The south winters with geese! Canada Goose Borden Bomber men’s down jacket

I didn’t know Aunt Zhang before, and the introduction of several outdoor websites said that the south could not use it, so I got an 800 pong mouse last year.

But for my thin physique (174CM 60KG) still feel not “uncooling”, the body is always hot, sitting for a long time is colder, the winter in the south is not better than the winter in the north, the indoor wood has heating!! So this time I made up my mind to get a goose to keep warm, every time Aunt Zhang recommended at a discount, I didn’t catch up, time doesn’t wait for anyone, this winter she is coming again, can it only be strong? How is it possible, on Ma Yunna got an invincible eight-fold code, get it… The clothes arrived the day before yesterday, and now the outdoor temperature is 2 degrees to 13 degrees, I feel that I can wear it now, and I definitely won’t sweat hot, it seems that I have to try it myself to know! But the happiest thing is that the temperature will soon drop below zero

On the link first…

Let’s talk about the feeling of the goose, the overall feeling is relatively thick, and the upper body will feel hot after a while, which is much warmer than the 800 pong mouse. The outer layer of fabric is of course windproof and waterproof, the key is thick, strong, resistant not like other down jackets a thin layer is easy to scratch, this mouse was scratched, had to get some “band-aid” glued to the mouse, it seems that the down jacket is not light. Let’s talk about the dissatisfaction with the goose, the zipper feels not very smooth, of course, this is the secondary, the most dissatisfied place,

Big head and small body

(Please ignore that pinch of flowing hair)

The hat is too big, wearing a hat feels that the head is bigger than the body, the hat is put behind, as if it is a bag behind you, for the big guy to load garbage!! Finally, I found that geese can also drill down

The drilled goose saw the drying pen and words yesterday, not only we also dried it, you can pat it. Don’t punch in the face