I have started playing this now, do you still use it stupidly?

I have started playing this now, do you still use it stupidly?

People who often do handmade know the hot melt rubber gun

This is indeed very easy to use

Many places are used in bonding

If you love handmade, there is no hot melt glue yet

I guess you can’t hold it after reading it

Hot melting glue is not just as simple as sticking to things

In fact, it can also be the main coffee of handmade

It’s not an important supporting role at all

Then, in addition to the above -mentioned hot -melt rubber gun

What else can I do?

You won’t be disappointed!

Snowflake decoration

Make some snowflakes on the transparent glass, look good and easy to operate. Someone once tried to say that it was not easy to stick to it. You can apply a layer of Vaselin before making, so that it is convenient for it.

Help the dye

Use a hot -melt rubber gun to paint on the fabric. After painting, spray the color, and feel like doing a different wax dye. The effect is very interesting.


Hot melting glue can be made directly as jewelry. I can’t think of it. And the small jewelry coming out is also very interesting.

Halloween decorative necklaces can also be easily done with this!

Dot decoration

Squeeze a dot -shaped object and apply colorful nail polish below, like a pile of colored small water droplets. Can be used for decoration. You can also do a bit bigger, stick to the magnet directly, you don’t need to buy the magnetic buckle! You can also make a small earrings

Decorative glassware

The glass bottle without decorative design, if you want some characteristics, if you change a little change, you can try this.

Anti -slip

The carpet always runs around. Is it a headache? Use hot -melt glue to stick a few roads at the bottom, and make a few caves in the four corners and the middle, and you won’t run again!

The child’s shoes are afraid that the soles are too slippery, and it can be effectively non -slip on the glue with hot melting glue. You can write the child’s name

Cups and glassware can be painted at the bottom like this hot melt glue, effectively non -slip


Unexpectedly, the hot melt glue can make such a large decoration, coral -like decoration. It looks no less than selling outside! Spray the color after finishing the color!

adjust size

The ring is sometimes not appropriate and it is not suitable. You can choose this way to adjust it, and it is easy to take off! Squeeze out some hot melting glue, soak the lower part of the ring into the glue before removing it. After the glue is dry, remove the solution outside the ring.

Prevent clothes from decline

Summer clothes are thin and thin, and some collars are relatively large. It is easy to fall on the hanger. A piece of clothes will not fall casually!

Three -dimensional embroidery

How to make the embroidery the three -dimensional effect? After drawing the pattern directly with the hot melting glue, the effect of the package will come out! Intersection

Make a storage basket

Make a storage basket with hot melting glue, install some crude or fruits!

Snowflake decoration-hair accessories

This snowflake decoration is suitable for styling. For dressing or performance clothes, it can also be used in holidays.

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