Garbage packaging and disposal in the era of intelligence – Tuoniu T1 intelligent trash can

Garbage packaging and disposal in the era of intelligence – Tuoniu T1 intelligent trash can

Trash cans can be found everywhere in life, and are used almost every day. In today’s intelligent development, when all electrical appliances are moving towards intelligence, and the inconspicuous trash can certainly cannot be left behind. Maybe some people don’t understand spending so much money on such a trash can, but I don’t think so. After owning it, it not only makes the trash can more integrated into the decoration of the family, but also makes it easy to use after using it, and the improvement of happiness is still very obvious to me.

This trash can is available in ceramic white and mint green, and I bought the white one. The pure white body, no matter where it is placed, blends in with the current environment, leaving the beauty of the home unchanged. Tuoniu T1 smart trash can in terms of capacity is 15.5 liters, the volume is 240mm*310mm*402mm, the size is still very suitable for me, after all, the larger the capacity, the more domestic waste it holds.

Why is this a happiness-enhancing thing? The first is the high appearance mentioned above, no matter where it is placed, it looks like an ornament. Secondly, it can be automatically bagged, and garbage can be packed automatically. Some time ago, various methods of setting garbage bags appeared on the Internet, so that people learned a lot of useful knowledge, and the automatic bagging and automatic packaging of Tuoniu T1 smart trash can can automatically help us complete this matter.

When the garbage is full, we can make it automatically packed, and long press the function key in front for 3 seconds to achieve automatic packaging. When we take the trash out, it is automatically bagged. And here I believe that many friends will have a question, that is, immediately a lot, what to do if it exceeds the mouth of the barrel? Rest assured, the built-in program of Tuoniu T1 smart trash can will automatically sense the location of the garbage, and when it is exceeded, it will automatically extend the length of the garbage bag, and then pack it.

Compared to the four seasons a year, I personally don’t like summer, especially too many mosquitoes, and in the family, if there is a melon peel in it, if it is not thrown away in time, small flying insects will grow inside. The Tuoniu T1 smart trash can first has a lid, which can block these to a certain extent, and even pack and close the mouth of the garbage bag. The design of the lid is not fully closed, and the design of the suspended bucket lid can slowly dissipate the smell inside the trash can without being stimulated by the sudden open lid odor.

The opening method of the lid can be infrared sensing or manual operation. The most commonly used in life is the infrared sensing function. Tuoniu T1 smart trash can adopts intelligent photoelectric sensor, setting a reasonable height of 35cm, which can be sensed by hand and leg, and it is very convenient to use.

Of course, it is inevitable to use the manual way of opening the cover, which is also very simple. When life is leisurely, eating snacks at home, it is also troublesome to open the lid of the trash can repeatedly, so the Tuoniu T1 smart trash can can be opened with one button, which is a very intimate design. The lid is opened and closed, and the Tuoniu T1 intelligent trash can is designed with slow lowering technology to avoid the impact caused by the sudden drop, which can effectively extend the life of the product.

Then in terms of consumables, Tuoniu T1 smart trash can needs to use a special garbage bag, and when purchasing the product, it is equipped with a box, and the dosage of a box is about a month, which has a lot to do with the actual amount of individuals. Different from traditional garbage bags, Tuoniu T1 smart trash can is built into a non-breakpoint garbage bag, and the length of the garbage bag depends on the amount of garbage. In the way of replacing garbage, Tuoniu T1 adopts the magnetic method, removes the protective ring, and then replaces the box containing the garbage bag.

In terms of battery life, Tuoniu T1 smart trash can is equipped with a 2200mAh lead-acid battery, which lasts up to 26 days. The charging cable requires a special round head cable, which is included with the product. On the back, there is a limit anti-slip and anti-fall foot below, on the one hand, it can prevent the flip device from turning back when it is raised, and on the other hand, it can also be stepped on to pick up the garbage with your foot.


Tuoniu T1 smart trash can brings me more practical, and it does improve our convenience in many places, such as: automatic bagging, automatic packing function. Others are also sweet in terms of small details. Of course, although it is in the era of intelligence, the disadvantage of this trash can also exists, that is, it requires a special charging cable, which will be more practical if it is upgraded to Type-C in the future.

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