The price of the gray cloth is generally raised, the traditional off -season demand has fallen, and the torment of fabric companies will rise again

The price of the gray cloth is generally raised, the traditional off -season demand has fallen, and the torment of fabric companies will rise again

The price of the gray fabric has risen.

On May 21, a notice of price increase in many people in the industry suddenly appeared in the circle of friends in the industry, allowing everyone to “review” the price increase list:

The centers of the Global Lake -shaped cloth home of nearly 200 companies in the enterprise issued an initiative, and the price of all member companies was raised by 0.5 to 1 yuan/meter.

It is said that the market price is determined by the supply and demand relationship. The upstream blank cloth takes the lead in price increase. Could it be that the market market is gradually heating up?

The price of gray cloth generally rises

Recently, not only the luminous cloth has opened the price increase channel, but the gulf market can be described as popular.

China Keqiao Textile Index Show,

Recently, marketing has pushed up a month -on -month, and the price of gray fabric has risen slightly.

Among them, the blending fiber billet pushes the month -on -month, and the price index rose a certain increase. Chemical fiber cloth spot transactions and orders were pushed up from the previous month, and the price index rose slightly. Polyester gauze, polyester spinning cloth, polyester billet, polyester linen, and polyester color cloth transaction price increased month -on -month. The overall price index rose slightly. “Recently, the price of gray fabrics is one price a day. In addition, the price of polyester filaments in raw materials in early May has risen, and the price of gray fabrics has shown a trend of going up.” According to industry insiders, it is reported that

At the end of April, the price of 210T polyester fabric was about 0.92 yuan/meter. After the May 1st holiday, it had risen to 0.98 yuan/meter, and most of the amount was not discount.

“Chunya spinning cloth prices have also risen. Take the gray cloth with 210T order quality as an example. It was 1.0 yuan/meter in early April. Looking at the rise, there is a trend of replenishing the “gold three silver and four” market. However, some people in the industry pointed out,

At present, although the price of the gulfling goods is signs of rising, most of the large -scale orders are still caused by the acquisition of goods for middlemen, and the demand for fabric companies has not improved significantly.

Small fabric companies are in dilemma

According to the China Light Textile Market Market Research, the currently at a high level at a high level of more than 40 days, and the transaction volume of the spinning city has not improved significantly. But it is worth noting,

Recently, middlemen often come to market inquiry, buy a large number of gray fabrics, and then transfer to fabric companies.

Although this kind of speculation is a moment, the price of the gray fabric is fried, and it is difficult to return to the place for a while. For example, at the end of April, the 210T polyester tower cloth, which was a sensation at the end of April, was fired to 1.1 yuan/meter, and now the heat is decreased, but the price is still hovering at 0.98 yuan/meter. Essence “There are rags on the upper price, and buyers are priced. We are really ‘pressure mountains.” A person in charge of a fabric trading company in Zhejiang complained that there were not many companies in the company, and now we dare not increase the price to customers. You can only pay for it silently. There is no doubt that at present, the days of fabric companies are not good.

Affected by the epidemic this year, the market conditions are sluggish, most of the foreign trade orders have stopped, and the number of domestic trade orders has fallen sharply. The price of the gray fabric has also fallen to the trough, and even a manufacturer sold at a loss.

In the case of “more monks and less porridge”, the market is already the buyer’s market, and the clothing brand has absolute dominance. Fabric companies silently played a price war. In order to operate in order, some companies even did not hesitate to receive orders at a loss. Although such companies are only a few, they can still see the difficulty of the material and the scarcity of orders. “Now the market on the market also has a throwing goods, but the quality is unsatisfactory.” A fabric company purchaser who did not want to disclose his name admits to the China Textile News reporter:

“A few days ago, I heard that there were only 2 yuan/meter of chiffon cloth of the manufacturer 75D chiffon cloth. I heard the price very excited and immediately contacted the manufacturer. But later I took a few meters of gray cloth, and after seeing the finished product, the quality and 2.5 yuan/meter natt. The goods are far apart, and you can only take the high price of the gray fabric. “

Internal and external demand is expected to improve

Looking at the fabric market in May, “light” is still its main tone.

However, it is worth noting that many foreign countries and regions have begun to relax the control of the epidemic, gradually lift the blockade restrictions, and resume work and re -production one after another. The China Cotton Textile Industry Association recently investigated and showed that

Recently, some European and American clothing brands demanded that Chinese cowboy companies have successively launched some orders before the outbreak of the epidemic. These orders account for more than 80%of the total number of online production orders.

80%of the surveyed denim companies said that downstream inquiry companies and small batches of orders increased by about 10%compared with the same period last month, and the domestic sales market also signs signs of startup.

According to market feedback,

In addition to denim, single -silk cotton, acetic acid, and quick -drying fabrics have more inquiry recently. Although these fabrics are relatively small and the volume is not large, it can indeed reflect the needs of clothing from the side. It is recovering slowly.

Recently, the questionnaire on the survey of relevant information platforms targets the problem of “estimated June fabric orders will change from May”.

41.7%of companies hold optimistic expectations and believe that orders will grow in June


29.4%of companies believe that there will be a trend of decline

;in addition

23.5%of the enterprises are conservative and believe that it will maintain a stable trend to run

Essence A company with a pessimistic attitude believes: “It has reached late May. According to the rules of previous years, the order of spring and summer fabrics has basically entered the end, and the market has entered the off -season. Start occupying the market, the market will become hot again. “He pointed out,

The consumption of textiles has a strong seasonal law. The season has passed. It is difficult to “retaliate consumption” after this. Therefore, when the market enters the off -season, it is difficult to get up in a short time.

“It is said that Chunjiang Water Warm Duck Prophets, hoping that the recent price increase of the gray fabric is an unknown prophet for the textile market. We look forward to the recovery of the industry. At the same time, through this epidemic, we will also think about how to make the operation of the company more reasonable and compressed. It’s stronger. “Some people in the industry said.

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