Improper handling of food desiccant is harmful

Improper handling of food desiccant is harmful

Recently, many news of “desiccant explosion in water and hurting children” appeared on the Internet, and the three words “desiccant” have become synonymous with making parents frightened. What exactly is a food desiccant? Does it explode when it meets water? With these questions, the reporter interviewed relevant professionals and did relevant experiments.

Reporter test: A slight explosion occurred when the food desiccant met with water

The reporter visited supermarkets such as China Resources Vanguard and RT-Mart in our district and found that most snack packaging bags such as seaweed, pot ba, beef jerky, etc. that are eaten out of the bag have desiccant in them. However, the desiccant in each snack packaging bag is different, some are only marked “not edible”, some are marked with the words “do not touch water, not edible”, and some only have a pattern logo, which means “do not touch young children”.

The reporter randomly bought seaweed and wangwang snow cake imported from South Korea, and after tearing the desiccant in the package and pouring it out, he found that the particles of the two were different. The desiccant in the seaweed bag is transparent silica gel particles, while the mineral desiccant in the snow cake bag is brownish-gray.

The reporter then added water to the two desiccants separately and found that after the desiccant was completely dissolved, the temperature at the bottom of the cup containing the mineral desiccant increased, and the silica gel desiccant on the side still had some particles continuing to burst, and if people were in close contact, it might cause certain damage to the limbs and face.

Chemistry teacher: Lime desiccant will cause a strong explosion when exposed to water

Teacher Li, a chemistry teacher at Zengcheng No. 1 Middle School, introduced that the desiccant in different types of food on the market is mainly divided into silica gel desiccant, mineral desiccant and lime desiccant.

Teacher Li said that the chemical properties of silica gel desiccant are relatively safe and stable, usually transparent particles, non-toxic, tasteless, non-corrosive, non-polluting, but there is also a certain danger, especially after contact with water, the particles will burst slightly.

Teacher Li said that mineral desiccant contains diatomaceous earth, montmorillonite and other components, belongs to porous mineral silicate, the surface area is relatively large, has the function of adsorption of water, plays a drying role, chemical properties are more stable, put into water will slowly absorb water, heat release is not so intense.

Teacher Li reminds that another common lime desiccant on the market, its main component is calcium oxide, which dissolves quickly after encountering water, will release a lot of heat, causing gas expansion and water body expansion, when the pressure reaches a certain level, it will trigger a strong explosion reaction.

It is best to discard the desiccant after the food is opened

The reporter conducted random interviews with 20 citizens about the “harm of desiccant”.

Of these, 12 said they were “not very clear”; 4 respondents said they “follow the news but don’t particularly know”; Two respondents said that they were “very clear and very careful” about the hazards of desiccant and the correct way to use it.

For the treatment of desiccant, most respondents said that they would throw it away directly, and a small number would “recycle” the desiccant.

Liu Shinan, who lives in the backbone of Haoting, is a “photography enthusiast”. He said he would collect the desiccant and put it with electronic products such as cameras and computers to absorb moisture and prevent the lens screen from fogging.

Zhang Xinhui, a 52-year-old resident of the Kaiyuan community, is a “shrewd housewife” in the neighbor’s mouth, and in her shoe cabinet and wardrobe, she sees desiccant, “The dehumidifier is saved, and the effect is still great!” ”

Teacher Li reminds that if you don’t know enough about the desiccant or make a mistake in judgment, accidents are easy to occur, so it is best to throw away the desiccant first after opening the food. If the desiccant is accidentally splashed into the eyes, rinse from the inside of the eyes to the outside with water or normal saline as soon as possible. If you ingest desiccant by mistake, you should immediately take milk or water by mouth, but not overdose, and immediately go to the hospital for treatment after a little treatment.

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