Basic knowledge of home decoration, cabinet design and composition

Basic knowledge of home decoration, cabinet design and composition

(1) The composition of the cabinet

The main components of the cabinet are divided into boxes, door panels, countertops, hardware, and each part has specific subdivisions.

The materials selected for the box are divided into: solid wood particle board, multi-layer solid wood composite board, solid wood board

Solid wood particle boards are divided into domestic and imported, mainly domestic production of Jilin Sengong dew river board, Fujian Daya board; THE MAIN IMPORTS ARE AEGER PLATE IN AUSTRIA, UNLIN IN BELGIUM, AND PELEIDERER IN GERMANY.

The box body is divided according to the environmental protection level

: E1 level, E0 level, F4 star, of which E0 level is a national non-mandatory standard, the highest European standard is E1 level, F4 star is a Japanese standard.

On December 10, 2001, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued the national standard GB18580-2001 “Formaldehyde emission limit in wood-based panels and products of interior decoration materials”, which stipulates the index values, test methods and rules for formaldehyde emission in wood-based panels and their products (including floors, wall panels, etc.) for interior decoration. This standard is applicable to various types of wood-based panels and their products for interior decoration that release formaldehyde.

In 2004, in the national standard “Plywood” (GB/T9846.1-9846.8-2004), the limit level of E0≤0.5mg/L was marked, and the national standard E0 grade is currently the highest standard for formaldehyde emission limits in wood-based panels and their products in China.

E0 vs. F4 stars:

China’s floor inspection area is 180 C㎡, wrapped in aluminum foil on all sides, leaving only the surface exposed, and room temperature detection is sufficient


The Japanese JAS star standard detection area is 1800 C㎡, edge banding is not allowed, and the water bath temperature is 65±2 degrees



According to the material, the edge banding strip is divided into: PVC (polyvinyl chloride), ABS (acrylic cyanide, butadiene, styrene), PP (polypropylene resin), PMMA (polymethacrylate methyl methyl (unitary)), MFC melamine paper, aluminum alloy

According to the process, the door panel is divided into: tripolyamine double veneer, fireproof board, baking paint, porcelain, blister molding, solid wood, UV paint (St. Mark, St. Sloan, diamond brand), metal brushing

The countertop is divided into artificial stone (American DuPont Corian, Japan Coraray, Monterey, Huaxun Jiali stone), marble, granite, quartz, diamond, stainless steel (201 steel plate, 304 steel plate, domestic steel, imported steel, plate thickness, splicing treatment), fireproof board

Hardware accessories are divided into: hinges (also known as hinges), hanging codes of hanging cabinets (ordinary exposed metal connectors, open hanging codes, dark hanging codes), supports, connecting parts, and handles. Imported hardware brands include: Hettich, Blum, HAFELE, Grasse, Italian FGV, Ferrari

Other processes are divided into:


(front with aluminum alloy edge banding),

Back panel

(melamine single veneer, melamine double veneer),

Plate edge banding

(all plate edge banding, exposed plate edge banding),

Cabinet assembly method

(nails, screws, rod tenon plus three-in-one connector), partition support, anti-flip partition bracket, dust-proof rubber crystal corner, anti-collision strip (slotted and recessed, one-time molding), drawer track, skirting board (plate, PVC, metal), ABS adjustable feet, U-shaped bar seal, waterproof aluminum foil, shelf hole plugging cap, artificial stone countertop back retaining edge (bonded, one-piece, height, shape), artificial stone countertop front (shape, waterstop), countertop liner (double finish, thickness, edge banding) liner (slatted keel, Aluminum alloy keel), countertop hole reinforcement method (four corners sleek double-layer reinforcement, fully enclosed double-layer reinforcement on all sides, fully enclosed double-layer reinforcement on the corner and all around), undercounter basin connection method, wall drilling method, metal welding method, blue size and brand, floor companion behind the cabinet

Equipment materials are divided into: cutting saw, edge banding machine, row drill, glass glue, edge banding glue origin, brand, model

(2) Cabinet

In addition to the categories mentioned above, there are some details that are easy to overlook.

1. Reduction of plates

The standard size of melamine board is 1.22m*2.44m, in order to save materials, so many cabinets stipulate the size height and width range of hanging cabinets and low cabinets, the purpose is to reasonably set materials to reduce costs. Plates are generally to be cut, so the cutting machine is very important. Large cabinet manufacturers use precision panel sawing, the cutting edge is smooth and flat, no chipping. After sealing the edge, it is beautiful and effectively controls the release of formaldehyde inside the plate. Small manufacturers do not have precision panel cutting equipment, plate cutting will have chipping, chipping phenomenon, that is, all sides are sealed, sealing is also reduced.

Therefore, judging the quality of a cabinet factory equipment can be seen by looking at its cutting edge.

2. Edge banding technology of plates

The most common are PVC and ABS two kinds of edge banding strips, of which ABS edge banding effect is better, but the cost is also higher.

The comparison of PVC and ABS edge banding is as follows:

1) ABS edge banding strip does not add any filler (such as calcium carbonate and other substances) in the production process, so the rounded corners are very round and bright after trimming, and the surface has strong impact resistance; PVC is prone to white edges when trimming due to the addition of high filler with carbonate.

2) ABS edge banding tape will shrink only at a high temperature of 99 degrees; PVC has contraction joints at 70 degrees, which will lead to problems such as deformation and expansion of the plate.

3) ABS edge banding tape has strong resistance to chemical corrosion, and it is always new, and coffee, soy sauce, alcohol, etc. will not cause any damage to its surface; PVC, on the other hand, is prone to aging and fouling.

4) ABS edge banding has no pungent odor; PVC has a plastic smell.

5) ABS edge banding tape can be directly burned at high temperature without air pollution; PVC produces **** gas, resulting in the occurrence of greenhouse effect.

Among the brands of ABS edge banding strips, the better is the German Duken brand, its advantages are as follows:

1) The raw materials are pure and pollution-free;

2) Using single extrusion, four-color printing process, the texture is clear and the color is natural, which is different from the domestic transfer film process;

3) The surface has an anti-wear layer, good wear resistance, not easy to fade, anti-cleaning agent, especially good care if dirty;

4) The raw material contains additives, the color is stable, and it will not change color under ultraviolet radiation. After using the edge banding tape for a period of time, the trimming surface will glow without sticking dust and will not blacken;

5) Good flexibility, even if it is sealed on a plate with a small radius, it will not break. Its edge banding gap is particularly small, basically no openings can be seen, and the edge banding strip and the cabinet body are particularly sealed;

6) Good dimensional stability, no excessive contraction or expansion due to large temperature difference.

With a suitable edge banding strip, it is also necessary to use the appropriate glue to glue the edge banding strip, otherwise one may not stick firmly, and the other is easy to cause formaldehyde pollution. Is it okay to have the right edge banding strip and glue? No, you have to have a suitable edge banding machine. A good edge banding machine has high pressure, full function and high efficiency, and the sealed edge is formed at one time and is not easy to crack. Edge banding machines have prices from thousands to tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands, which is also the difference between the equipment strength of large factories and small factories. The same set of cabinets looked good at the time, but after a few years or even months, there was a difference, and the edge banding of the small factory may have aged, yellowed, and cracked.

3. Cabinet back panel

The back panel is also one of the key points in the selection of cabinets, and its material selection and installation method will affect the service life and environmental protection index of the cabinet in the future. The back panel generally uses a 3mm thick double trim panel (generally E1, no E0), so as to ensure that the color of the cabinet is unified, and the visual effect of opening the cabinet is very good. Moreover, the veneer of polyhydramine can not only strengthen the moisture-proof performance of the overall cabinet, but also reduce the amount of formaldehyde emitted, which is more environmentally friendly. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers save the melamine veneer on the wall side into a single veneer, directly exposing the substrate inside. We know that the amount of formaldehyde released inside the plate is higher than the release of the trihydramine veneer, so doing so will lead to a large amount of formaldehyde release of the plate, which is a hidden danger to health. This is not only not environmentally friendly, but also not moisture-proof, and over time, the board will be deformed!

4. The connection of the plate and the suspension of the hanging cabinet

There are many ways to connect between cabinet panels, there are sophisticated equipment production lines of high-quality cabinets, is according to the international standard hole distance to 32 times of double-row drilling or single-row drilling machine punching, by embedding three-in-one or two-in-one embedded connections locked, and add wooden rod mortise positioning, this practice increases the firmness of the plate connection, but also ensures the quality of the cabinet.

Most of the low-end cabinets are manually operated, some are directly nailed or screwed with nails, and some are fixed with angle irons. Or also use connectors, but because there is no special equipment, most of the holes at the connection are drilled with table drills, and the hole distance and depth are not standard, resulting in easy loosening after connection, and the firmness is not enough. Therefore, sometimes it is not as strong as the nail directly nailed, but once the nail nail is loose due to vibration, it will no longer be tightened, resulting in quality and safety risks.

The suspension of cabinet hanging cabinets is also very important, divided into ordinary exposed metal hanging parts, open hanging codes, dark hanging codes, imported, domestic, etc. Ordinary exposed metal suspension parts are not only ugly but also have insufficient bearing capacity, which is prone to danger. Surface-mounted hanging codes are currently used by many merchants, and compared with dark hanging codes (hidden), the firmness and aesthetics are reduced. Dark hanging codes have the advantages of beauty, high bearing capacity, easy adjustment, etc., and are now commonly used. The better brand of dark hanging code is the German CAMAR steel hidden hanging code, which bears more than 60 kilograms.

(2) The countertop of the cabinet

The materials of countertops mainly include artificial stone (acrylic), quartz stone, stainless steel, etc.

Artificial stone, is the use of natural ore powder + masterbatch + acrylic resin glue, by high temperature, high pressure treatment of the plate, uniform texture, no capillaries, with different resin composition divided into resin board, acrylic board and composite acrylic three types.

1. Resin board:

UPR It is a polymer of polymer materials, usually with “unsaturated polyester resin” (UPR) + aluminum hydroxide (ore powder) as filler. Composite materials formed by vacuum casting or vacuum molding, commonly known as artificial stone resin sheets. (The market price of genuine resin board countertops is about 500-700 yuan / meter) (this is no longer common)

2. Acrylic plate:

MMA acrylic artificial stone was pioneered by DuPont of the United States. It is cast with “methyl methacrylate (unitary)” (MMA) as the matrix (commonly known as acrylic, plexiglass) + aluminum hydroxide (ATH) as the filler. Commonly known as acrylic plate. Acrylic sheet does not contain any other resin. The main feature is that the aging process is slow, and the original quality can still be maintained after many years of use. Bright, non-yellow, not easy to crack, heat resistance, collision resistance, strong plasticity. Acrylic board is not only an environmentally friendly and hygienic material, but also can be used to make dentures without any impact on the human body. (The market price of DuPont Corian in the United States: 2100 yuan / meter ~ 3500 yuan / meter, the market price of other brands is 1200 yuan / meter ~ 2600 yuan / meter, domestic cheaper)

3. Composite acrylic:

(UPR+MMA) is a mixture of “methyl methacrylate (unitary)” (MMA) and “unsaturated polyester tree (unitary)” (UPR) + aluminum hydroxide as filler, which is a practical artificial stone between resin board and acrylic board, commonly known as composite acrylic. It has both toughness and finesseness unique to MMA and high strength. Moreover, the price is moderate, and it is favored by middle and high-level consumers. (The market price of composite acrylic countertop is 700 yuan/m~1000 yuan/m)


The whole molding, no traces of the seams, strong stain resistance, smooth, good brightness


Easy to crack, easy to scratch, can only withstand up to 120 degrees of high temperature

Then there is quartz stone, with natural quartz crystal ore as the main raw material, through the introduction of imported fully automated control production technology equipment, in the state of high temperature and high pressure made of decorative panels.

On the basis of ensuring high hardness, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance and easy cleaning, there are no radioactive elements harmful to the human body

The price is higher, generally around 1500

Generally, the quartz content should be >=90%, and the content of foreign imported quartz >=94%



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