There is all it at the Internet celebrity home, Tom Dixon, the Shouzheng to China, I don’t hurry home

There is all it at the Internet celebrity home, Tom Dixon, the Shouzheng to China, I don’t hurry home


The friends who love the Nordic lifestyle must be familiar with the industrial style? In recent years, it has been quite hot. It originated in Europe and has many forms, but it will bid to the simple black and white gray color system in terms of overall tone. It pays attention to the sense of lines and freedom, and highlights the harmony of people and nature. And coincidence. To talk about the representative of the industrial style, then I have to mention the British high -end home design brand TOM DIXON, which is one of the representative brands of the industrial style pioneer design.

London Coal Office

On December 9, 2019, the British high -end home design brand TOM DIXON’s first retail experience store in Mainland China settled in Hangzhou Vientiane City and declared that the brand officially entered the Chinese market. Z Media learned that as a brand of British designer Tom Dixon, since its establishment in 2002, Tom Dixon has been seeking new adventures in the design. His works cover furniture, lighting, home decoration and space design. Style and bold innovation exploration have become important forces that cannot be ignored in the field of home, lifestyle, and space design in the world.

For the first retail experience store in Mainland China, Tom Dixon, the brand manager, said: “Tom Dixon has been committed to exploring the extraordinary moments of daily life with design. We want to share our lives with consumers in Mainland China from Hangzhou as a starting point. Method aesthetics. “

The design concept of the new retail experience store adheres to the brand’s consistent display style -with the creative combination of different products, taking into account the expression of practical functions and aesthetic value; in a minimalist and modern environment, it highlights the smart character of Tom Dixon’s works. The space of black and white and gray is calm and charming, while the iconic design items displayed during the display brought a unique tone to the store.

It is understood that from the classic works of the brand, such as Pylon seats, Mirror Ball lamps, Brew coffee utensils, to the newly launched FAT seats, BUMP tea sets, and TANK wine gear, consumers can experience and buy Tom Dixon in the store close -up experience and purchase Tom Dixonon All category iconic products. Of course, among the many products in the store, the most eye -catching is the Melt lamps. It hangs down in the center of the store in a different way. The distorted luminous sphere releases a charming melting shadow and walks under it.

The opening of Tom Dixon Hangzhou Vientiane City Retail Experience Store not only marks the brand’s new start of the brand in the mainland of China, but also bring the unique charm of exclusive Britain to the field of home, lifestyle and space design in Mainland China. In 2020, Tom Dixon, who has full confidence in the Chinese mainland market, will further expand to core urban areas such as Beijing and Shanghai, and explore unlimited creative inspiration with more consumers.



Wingback is inspired by the traditional 17th -century gentleman seat and ball back style, which was originally designed for Shoreditch House membership club. Wingback with sculpture has an expressive curve design. It is often furnished in the center of space to increase the sculpture of the space, not just a seat. The exaggerated ratio of the chair wing allows people to be surrounded by chairs, or hidden from the field of vision.


The new FAT cushion seat series can fully surround the body and allow users to experience a variety of comfortable sitting positions. It can be used as a dining chair, bar stool and casual chair. Its minimalist component design fully interprets the concept of “form follow function”, while maintaining an interesting outline style and simple aesthetic style. FAT is made of mold foam, paired with brilliant black paint metal chairs, and customized pad design. The series of seats are manufactured in Europe and are hand -made and decorated by experienced craftsmen.


Large -scale works with a sense of weight are full of metal texture and minimalist design. MASS is a super -large -scale furniture work with a confident attitude. It has a sense of presence and recognition, and shows minimalist style. The appearance of MASS will change over time, forming natural copper green on its surface, which means that each MASS work will put traces of years like a precious bronze statue.



Melt’s design is inspired by experiments in the advanced field of vacuum metalization technology and adds unique design elements. As an upgraded version of Copper Shade, Melt was born in 2015 and is the crystallization of cooperation with Swedish radical design group Front. Melt is a series of distorted spherical lamps. Tom Dixon cooperates with the manufacturer to turn the existing metallic surface treatment into a semi -metallic surface, which will produce extraordinary optical effects and form a dreamy elegant light in the surrounding environment.

Mirror Ball

Sometimes failure is the mother of success. When creating Mirror Ball, the designer’s goal is to create a full -scale lamps with high mirror effects, which makes it integrate with the surrounding environment. But the final result is a completely opposite work. A highly reflective effect, eye -catching lamps, inspired by space helmets and Disco ball lights.


In 2004, Tom Dixon participated in a project in Swil, looking for creative development opportunities for the rapidly lost craftsman and their skills. BEAT Light was born in the project and was created by a famous craftsman of Morada Bad in northern India. Beat’s production refers to the basic proportion and process of traditional brass works, but for different functions, some traditional craftsmanship can be inherited and developed. The inside of each work is marked with its production, bronze rotation, firing and hand -cracking. Each work is unique, which proves the extremely time -consuming century -old inheritance process behind it. It may take 4 days to make a lamp. The design is inspired by the simplicity of the traditional Indian water boat sculpture.

Home accessory


TANK is characterized by hand -drawn copper handles. The design of the sculpture is inspired by the functional shape and outline of scientific glass utensils. A series of bold architectural style desktop supplies not only interpret minimalist style, but also decorate. The TANK series also provides a black version.


Brew’s concept is to treat coffee as an art form, and drinking coffee is one of the few rituals in modern society. Brew has a precise design, made of stainless steel, with copper, and has super reflection and functionality. It is an ideal design on various kitchen stations, bars or tables. Brew also provides stainless steel version.


BUMP is a series of circular high borosilized glass designed for daily drinking and banquets. BUMP follows the glass production process of the scientific laboratory, which is reflected in the translucent color; the interesting design of the double -layer glass also carries the practical functions of thoughtful.

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