Arrogant! After the man stole the stolen money under the monitor

Arrogant! After the man stole the stolen money under the monitor

At noon, I looked for the street store, and stole it boldly. Today (June 4), the Jinjiang police took compulsory measures by the Jinjiang police in accordance with the law.

Ms. Shi in Sichuan is 26 years old and opens a small restaurant in the four realm villages in Chenyu, Jinjiang. At about 3 pm on June 3rd, she woke up at lunch break and found that a mobile phone and cash in the cash register drawer disappeared. “I didn’t have a guest at noon. I just hit a cricket on the lounge chair in front of the shop.” Ms. Shi speculated that it should be that she was stared at by the thief when she was fighting.

After receiving Ms. Shi’s alarm, the police retracted the surrounding surveillance videos and found that when Ms. Shi got off the chair in the morning, a young man entered the shop. “This thief is too bold.” According to the police officer, Ms. Shi’s shop was on the streets. At noon, someone came to the car, and the shop owner was lying at the door. The man went into the shop to steal it.

Further investigation, the suspected man fled to the next intersection after he succeeded, and couldn’t wait to count the money under the monitoring. Because of the ugly state of the suspect, the police quickly locked it as a Jiangxi man. Three hours after the incident, Ji Mou was captured by the police on Qingyang Street, and his stolen mobile phone and the remaining 80 yuan were hidden on his body.

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Ji, a 27 -year -old, had a number of thefts many times. He was sentenced to three months of detention for the last time. He was released in September last year. Ji Mou explained that he did not find a job when he came to Jinjiang. The money brought on his body was spent, and he could only live under the flyover. On the day of the incident, he passed by Ms. Shi’s shop. Seeing no one in the store, the boss fell asleep again at the door of the store. After he succeeded, Jimou went to a full meal. When he wanted to rest, he was captured by the public security organs.

In summer, hot weather, long and long day and night, and the number of outdoor activities of citizens. During this period, it is often a high incidence period for illegal and criminal activities such as invasion of wealth and personal injury. To this end, in response to the characteristics of the summer seasons and the laws of multiple illegal crimes, the Jinjiang Police will issue a prompt to citizens here to hope that the general public hopes that the general public will strengthen safety awareness and pay attention to preventing illegal infringement.

(1) Residents must close the doors and windows when they go to bed at night, and go out from home, and pay attention to check whether they are locked; pay attention to keeping the key. Do not put the key under the blanket and the window sill because of greed and convenience. Low -floor residents and rural buildings in the streets are not careful not to put valuables and clothes near the window.

(2) Resident families should choose locks of reliable quality. It is best not to be easily destroyed. The inner side of the door can be installed with a market lock or “L” -shaped lock to form dual insurance. Pay attention to strengthening the facilities such as the anti -theft door and the anti -theft network. The anti -theft net cannot only be beautiful. If a metal pipe is used, it must be put into a steel bar. The spacing of the anti -theft net cannot be greater than 15 cm. , “Tian” font. If there is a living door on the anti -theft, you must pay attention to locking.

(3) Try not to store a large amount of cash and valuables at home in the house of residents. Families with conditions can purchase safe stores or use bank safe deposit services. Merchants should strengthen night prevention. Do not store a large amount of cash overnight in the store; owners who use aluminum alloy rolling doors, in addition to using a fixed lock at both ends of the rolling door, should also be added to the center of the door. 4.

(4) Pay attention to the brimmophores of the kitchen, toilet and other places to become a “thief channel”. The built -in safety guardrail should be installed on the breathable window to prevent it.

(5) It is very effective to watch and take pictures of each other. When found that strangers wander near their homes, pay more attention, and should monitor or report the patrol personnel and call the “110” alarm if necessary.

Source: Southeast Morning Post

Reporter: Wu Shuibao Correspondent: Zhuang Linglong Chen Mingzhu text/picture

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