Tennis and jewelry, complement each other

Tennis and jewelry, complement each other

Compared with the sports projects with fierce physical confrontation, elegant tennis movements are more attractive to women. Tennis is the most income level of women’s sports. Many players like to decorate themselves with beautiful jewelry. Over time, some players will develop their love for jewelry into a cause, and tennis has also become the most suitable sports project that is best for showing jewelry.

The influence of “tennis bracelet”

As the history of the women’s net altar, the earliest relying on the top master of the dual -inverse play to reach the top, Chris Everter is not used to wearing his wrist when playing. Instead, he likes to wear exquisite bracelets.

Essence In a game of the United States Open in 1987, Evert’s bracelet broke and slipped from the wrist. She insisted on finding the bracelet to continue the game. This episode attracted a lot of attention at that time and inadvertently became a classic classic. At the beginning. In an interview after Evercot, Everter called his bracelet as “tennis bracelet”. The keen jewelry manufacturer used this concept to rename the diamond bracelet that was previously called “eternal bracelet” as “tennis bracelet”, so as to thus, thereby Let the tennis and jewelry combine a wonderful combination.

According to a spokesman for a famous jewelry brand,

Before the “tennis bracelet” was born, no athletes had never wore jewelry inlaid with diamonds for competition

In this regard, Everdut, who was pioneered in this regard, frankly that she had never received a free “tennis bracelet”, that is, she wore a valuable diamond bracelet to play, not to show the sponsor, purely out, it was purely out. For personal preferences. In 1987, the total bonus of the US Open was approaching $ 4 million. At that time, Evert, who had reached the end of his career, also received nearly $ 32,000 in the top 8 of the women’s singles, which was equivalent to the median income of American families that year. At that time, the income level of the master of the Internet was enough to support the hobby of buying diamond bracelets.

Because Evert was too famous, her every move has attracted much attention, so

After she created the concept of “tennis bracelets”, all jewelry manufacturers would not miss such hotspots, and they launched tennis bracelet products. Some merchants even directly named Evert’s name as a bracelet.

So Ever also cooperated with a jewelry manufacturer to create the most authentic tennis bracelets, as well as jewelry such as rings and necklaces. On the occasion of the 1988 Olympic Games, Everter released the jewelry series products designed by her, and herself personally, and herself personally Wear tennis bracelets under your name. According to statistics, the sales of diamonds in the United States in 1988 increased by 135%compared to the previous year, and the boom set off by tennis bracelets.

The jewelry series under Evert name that year was made of 14K or 18K gold. Inlaid diamonds, sapphires, rubies, or amethyst, but the lowest price of a bracelet price was only $ 600 (about $ 1400 today), Everter believes that the price of such a price is quite affordable. In addition to the relatively low price, the tennis bracelet created by Everter was also an important feature, that is, it is indeed suitable for wearing when playing, which has strong practicality. Although tennis bracelets are synonymous with diamond bracelets to some extent, in fact

Only those very light, soft, closely fitted with the wrist, and even when playing, they will not scratch the skin bracelets, can they be called a real tennis bracelet.

The first interpretation of tennis bracelets as a luxury is a Sister of Williams.

In 2002, Xiao Wei, who was under 21 years old, won her third consecutive Grand Slam championship. The “Cat Woman” jersey she wore in the US Open was also very eye -catching, but in fact, at the time, the small at that time was small The bracelet worn on the wrist of Wei’s wrist is much more expensive than the jersey. That bracelet is a new design of a senior jewelry brand at that time. It is composed of Platinum with a 9 -carat diamond. Xiaowei’s wrist is just right. Dawei also showed a lot of new tennis skirts on the field, and the most expensive game equipment she had worn was probably a tennis bracelet with a price of $ 9875.

Last year, the US Open won the championship,

Make Emma Radaku is favored by many sponsors, including a top jewelry brand. According to the British media analysis, in the Finals of the US Open last year, a pair of earrings worn by Luda Nu were worth 4,500 pounds, the bracelet was worth 17,000 pounds, the ring was worth 3275 pounds, and the necklace was worth 2750 pounds.

The jewelry chosen by tennis players does not have to be very expensive, but it often has special significance. She has a soft spot for jewelry. I feel that my family seems to be around in the game.

Use jewelry to show talent

When the “tennis bracelet” officially became a concept of jewelry, its influence gradually spread to other types of jewelry, like the necklace in the form of a diamond chain that is closely connected to the neck, showing an elegant and delicate style The design concept is similar to the tennis bracelet, which is called “tennis necklace”. On the other hand, the shape of tennis and tennis rackets is slightly complicated but suitable for creativity. It is also often used for the production of pendants and noodles. The combination of tennis and jewelry design is reflected in these methods.

Xiao Wei, who has a wide range of interests, has a lot of experience in the fashion field. In November 2019, she cooperated with one of the largest jewelry manufacturers in the world to create a jewelry brand named after her name. Xiao Wei said that she is not a jewelry designer, but she is very enthusiastic in this regard. “Most people like jewelry, and I really love jewelry. How to modify it. ” Many of the works in Xiaowei’s jewelry series have her distinctive personal style. According to Xiao Wei, in the 99%competition she participated in the past, she wears a heart -shaped pendant necklace. The heart -shaped pendant naturally became her jewelry A major logo of the work. There is a topic in Xiaowei’s jewelry work called “UNSTOPPABLE”, which perfectly reflects her personality and pursuit.

Although Xiao Wei failed to participate in the Australian Open this year, at the beginning of the Australian Open, she launched her new jewelry series. The theme of this series is to pay tribute to strong women. Showing women’s self -confidence and beauty is suitable for wearing every day in daily life.

Last summer, Xiaowei began to cooperate with a very influential jewelry brand in North America, and her jewelry business became more and more successful. Another famous star Mu Guluza, who is very beautiful in fashion, also cooperated with a fashion brand in the United States in early 2020 to launch several necklaces and earrings designed by her. Selling points will be sold out quickly, and she will undoubtedly have potential in this field in the future.

In the Winnet in 2013, when French player Bartry won the championship, wearing a “lucky bracelet” embellished with letters J and S, representing Joy and Serenity (Serenity)

Bato said that when facing the key points, she would touch this bracelet as a psychological suggestion to help herself calm down. After Bato Li retired, she founded her own jewelry production line. Her design jewelry works are bright and bright, and inspiration is largely derived from her favorite painter Monet -Bato Li started playing tennis at the age of 5, but she started playing tennis at the age of 5, but she started playing tennis at the age of 5. She has always been interested in art and painting, and her jewelry works are full of artistic atmosphere. When Bartry’s jewelry business was the most popular, Svitrina, Priestolova sisters, and even Xiaowei became her customers.

Ordinary American player Daniel Corinus treats Sisters Williams as her own idol. She not only learns the ball skills of Williams, but also admire the success of the sisters as a commercial woman. It is a business management degree, and she chose the jewelry field during business. Corinus is a very talented jewelry designer. She has worked with a senior jewelry company to design custom wedding rings and bride jewelry for customers. Corinth first added some marks such as birthday stones, first letters and numbers on the jewelry that he purchased to make it more special. Later The jewelry that can express personal identity shows that it is different.

The engagement rings of women’s web stars are often very eye -catching. When Wozniaci and former basketball star David Li were engaged, the 8.88 carat diamond ring she got was not only valued at about 1 million US dollars

Design and workmanship are also very careful. According to the designer of the ring, it was the most perfect oval cutting ring he had ever seen. According to Wozniac’s preferences, the ring was inlaid with broken diamonds, but the most carefully selected master Drilling, light is not covered in broken diamonds, it looks more shiny than some higher -priced diamond rings, which can be called classic.

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