Hear the original car paint and pay the deposit! Friend: Can you believe the words of the car dealer?

Hello everyone! The car inspector has met with you again, and the old driver of the car inspector who can get off the bus and can get off the track is online, welcome to watch this issue of second-hand car testing interesting facts. I am a used car inspection technician who has repaired a car, and I am also a problem car dissuasionist.

The model tested this time is the discontinued Mercedes-Benz GLK, and G refers to the hardcore. The L indicates that this is a more luxurious and comfortable car. K means small. Its appearance looks sporty, but it has a calm business atmosphere. GLK300 is also Mercedes-Benz’s first compact SUV, so many friends are fascinated.

Because GLK300, from 2010 introduced into the country to now are five or six years now, the ownership is already large, coupled with the parallel import of high-end car prices are getting lower and lower, many old owners began to change cars, Mercedes-Benz GLK second-hand car retention in the luxury brand of mid-size SUV is still good, but the model has been discontinued, now replaced to become Mercedes-Benz GLC, so friends who like the appearance of GLK can only choose second-hand.

The vast majority of friends know that buying a second-hand car is the most cost-effective, but because they can’t understand the car conditions, the majority of friends avoid it. Today a fan found us and said that I saw a GLK300 produced in September 12, and it actually offered 280,000 yuan, which is expensive for thieves! But the seller said that the original paint of this car was still moved, and this fan was still moved when he heard that the original paint was still moved, and directly handed over the deposit, and specially invited us to check the car to take a look, if it is the original original paint, it will be mentioned directly! (However, please note that it is not recommended to pay the so-called deposit or deposit before the test)

Today’s sun is like a fireball of the boss, the light is scorching, the road is roasted hot by the scorching sun, and the step down is like a string of white smoke, I am afraid that I can’t buy raw eggs. It took us several hours to reach our destination before we saw the car!

Seeing us coming, the sales brother greeted us warmly, and then I was ready to start my test today, before that, let’s understand the model information: GLK300 produced in September 12, now quoted 280,000, table mileage: 76910KM, the price at that time: 558,000!

According to the convention, starting from the paint surface to test, this is the first point of the artifact test, see if this value is a snap in the face, this is the original paint? The buyer’s eldest brother is most interested in this car is the sale of the original paint that is said, it seems that the customer is going to be disappointed!

The traces of the flying paint of this bumper needless to say have also been sprayed, embarrassing is that the sales brother also saw this scene behind my back, or I can’t do sales, people react quickly, talking to the buyer’s big brother about the precautions for buying a second-hand car: It is normal for the second-hand car to have a small scratch, as long as there is no big accident, what ABC pillar, front and rear panels, as long as it has not moved, it doesn’t matter… The buyer’s eldest brother looked unhappy, and seemed to be silently saying in his heart, I’m Nima, what did I do earlier, countless grass and mud horses are already galloping in my heart…

After testing the paint surface of the appearance cover of a circle, it was found that there were many places where the paint was sprayed, and the front and rear doors and fenders had traces of paint The value is not very large, it may be that the light has been thrown later,

The rear bumper also has a paint repair, and it has to be admitted that the repair level is high, and the dirty spots left by the rear bumper paint are particularly small. Then I focused on checking the four beams and six pillars and the inside of the door, and there was no problem.

The inspection found that the front windshield had been replaced, the ABC pillar had not been moved, it should not have been caused by an accident, perhaps it was a small pebble that had burst, the problem was not too much, and the engine compartment began to be inspected below.

Suddenly looking at the words “this car for sale” is a bit dazzling, the current problem of looking at this car is not very big. In fact, there is no need to deliberately hide anything, but this episode of this “original paint” makes it a little unpleasant, maybe it’s the mantra of the car dealer ??

The lid hinges on both sides have very obvious traces of disassembly, which may have been removed during painting, but further inspection is required!

The inside of the engine compartment is inspected, the engine has no traces of disassembly, only there are some mud marks near the valve cover, it looks like it has been a long time, it does not affect the use for the time being, and the car that is older, more or less a little oil leakage, can be considered normal.

Every spring in Beijing, there will be a “drizzle”, see that the condenser has been covered with a thick dusty hair, which must be cleaned up in time, otherwise the hot summer is particularly prone to high temperature, and it will also affect the cooling effect of the air conditioner.

The brake fluid looks like it has not been changed for a long time, and the water content is too high to affect the braking effect, it is recommended to buy this car and replace it immediately. Everything is functional with the other parts, and then we look at the cockpit.

It varies from person to person, I don’t like such a Mercedes style, it’s tough. But not as elegant as Mercedes used to be… The GLK300 is an entry-level GLK. Not too many configurations, but enough.

There are no traces of blisters rusting in the lower part of the seat and under the carpet, everything is normal, and combined with the seat belt in the car, the phenomenon of soaking water can be eliminated to a certain extent!

Then tested all the function keys on the car, and found that other functions can be used normally except for some abnormal noise of the sunroof, which may be caused by a long time without cleaning the sunroof slide, usually everyone should also pay attention to the maintenance of the sunroof.

The trunk is relatively large, if you put in several large suitcases can be said to be stress-free, look at this flat bottom plate, and it is endless imagination. The interior of the car is relatively clean overall, and the cars of the general car dealership will be washed spotless.

Further down is the storage box, you can put some car supplies and some commonly used tools, put below without occupying the overall space of the trunk, this hidden space, can give a good review, daily use can be said to be very practical.

Didn’t expect it, right?? You can go down!! Under the storage box is the spare tire, which does not look to have been used, and the rear apron has no traces of repair, which can indicate that there was no serious collision in the back.

Since the testing location is in the Huaxiang second-hand car trading market, it went directly back to the company for testing, and after the chassis was raised, it looked quite regular at a glance, without support and obvious traces of oil leakage.

There is a slight oil leakage in the oil seal behind the crankshaft, which is not serious at present, which is more troublesome if it is repaired, and it is necessary to disassemble many parts in a large area, although the accessories are not expensive, but the labor cost will be so high that you doubt life, and it does not affect the use for the time being.

The brake pads were moderately worn, but the brake discs were sharpened into a deep groove, about two millimeters in size, and the rest of the chassis was normal, and then the road test began.

After the test on the shelf, it was time to come to the exciting road test session, but I never expected that the customer was very unhappy at this time, because the original car paint that made the customer very excited turned out to be fake! Because after the static inspection, I want the customer to report the condition of the car one by one, and when I just said where there is paint repair, the customer is in a hurry! Say that the car is not needed, and the deposit should be refunded in full! However, without a written contract, the car dealer was naturally unwilling and argued between the two sides!

In fact, as far as the car is concerned, the condition of the car is still acceptable in the second-hand car, although it is not a boutique car condition, it is also a common car condition in the second-hand car, and no major accident is an OK state. Even if there is more paint, there is no problem, but the problem of this transaction is to believe the words of the car dealer too much, coupled with the fact that the customer paid the deposit without understanding the condition of the car, which led to such an ending, so here is still a reminder to our dear fans, do not pay the deposit in any form without knowing it!!! We will also communicate with customers at any time to give more reminders to friends who plan to buy used cars!

Well, today’s testing sharing is here, I am a second-hand testing technician of the car inspector, if you have a favorite vehicle needs to be tested or second-hand car related problems, please search the WeChat public account “car inspector” Maybe I can solve the problem for you, the car inspector is willing to be your friend who knows the car best!

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