How to choose a clean -priced facial cleanser? Basic cleaning is used for Piaofei.

How to choose a clean -priced facial cleanser? Basic cleaning is used for Piaofei.

Having smooth and delicate skin is a great wish for each girl. Good skin can double points for themselves. As the saying goes, “one white covering and ugly” is also the same reason. Although washing your face as a must -have in our every day, many little fairy’s skin still looks bad, and it is difficult to absorb no matter what skin care products are used.

In fact, this is related to facial cleaning. As the first step of daily skin care, cleansing is very important to choose the right facial cleanser. Cleaning strength and mildness should be suitable for your skin. Today, the donuts will introduce five cheap and easy -to -use amino acid facial cleansers. Basic cleaning is used in Pianli Mi, L’Oreal Fuyan is well received. Which one do you love?

1. To the facial cleanser

To this simple style domestic skin care brand is particularly popular among student party girls, and the large capacity of 120G is less than half a hundred. It has a faint fresh flower and grass flavor, without flavors added, adopts roses, Jinhehuan, olive fruits and other extracts. After washing the face, there will be no tightness of dryness. The cleaning of this facial cleanser is also good. The foam is rich and delicate. It is best to rinse a few times to avoid finding foam residues when applying skin care.

2. Pianli Mi Cui facial cleanser

The facial cleanser is accompanied by the full middle school era of donuts. Now it can become a hot net red facial cleanser. The role of different colors of packaging is also different. The donut still feels that the yellow rice is the best. The main ingredient is amino acids. It is very gentle and soft. It has no dryness and tightness at all. It has a certain moisturizing effect. Its cleaning effect belongs to medium, and it is more suitable for cleaning the oil on the skin in the morning. Daily cleansing is enough!

3. Fulfang silk facial cleanser

This net red facial cleanser is believed to have an unshakable position in the minds of many little fairy, which can be regarded as the originator of amino acid cleansing. It is a white cream texture. The foam used by the foam net is very dense. It is not tight and easy to rinse. The cleaning is not too strong, and it will not cause burden on the skin. It is a weakly acidic facial cleanser with mild plant extraction ingredients, which is close to the skin pH value and low stimulation. It is very friendly to acne and sensitive muscles. The donuts think it is worth buying!

4. Kerun foam facial cleanser

This skin care brand is mainly sensitive muscle care. The weakly acidic is very mild. It has no spice and color, which can help the skin stabilize. This is also a facial cleanser of amino acid foam. It is the texture of the mousse foam. After pressing it, you can directly rub your face and rub it. The cleaning strength is medium and overly partial. There is no problem after the morning foundation cleaning or the makeup removal at night. After washing the face, it can help lock the moisture in the skin, and perfectly apply it for thin diagonal or dry leather little fairy!

5. L’Oreal Fuyan Cleansing Milk

I don’t know if there is any little fairy who has been floured by this L’Oreal Fuyan face. The donut has only been recently washed up by Amway. It really feels unexpectedly easy to use. Its appearance is very simple, and the lotion texture is very durable. It is very cleaner and mild in amino acid facial cleanser. After rinse, there is no fake slip feeling and not dry. Add salicylic acid derivatives to the cleansing, which has a calm and relieving effect on closed mouth, blackheads and acne. No wonder it is well received!

Cleansing is the first step in the basic skin care. Many little fairies often feel that skin care products are difficult to absorb. It may float on the surface of the skin. It may be because the cleaning of the facial cleanser suitable for their skin is particularly important. Mild facial cleanser can reduce the stimulation of the skin, so that the face can be washed and smooth. That’s it for today’s sharing, I hope you can like it!

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