The design concept and renderings of 13 -meter aluminum alloy speedboat design

The design concept and renderings of 13 -meter aluminum alloy speedboat design

The new business law enforcement boat of sailing boats is a new generation of official law enforcement high -speed boat customized according to customer requirements.

design concept:

The overall line is solemn and majestic

The color is pleasing to the eye, the space is bright

Suitable for the inland region to sail

Suitable for patrolling law enforcement and conference command

Main size

Total commander: 13.35M

Captain: 12.47m

Waterline length: 11.50M

Boat width: 3.30M

Type depth: 1.30M

Eat water at full load: 0.55m

Full load displacement: 10T

Host load rate: 350HP × 3800rpm × 2 units

Maximum design speed: 55km/h

Crew: 2 people

Passenger: 10 people

Airline: Class B

Appearance renderings

Interior renderings

Decoration Materials:

1. The cabinet ceiling is 10mm thick aluminum honeycomb plate, the middle thin strip is 400mm wide, the surface is sprayed with white paint, and the surface is treated with high bright surface. The remaining parts were sprayed with milky white paint.

2. The wall board of the cab is 10mm thick paint plate, the surface is light -colored wood grain texture, and the size of the wood grain should be as small as possible to prevent the stitching during the later production.

3. The pillars on both sides of the window are treated with light gray cotton linen for soft bags.

4. The 3 seats in the cab are shock -reducing seats, with 492mm width of the chair. Below the seats are made of aluminum plates to make the sitting up to 450mm. The surface of the seat is sprayed with gray paint, 250*200 opens on the front side, and the interior is used as a storage space.

5. The left side of the cabinet is the bathroom on the left side of the door, and the door opens outside the cabin. The inner wall is applied with a 10mm water -resistant rubber plate.

6. On the right side of the cabinet door, use a 12mm thick decoration version to make 400*520*780 cabinets. The desktop height is kept at 750mm, and the outside of the desktop is 30mm higher than the desktop.

7. The driver’s table is divided into two parts, the right side is the main driving seat, and the electrical equipment control panel is set on the left. The driver’s table is active, and the upper part is on the decoration version of the window guard, and the side of the aisle is embedded in the wall board on both sides of the stairs.

8. The area of ​​the cab (PVC) of the cab (PVC) is about 7.60 ㎡, the total area of ​​the side plate (10mm decoration board) is about 19.75 ㎡, and the ceiling (honeycomb aluminum plate) area is about 7.82 ㎡

9. The sofa base is 10mm wood grain -free honeycomb aluminum plate. The seat cushion and back lining are 10mm water -resistant composite plates.

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