Ni “What” 014

Ni “What” 014

What about it

, ◆ Endless appearance. ○ [Ming] Xu Wei “Preface to the >< Escape Zen Collection”: “What is the so-called high-crowned and incomparable person who is incomparable, and who has no sight, also cares about the way of striking and difficult names, and what is it?” [Qing] [Yuan Mian] “Xinqi Zhi Cai Commander”: “The little slave returned to an unmanned place with a lamp, and when he saw the official and the people talking, the slave asked who he was talking to, namely: ‘My friend [Third Brother Li] calls me.'” ’”

What about uniforms

, ◆Tweed woven with coarse wool. Most of them are diagonally wrinkled, tightly textured, with bristles on both sides, and are mainly used for autumn and winter uniforms.

It’s there

, ◆ indicates a deep degree. For example: The temple will be lively. For example: He paints like it.


, ◆Red tweed. ○ [Ai] “Glory”: “It turned out that there was another person with me, who was wearing a tweed horse coat and a navy blue jacket robe. ”

Line (Line Tweed)

, ◆ A kind of cotton fabric. It is made of dyed yarn or thread, thick in texture, and looks a little like wool, so it is called.


◆ A thicker woolen fabric, mostly used to make uniforms, coats, etc. ○ [Cao Jinghua] “Flying Flowers Collection: Long Memories of the Past – Comrade Huai Zhou Enlai”: “During the [Chongqing] period, once, the premier gave someone a piece of [Yan’an] woven tweed. ”

What about feathers

,◆Refers to woolen fabrics and silk textiles in general. ○ [清] Zhongye after mostly refers to importers from abroad. ○ The second episode of “The Legend of Children and Heroes”: “Whoever sends gifts to officials who come to work, who is not embroidery, feathers, silk, leather, and jade play, gold ware, chao beads, and foreign watches?” [Qing] Lin Zexu, “Trying to Draw a Letter to the King of the Kingdom”: “The feathers of foreign countries are roaring, and they cannot be woven unless [China] has to make a jin.” ○ [Qing] [Xue Fucheng] “Customs Import and Export Goods Description”: “And gauze and tweed feathers are almost half of the import price. ”


, ◆ Describe the appearance of being meek and comfortable. ○ The thirteenth episode of “Journey to the West”: “When I saw the roar again, a dozen fat deer ran out, a large array of yellow deer, and when I saw people, I was not afraid.” ”

What about Maldon (Maldon)

,◆[English melton] uses combed wool as warp, and coarsely combed wool yarn as a plain or oblique woven fabric. The surface has flat and sharp short hairs, thick and tight, and is mostly used for winter clothing.

Horse pants (breeches)

, ◆ Woolen fabric woven with combed wool. There are obvious diagonal lines on the surface, heavy and wear-resistant, because they were originally used as horse pants. It is also suitable for making coats, coats, etc. ◆Supplement entry ■Woolen fabric woven with combed wool. The surface has obvious twill, heavy and wear-resistant, and is named because it was originally used to make breeches. It is also suitable for coats, coats, etc. ○ Wang Taidong’s “The Biography of Chen Bui” Chapter 1: “Chen Bui was wearing a long shirt of breeches, and this brown-black long shirt, wrapped around his skinny body, became more and more short and shriveled. ”

Vatara (Vatar)

, ◆ Woolen or cotton fabrics with less density and diagonal lines.


◆ refers to a type of woolen fabric with strips, grids, dots and other patterns on the surface.


, ◆ tone particle, indicating doubt. ○ Yuan Guan Hanqing “Pei Du Also Belt” third fold: “Mrs. [Zhengsuyun], little lady, what if there is this jade belt?” [Lady Cloud] If you have this jade belt! It was to save the lives of my family. ○ Yuan Liu Tangqing “Falling Mulberry” second fold: “I understand that if you take medicine, the old man will eat it, and the doctor will kill this right half?” ”

Oh (gagging)

, ◆ Phonogram. Toddler voice.

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