Daily sales of 1000+ beautiful soup, more powerful than my mother’s Internet celebrity stew soup shop


Well stewed and shouted that you came to drink the soup at a five-fold discount!

“Well” stew

, an extremely confident signboard, contrary to the decoration of a traditional stew restaurant. If not on the façade

“New Cantonese stew”

The big print reminded me that I almost thought I had gone to a coffee shop.

The head of the house has been irrigated by old fire soup since he was a child

Well, which focuses on stew, has not been in the stew for a few days

, has reached amazing

1000+ cups sold daily

From 20 onwards, you can drink enough healthy stew

, In addition to young foodies who are greedy for freshness, there are many beautiful aunts and uncles who have “experienced a hundred battles”

The restaurant’s core medicinal ingredients come from Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places

Every day, insist on going to the market early in the morning to buy the freshest ingredients. The person in charge who is familiar with the efficacy of various medicinal ingredients,

A series of signature soups with new styles and traditions have been designed according to the season.

9000 watt soup oven

The soup stewed in Nongfu Spring at a high temperature of 120 degrees, without adding a single grain of MSG chicken essence, looks clear and mellow.

original price¥38,

5% off ¥19

The popular morels in recent years cost four figures at every turn. In Well Stew, the original coconut black chicken stew morels

The original price is only 38 yuan, and it is more cost-effective than homemade stew without discounts!

A super wide love drop seasoning bottle was prepared on the table, and the photo was super beautiful, and the “mobile phone eats first” party was so happy that it wanted to go around in circles.

Coconut is

Freshly sourced old Hainanese coconut

This stew soup nourishes the brain and stomach, replenishes indigestion, and has excellent dietary therapeutic effects on phlegm and shortness of breath

。 So beneficial, it is simply a must-have health artifact for new media editors!

The golden soup is refreshing in the mouth, and the taste is sweet and full of coconut water

Astragalus, red dates, goji berries, codonopsis, etc

It exudes a unique fragrance of medicinal herbs, rich and layered taste, which makes people have a special aftertaste.

After 4 hours of stewing, the black chicken is so tender that the bones and flesh are separated with a slight sip. The morels were fresh and refreshing, and I almost gnawed the coconut.

Dendrobium stew with lean meat

original price¥33,

5% off ¥16.5

The must-have stew cup of the Lao Guang family looks unique to the closeness. When you open the lid, you can smell the rich aroma of herbs, and one cup is enough for two girls to share.

Dendrobium is known in the folklore

“Life-saving fairy grass”

, increase immunity, resist fatigue, tonify the kidney and protect the liver and other effects are innumerable. On weekdays, there are many cigarettes and alcohol, and the diet is irregular to stay up late, this soup must be ordered.

original price¥26,

5% off ¥13

Xiaobian has always thought that cassia seeds are used to make tea, make medicine pillows, stew soup or drink it for the first time!

Ejiao black chicken stew

original price¥28,

5% off ¥14

After watching more palace fighting films, the editor knows that this stew soup is definitely a must-have skin beauty artifact for little fairies, and one cup can top ten masks.

The tip of the mouth has a slightly sweet and bitter taste, crossing the throat, warm and comfortable, and the whole person is warm. It is especially suitable for fairies with insufficient qi and blood and cold hands and feet all year round.

Well stew is super intimate, a healthy combination of steamed rice + stew.

10+ soups and 5 home-cooked dishes can be combined with any 5% discount to consume in store, and free dessert delivery, in addition to dine-in can also be taken out of Meituan

, so that mothers no longer have to worry about their children not having soup to drink and eating takeaway is not healthy!

Package offerings are all

Healthy steamed rice with less salt and less oil

, Wall crack recommends this plum vegetable meatloaf rice, authentic old and wide taste, almost every table must order.

Stick to hand-chopping

The local pork patty, steamed with sweet plum vegetables, and the steamed carrot hidden at the bottom, is an appetizing one.

Steamed rice with shiitake mushroom smooth chicken

Homemade shiitake mushroom smooth chicken rice, the chicken is tender and delicious. Eat it with a healthy stew and get rid of fatigue.

With your fill, it’s time for a dessert snack. There are even desserts named after the twelve zodiac signs, a rare stone * fish maw series in Guangzhou… Each one is worth unlimited repurchase!

Stone * maw Capricorn

A series of 12 zodiac desserts made of stone fish maw

, the appearance is super beautiful, the editor can’t help but take N photos on the table to post fat friends.

Stone fish maw is a precious “seabed vegetable” from the deep sea

, similar to the sea stone flower of Chaoshan .

Very low in protein and fat

, the taste is super Q bomb, the most important thing is not afraid of fat, perfect! (Selling a pass does not talk about the taste, the baby himself comes to the store to feel it for himself.) )

Coconut peach gum snow swallow

original price¥30,

5% off ¥15

In recent years, the two well-known “plant bird’s nests” that have flooded social networks, casually scooped up a spoonful of ingredients, peach gum crystalline, snow swallow snow white, mixed with coconut water in the mouth, feel that the skin is white and tender.

Remember this Internet celebrity pig who burst TikTok? TA is coming, TA is coming, TA is coming towards me with a whole pot of pork foot ginger!

Sweet and sour ginger vinegar, tough eggs on the outside and soft on the inside, surging pig’s feet with collagen, and sweet ginger, a bowl down, slightly sweaty forehead, refreshing!

Come and eat well with soup!

Well stew, new style Cantonese stew

Address: No. 7, Yiyuan South Road, Haizhu District (next to Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea)

Bus stop: Yiyuan South Junction Station/Chigang Junction Station/Yiyuan Road Station/Zhuying (Kecun) Station

Subway station: Line 3, 8 Kecun Station D entrance

Business hours: 10:30-20:30

Reservations: 19924372802

Joining Phone: 19924289803 Liang Sheng