Recommended spring sports equipment: a pullover sweatshirt that is easy to wear, which can be worn for playing ball and life

A few days ago, the basket man recommended the long-sleeved basketball training clothes to everyone, and many fans liked it. Some people left a message: Is there another style?

Today, the basketball people will recommend another pullover basketball sweatshirt suitable for casual and sports wear in early spring, so that you can become a beautiful boy in the crowd.

First, the design of the sweatshirt

This basketball sweatshirt adopts a pullover design, which is usually easy to put on and take off. In the lower right corner of the front of the sweatshirt, a stylish sticker is implanted, and the personalized pattern highlights the simple and generous design style. It is usually a good choice to wear it to work, class or ball.

Second, the fabric of the sweatshirt

Whether the clothes are good or not, just look at the fabric. This basketball sweatshirt uses 55% polyester fiber, which makes the sweatshirt comfortable and breathable. There is also a certain elasticity, which is very suitable for sports wear; 45% of the cotton plays a role in keeping warm, and when the basket person is on the body, it feels unrestrained, soft and easy to wear.

Third, the wearing of sweatshirts

This basketball sweatshirt comes in 6 colors: black, white, yellow, gray, green, and purple. Everyone can choose the color they like according to their clothes. When you wear it normally, you can wear it alone or inside. The basket people suggest that the lower body can be matched with shirt pants, sweatpants or cargo pants, and it is more perfect with socks and sneakers.

Fourth, the details of the sweatshirt

In terms of details, many people are also concerned about. This basketball sweatshirt, with a stylish neckline design, looks handsome. The hem and cuffs of the sweatshirt have ribbed implants to help you wear a different style. Coupled with tight threading, it will give people a feeling of good quality and low price.

5. The size of the sweatshirt

Everyone has a different body type, and the basket people recommend that everyone make a choice based on their shoulder width, clothing length, chest circumference and other data. We will also provide a size recommendation table for everyone, if your height and weight are on the edge of two sizes, it is recommended that you choose a size larger.

I believe that through the introduction of the basketball people above, everyone has a general understanding of this basketball sweatshirt. I hope that with its company, everyone can be healthy and healthy, and their ball skills are getting better and better!

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