Do you want to do “eye exercises”?

Do you want to do “eye exercises”?

Xinhua News Agency, Guiyang, February 2 (Reporter Qi Jian) ​​”China Eye” is a big guy. If the reflection surface is compared to the “retina”, this film is 250,000 square meters, and the “bottom of the eye” and more than 2,200 hydraulic pressure Activator plays the role of “neuron” to accurately control the “retina”. With such a “eye”, how can engineers maintain its health?

The reflection surface that can actively deform is an important technological innovation that is different from the traditional radio telescope. How to “actively” deformation? It is to send instructions to more than 2,200 hydraulic promoters to the general control room, and the hydraulic promoter is expanded to the specified position, thereby controlling the adjustment position of 4,450 reflex units.

When the “Sky Eye” observation is running, it is difficult for a person to see the slight changes when the reflection surface “deforms”, but you can hear the sound of thousands of liquid pressure promoters roar together. The daily workload of the hydraulic promoter is the most “care” of the operation and maintenance engineer.

At the beginning of the completion of the “Sky Eye”, the engineer had to determine which promoter did not work normally during the inspection. Essence

“Chief engineer Jiang Peng proposed to build a reflected surface safety assessment system.” Li Hui, an engineer responsible for the structure in the telescope debugging, said that according to this idea, the team used the entire process simulation technology to completely digitize the entire reflected surface with a mechanical model. ” Which promoter is broken and which node work is not normal, it can be displayed in the security assessment system software of the general control room “, and simulates the impact on observation. Once the safety range is exceeded, the police will be automatically alarm.

With the reflection surface safety assessment system, engineers can make “eye exercises” in a target, and timely maintenance and maintenance for “sub -health” nodes. This is like when we do eye health exercises, if the acupuncture points are uncomfortable, we press more presses to relieve visual fatigue.

If the problem is not the hydraulic promoter on the “bottom of the eye”, but what should I do on the reflective panel? Can engineers go up on the board to maintain? The answer is yes. Smart engineers do not stand directly on the panel, but imitate “space walking”.

This technology is called “micro -gravity spider man”. Using a 7.6 -meter -diameter -diameter -diameter -diameter balloon to reduce the weight of the operation and maintenance personnel to the weight of the reflected panel, and even “zero gravity” Examination and maintenance of the inspection and maintenance will not break the panel.

Now we know that “Tianyan” must not only do “eye exercises”, but also a well -designed and intelligent “eye exercises”. It is not the “silly thick” pile of metal, but the most precise astronomical instrument that needs to be carefully taken care of by the operation and maintenance engineer.

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