprise -Qisheng Technology Co., Ltd.


Torch relay conveys glorious and dreams

The Winter Olympic Tie has been successfully collected at the ancient Olympia site of the Greek Burdone Peninsula in the Modern Olympic Movement. The torch bearer, holding the “Feiyang” torch and running with a smile, conveying the glory and dreams of the Olympic.

“I want to say that Qisheng Technology’s efforts to make the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics are worth it and should be. We are ready!” The moment Tang Guohai took over the torch, his heart was excited.


As the official smart bed supplier of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games, Qisheng Technology fully undertakes the task of “living” about “living” by the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games. Whether it is a athletes who appear in the “front of the stage”, or the dedicated media reporter who is squatting behind the “behind the scenes”, it will feel the help of technology at the Beijing Winter Olympics.


Kisheng Technology, which is based on technology -driven as the gene, is the driving force for open innovation, and deeply cultivates the field of sleep for 17 years, helps the ice and snow event with intelligent sleep, showing the power and temperature of “China Intelligent Manufacturing” to the world.

From the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, another Olympic torch, once again, was passed on with affection, full of promise of China It is also full of the sincere intentions of Qisheng Technology and the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

Smart bed out of the fire circle globe global


With the opening of the Winter Olympics, athletes around the world moved to Beijing Winter Olympics Village. Qisheng Technology Smart Bed refreshed everyone’s perception of the “living” of the Olympic Games. Recently, the smart bed of the Winter Olympics is not only reported by domestic and foreign media, but also a hot search on major platforms. The category of smart beds can be described as successful. High -tech that has never been seen before.

Sleeid player Samo Borich from the United States recently released short videos on social media, praising the smart tool in Beijing Winter Olympic Village. She shares the operation method of the smart bed in the video. There are 8 buttons of this bed control, which represents a variety of rest modes that have the height of the mattress. Watch TV or rest. The most interesting thing is that this bed also supports the “zero gravity” model, which allows athletes to experience the feeling of being in space. This short video quickly became popular, praised nearly one million, and quickly fermented to become popular.

Because of the world -class event of the Winter Olympics, China has attracted worldwide attention at the level of intelligent technology applications, digital products, and scientific and humanistic care. Above the background of technology is the humanistic care of the Winter Olympics. On the hot “snow” boiling, Jiaxing Enterprise is worthy of praise!


“Zhejiang” open bed, Jiaxing created, Jiaxing Qisheng Technology Co., Ltd. is the official smart bed supplier of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games. With 6,000 smart beds with intelligent adjustment, this is also the first time in the Winter Olympics that provides smart beds.

Behind it is hardcore technology and thoughtful service


Where is the smart tool intelligence? What are the first techniques behind it? “Sleep better, dream is greater.” Qi Sheng Technology used this as a blessing and vision for the Beijing Winter Olympics. Therefore, this smart bed also added a lot of technology elements, which is different from traditional beds. You can enter the reading memory mode and zero -gravity memory mode. When reading, watching TV, and sleeping, athletes can choose the mode freely to achieve the effect of relaxation and decompression, so as to participate in the competition in a better state.

For example, the zero -gravity memory mode will flatten the height of the legs and the position of the heart, and it is also the most relaxed state of the body in the space of people in the space; Ensure that athletes have very good support for spine and body when reading. In order to meet the sleep needs of different athletes, the smart bed is 20 cm in length, and the maximum can be adjusted to 2.4 meters.

Tang Guohai, chairman of Qisheng Technology, introduced that Qisheng Technology’s preparation for the Winter Olympics began in 2019, including technology preparation and product preparation. In the process, it also received strong support from the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee. He said: “In order to conform to the concept of the Beijing Winter Olympics’ Technology Olympic Games”, Qisheng Technology’s products should highlight the product’s sense of technology. sleep.”


In order to ensure the provision of smart bed services during the Winter Olympics, Qisheng Technology arranged 12 employees to conduct closed -service services at the Winter Olympics Village, and follow the Winter Olympics schedule until April.

In fact, not only the Winter Olympics smart bed, but also the humanized services of highlighting the Winter Olympics, it is placed in nearly 20 “Sleep Restaurant” in the main media center, which is also supported by Qisheng Technology. Under the premise of epidemic prevention, considering the problem of programs and broadcasts that global media workers will face, in order to protect the sleep and health of media workers who are dedicated to squatting “behind the scenes”, Qisheng Technology “shot” again!

The “Sleep Rest Curdine” supported by Qisheng Technology, including “smart rest, comfortable office, entertainment charging”, is also one of the many “black technology” guarantee methods at this Winter Olympics. The report has also received widespread attention.

In this Winter Olympics, Qisheng Technology must go all out to provide a meticulous “sleep” service for sports athletes throughout the process, and to the future with the “City of Double Olympics”! (The photo is provided by Qisheng Technology)


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