Visit their one-bedroom fresh little home, the simple style decoration is exquisite and elegant, and the pure white space is too healing

As a small house, how to arrange it to be big? In fact, it is not difficult, first of all, now choose simple style, Nordic style, Japanese style and other simple and fresh, comfortable and practical home environment, and at the same time choose low and small furniture, so that the space is not crowded and cramped; The second is to try to choose white or light-colored walls and furniture to make the interior bright and spacious, not depressing, and have the effect of expanding the space.

A few days ago to a small couple’s home as a guest, his home is a small one-bedroom with a construction area of 50 square meters, the use area is less than 40 square meters, although the area is very small, but the use of simple style design, fresh simple and modern, pure white space neat and refreshing, and then through beautiful soft decoration embellishment, the small home is attractive and healing, too comfortable!


The entrance is directly opposite the location of the restaurant, and the solid wood entrance shoe cabinet is customized on the right side of the doorway, and a solid wood small round stool is placed next to it as a shoe changing stool, which is convenient for entering the door to change shoes and hang clothes and hats. The restaurant is equipped with a long solid wood dining table, simple and fashionable, and four light blue small dining chairs are placed on both sides, light and transparent, under the exquisite hydroponic greenery and chic small hanging and other embellishments, creating a fresh natural tree dining atmosphere. A white solid wood sideboard is installed on the right wall, the bottom stores restaurant supplies, and the countertop can be placed with decorative paintings, ornaments, etc., to decorate and beautify the dining environment.

Living room

On the left side of the dining room is the location of the living room, and the sharing of living and dining room space makes the interior more transparent and spacious, and the space utilization is maximized. In the living room, there is a light blue soft and comfortable fabric sofa with small orange pillows, which are fashionable and elegant and elegant under the combination of tall green potted plants and simple and fresh decorative paintings. A small round solid wood coffee table is placed on the opposite side, and the bright yellow side table on the right side is a small yellow coffee table, which is suitable for casual tea tasting and reading and chatting under the background of black and white zebra striped carpet.


A suspended solid wood TV cabinet is installed on the TV background wall, which is simple, fashionable and light, and does not leave sanitary dead corners at the bottom, so that the space is not oppressive. The right balcony is equipped with white narrow-edged glass folding doors, and a working area is planned inside, with a small white solid wood desk and chair, equipped with lamps and office computers, etc., where quiet work and study are bright and comfortable.


The kitchen is also custom-made with a white integral cabinet, with a white small square brick wall, very neat, bright and fresh, rich storage forms, sufficient storage space to arrange the kitchen in an orderly manner, the countertop floor is empty.


The bedroom is bright and light, with a comfortable bed with a light gray upholstered bedside under the light gray background wall, and white bedding on it, creating a lazy and relaxing sleeping atmosphere.

A row of white five-door solid wood wardrobes was customized on the right side against the wall, and the spacious storage space allows clothes and bedding to be neatly stored in various seasons, which is too fashionable and practical!


The bathroom washbasin was moved out, and the washroom, mirror cabinet and high cabinet were customized, which were used to store all kinds of washing, facial cleansing, toiletries and stockpiling. The bathroom shower area is internally partitioned with glass partitions, making the bright and stylish space neat, comfortable and practical.

After watching the fresh and fashionable little home of this little couple, the editor really likes it, it is so clean and comfortable, I don’t know if everyone feels the same way?

Visit their one-bedroom fresh little home, the simple style decoration is exquisite and elegant, and the pure white space is too healing