Japan’s most popular body scrub, after washing, the skin is tender, mosquitoes have to split their feet

Japan’s most popular body scrub, after washing, the skin is tender, mosquitoes have to split their feet

As soon as the three-volt day arrived, the temperature soared sharply, and not long after going out every day, the smell of sweat was obvious.

I can’t wait to take a bath several times a day to be comfortable. Speaking of bathing, today I decided to tell you about body care.

In summer, the skin oil secretion is relatively vigorous, and cleaning is not clean, which is easy to cause clogged pores, accumulation of old waste keratin is too thick, the skin is dull, rough, acne, chicken skin, and inelastic to the touch.

As a girl, I like to wear off-the-shoulder suspenders and short-sleeved shorts in summer, where to allow myself to have thick skin.

In addition to daily bathing, it is necessary to do a deep cleansing regularly.

I recently planted a particularly useful body scrub, and after taking a shower with it, I haven’t changed another scrub!

That’s it, super popular from Japan

Pheromone body scrub

, I like it the first time I use it.

After washing with it, the body is fragrant and soft, the skin feels slippery to the touch, and I can’t help but be fascinated by my body

A royal scrub for high-end Japanese clubs

This jar of scrub comes from

Pheromone, a Japanese brand specializing in body care products


Originally, it was specialized in buttock scrub products, which are usually common

A high-end spa club in Japan

In use, it was later excavated by more people.

Also obtained

The top one or two sales results in Japan’s local bathing department

, a veritable hot-selling product, very popular.

Although it is a scrub, it can also foam.

Using it when taking a bath can not only massage away old waste skin, but also wash the body as well as shower gel

25 years of patented matte technology

Gentle and delicate, no oil, no fake slippery

Not only the cleaning effect is good, it’s

The taste is also so good

, as soon as the lid is opened,

The sweet fruity aroma comes to your face


Generally, when buying scrub products, pay special attention to its particle size,

The particles are too large, the skin is painful to rub, the particles are too small, and the cleaning is not in place

PB scrub is just right, it’s

The texture is like a soft smoothie

, crystal clear, pinch it, feel very good ~

Its matte particles, yes

Natural sea salt selected from Japanese seas is gentle and delicate, combined with 25 years of patented scrubbing technology

It thoroughly scrubs away dead skin, dirt and excess keratin from the body without irritating the skin

What’s more, with a little water, it can rub microbubbles,

The fine foam “carries” away the dirt and keratin in the pores

After washing, the skin is refreshed,

There is no “oil film feeling” that cannot be washed, the skin is full of moisture, and it is not fake and greasy to the touch

I like that.

After insisting on using it for a period of time,

There is less melanin on the body


Elbows, knees, heels



Don’t neglect the buttocks, especially office workers and student parties like us,

Long-term sedentary work, blood circulation at PP is not smooth, metabolism is very slow

The stratum corneum will become thicker and thicker, the secreted oil will clog the pores, the skin will be dry and dehydrated for a long time, and there will be a lot of dead skin.

Rub the sitting mark on the PP when bathing, not only will it not dry after washing, the black and black drop sitting mark will fade a lot, and the skin will become delicate and white

Moisturizes and locks in water and improves chicken skin

cheap large bowl,

The scent smells so good!

In addition to adding natural scrub particles, PB scrub also contains:

Ginkgo biloba, bamboo leaves, peony flowers, loofah, olive oil

and other natural plant essence ingredients.

Helps skin moisturize and lock in moisture,

Effectively relieves dryness, roughness, dullness and other conditions on the body

, especially needed in summer.

Plus, it’s also inside

Combined with medicinal bactericidal and anti-inflammatory ingredients


Improve oily skin and relieve chicken skin


Chest and back acne, chicken skin, “snakeskin” sister paper, be sure to try this scrub, durable and powerful and cheap in large bowls

One can is enough


, Heavy in your hand,

It can be used for at least half a year

So so

Use 1-2 times a week

That’s it,

Use it as a whole family

All right, totally enough for the whole summer.

PB scrub comes out in several flavors, and some of them are sold more popular online

Honey, lychee, peach


The honey smell is sweet, but

Sweet but not greasy

, on the contrary, it is very attractive,

People can’t help but sniff closer

, This is very milky~

The peach flavor is simply so

Girly incense

After washing, I felt that Jio herself was a peach girl, and she was delicious and moving

I personally prefer lychee flavor, sweet, fresh and pleasant,

Every time I took a shower, I mistakenly thought that I had just sprayed perfume, and the fruity aroma lingered and smelled very good

If you want your skin to be fair and smooth, you should use this kind of thing all year round, and regularly “grind” the old waste keratin on your body to make your skin like cream.

This time I couldn’t help but stock up on several cans when I was new in the store, the old rule, limited-time offers during tweets, hurry up and take it away!

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